Tree Haven Rd. residents pitch-in to keep community clean

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By Nick Seebruch
Tree Haven Rd. residents pitch-in to keep community clean
The Tree Haven Rd. clean-up team on Saturday, May 1, 2021. Submitted photo.

SOUTH GLENGARRY, Ontario – Residents of Tree Haven Rd. in South Glengarry took part in the municipality’s Pitch-In program and spent their Saturday last weekend cleaning up the ditches along their road and along Old Hwy. 2 near Cooper’s Marsh.

The residents collected eight garbage bags full of waste, along with an old TV, a road sign, and abandoned building materials.

“It’s amazing the garbage that people blatantly throw out of their vehicles” said organizer Sue DeRochie.  “Along our street, we have lots of people who come here to fish along the causeway and leave behind their garbage which baffles us all—if they love to fish, why aren’t they protecting the resource and earth. “We figure about 60% of all trash picked came from fast food (Tims, MacDonalds, Subway & DQ), 30 per cent was pop, water, beer  & juice cans/bottles and the balance plastic trash.”

DeRochie thanked the Township of South Glengarry for providing gloves, vests, and garbage bags with funds provided by Tim Hortons.

DeRochie encouraged everyone to take the time to pitch-in and help keep their community clean.

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