United Counties to spend $23 million on roadwork in 2018

Provided by the United Counties of SD&G

UNITED COUNTIED of SD&G, Ontario – The Council of the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry completed its review of the draft 2018 budget estimates on Monday, Dec. 4, 2017, several months earlier than in previous years.

“Once again, County Council has achieved a balance between providing necessary services and affordability,” said Warden Jim Bancroft. “I am very proud of the fact that the County has completed its ambitious four-year capital plan during Council’s term of office, ensuring that SDG’s vital transportation network is second to none in Ontario. We have achieved this in the face of declining provincial assistance and without taking on any debt. In fact, SDG remains debt free, a testament to the wisdom and foresight of not only this Council, but all those who came before us.”

The comprehensive budget includes all direct County expenditures as well as the estimated cost of services provided to the County by the City of Cornwall, Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), the Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU), as well as other external service providers.

In 2018, several factors (positive and negative) influenced the budget.  These included:

  • A reduction in policing costs of $345, 000, due in large part to positive reconciliations for the years 2015 and 2016 and an overall reduction in call volumes;
  • Strong new assessment growth across the County;
  • The loss of $236, 000 in provincial funding through the OMPF, representing a decrease of 15 percent from 2017

Overall, the 2018 budget will generate approximately $46.3 million in property tax revenue, representing an inflationary increase of about 1.8 percent, or $22 on the average residential property in SDG.  In 2018, the average value of a residential property in SD&G is $212,000.

For 2018, the County is making significant new investments in tourism marketing and Information Technology resources.  These strategic investments further the County’s program to proactively market local attractions and provide better IT services to both the County and local SD&G municipalities.

In 2018, the County will spend about $16.7 million on capital road and bridge projects, successfully completing its four-year capital plan.  Planned road/bridge projects include:

North Dundas

  • SDG 3 from SDG 38 to Inkerman                                $294,000
  • SDG 3 from north limit Winchester to Thompson Rd.       $946,000
  • SDG 3 from SDG 31 to west limits Winchester               $308,000
  • SDG 7 along boundary to curve to Marionville                $238,000
  • SDG 7 from Marionville to Gregoire St.                         $74,000
  • SDG 31 from SDG 38/43 to Winchester Springs             $1.292 million
  • SDG 38 from SDG 31 to SDG 3                                   $954, 000
  • SDG 37 reconstruction, Chesterville                             $1.450 million
  • Mountain Bridge rehabilitation                                     $677, 000
  • Marionville Bridge rehabilitation                                   $346, 000

South Dundas

  • SDG 8 from SDG 41 to SDG 28                                   $476,000
  • SDG 31 from Williamsburg (south limit) to Tollgate Rd.   $104,000
  • SDG 4 at Mariatown                                                  $620,000

North Stormont

  • Swale Bridge rehabilitation                                          $840,000
  • SDG 43 from Monkland to SDG 20                               $1.293 million
  • Berwick Bridge rehabilitation                                       $510,000
  • Crysler Bridge rehabilitation                                        $1.550 million
  • SDG 12 through Berwick                                            $404,000
  • SDG 22 design work                                                 $150,000

South Stormont

  • SDG 44 from SDG 42 to South Glengarry boundary        $691,000
  • SDG 2, Long Sault                                                    $50,000
  • SDG 36 from Simcoe St. to Woodland Villa                    $70,000

North Glengarry

  • Maxville Storm sewer and paving                                 $505,000

South Glengarry

  • SDG 18 from St. Raphael’s to SDG 19                          $442,000
  • SDG 27 from SDG 19 to SDG 17                                  $588,000
  • SDG 27 from SDG 17 to SDG 18                                  $195,000
  • SDG 23 from Hwy. 401 to SDG 18                               $1.713 million

Quick Facts

  • The County will spend almost $23 million maintaining and enhancing its road and bridge infrastructure in 2018.
  • The County holds reserves of approximately $13 million in 2018.
  • About 75 percent of the County’s tax revenues are derived from the residential property tax class.
  • Transportation, policing, and health and social services account for 85 percent of all County expenditures.
  • Provincial financial support to SD&G has declined by almost $10 million over the last 10 years.
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