UPDATE: Bridge corporation truck impounded, worker ‘delayed’ in reporting to CBSA

UPDATE: Bridge corporation truck impounded, worker ‘delayed’ in reporting to CBSA
A Seaway International Bridge Corporation truck remains impounded at the CBSA port of entry in Cornwall. Photo: Doug Petepiece.

CORNWALL, Ontario – A Seaway International Bridge Corporation pickup truck remains in the impound lot at the port of entry in Cornwall after a worker with that agency “delayed” in reporting to the border crossing.

Executive director Wade Dorland said the worker was collecting garbage and failed to report in a timely fashion when returning back across the bridge.

Dorland, who is in the midst of an internal investigation into the incident, said his employees must conduct themselves like any other individual crossing at Cornwall and pass through the Canada Border Services Agency plaza.

“It’s a discipline issue for me,” Dorland said, adding he was in contact with CBSA brass shortly after the truck was impounded. “We have to report.

“They (CBSA) did their job.”

Dorland said the incident took place “a couple of weeks ago.”

“They made a mistake,” he said of his worker.

It’s unclear how long the bridge corporation truck will remain impounded.

Dorland said in the time since CBSA began operating a checkpoint at the bottom end of Brookdale Avenue in Cornwall this is the first occasion where one of his agency’s vehicles has been impounded for such an indiscretion.

Chris Kealey, a media spokesperson with the Canada Border Services Agency, said a $1,000 fine is typically levied against an offender.

“The owner must pay the penalty in order to have the vehicle returned,” he said. “It is not the practice of the CBSA to confirm or deny any interaction with a traveller or entity, in accordance with the Privacy Act and the Customs Act.”

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