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Comedy Records Showcase coming to Cornwall

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By Shawna O'Neill
Comedy Records Showcase coming to Cornwall
Barry Taylor, comedian and Co-Founder of Comedy Records Showcase. Submitted photo.

CORNWALL, Ontario – Canada’s first and only comedy record label will be coming to Nav Centre on Wednesday, April 17 for our city’s first ever Comedy Records Showcase.

“The show features an all-star line-up of standup comics,” said Shawn Fowler, Founder of Cornwall Comedy Festival. “Barry Taylor, Dena Jackson and Nick Reynoldson are coming to Cornwall to show us why they are some of the best in the business!”

Barry Taylor, comedian and Co-Founder, said he is looking forward to having some fun and making everyone laugh more than anything.

“We’ve gone across the country before, done shows in every province except Newfoundland. We like going to smaller communities for sure, it’s nice to reach out to new places,” said Taylor.

“We connected with Shawn Fowler of Cornwall Comedy Festival…we are big fans of what he is doing and we are excited to work with him…we are excited to see the people and to be a part of that set of shows,” said Taylor.

Tickets to the show are available at Cornwall Civic Complex Box Office, online at or by calling 613-938-9400.

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