North Glengarry Mayor asks community to shop local

Provided by the Township of North Glengarry
North Glengarry Mayor asks community to shop local
Mayor Jamie MacDonald during his term as Warden of the United Counties of SD&G.

NORTH GLENGARRY, Ontario – The past weeks and months have been hard on our community. Fear, social isolation and economic hardships have impacted many of us. This pandemic has also shown what we are made of. It has inspired great acts of community kindness. Although we have been separate, our community has worked hard to maintain it’s sense of who we are. We are Glengarrians and together we will get through this.

As the sun begins to shine again on our community and as many of our businesses prepare to reopen, we ask for your support. We ask that you make a pledge to support your friends and neighbours and to support our local businesses.

The pandemic has hit our local economy hard and we need to continue to stand together to support each other. North Glengarry is incredibly fortunate to have a wealth of retail, service and food-based businesses offering a wide range of goods and services.

Our farmers and food producers are busy planting their crops and they are working to ensure that we have a bountiful selection of local produce to harvest throughout the year. Our stores are filled with stock and our merchants are working to ensure that when they resume operations, they can do so safely with measures in place to protect both their staff and their clients.

In order to help our businesses to resume operations, our municipality is launching the “North Glengarry Business Reopening Toolkit” to lend a helping hand to our local merchants. This toolkit is available on our website at and will also be posted to our Facebook Page. Contact our economic development staff if you need any additional information.

The pandemic has not yet completely passed us by, so we ask that you continue to maintain social distancing and to follow the directives of our public health officials who have been working tirelessly to support us all. It’s important that you continue to stay informed and to educate yourself on measures that you can take to protect yourself and to slowly return to a sense of normalcy.

If you have not yet chosen to follow the Township of North Glengarry’s Facebook Page, we ask that you do so. We’re trying our best to keep the page as up to date as possible on public health issues, important government announcements and local municipal news that is important for our residents to know.

Our staff remain here to help you, so don’t hesitate to call them and ask for their assistance.

More than ever before we need each other. We truly are stronger together and united we will rise from this.

 North Glengarry Mayor, Jamie MacDonald.

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