Going on in Glengarry

Meggin Seguin
Going on in Glengarry

November is a month of recollection, a time of year where I find myself most in acknowledgment of the moments and people who have made the past season, year, my life, what it is today. When you’re young it can be difficult to appreciate all the things that are taken for granted, but as we get older and we have our own children, we start to realize all the things we have to be grateful for, especially in Glengarry.

In Glengarry, we have a safe place to raise a family, a wonderful community to grow within, as well as great neighbours who support one another, whether you’ve lived here for five years or fifty. Here are some of the things Glengarrians are remembering and appreciating this week.

As November is a time of remembrance, before we dive into the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, please take a moment this month to Remember. Pick up a poppy from your local Legion, consider attending a parade or ceremony that will honour our fallen these next few weeks, and above all, please take a moment to honour the bravery of every woman and man who’s lives have been lost or forever changed while fighting for our freedom and serving our country.  Lest We Forget.

The Lancaster Legion has scheduled 2 parades in honour of Remembrance Day this Sunday, November 5th – 11am in Williamstown and 2pm in Lancaster, with Services set for Saturday, November 11th at the Lancaster Cenotaph for 11am as well as the Martintown Cenotaph at 2pm.

The Alexandria Legion has also organized Remembrance Day Ceremonies at the Cenotaphs located in Alexandria, Apple Hill, and Maxville for the following dates: Maxville – Saturday, November 4th at 11am, Apple Hill – Sunday, November 5th at noon, and Alexandria – Saturday, November 11th at 11am.

The North Glengarry Fire Services served up a delicious breakfast buffet last Sunday, October 29th at the Alexandria Curling Club, in support of Alexandria’s Firefighter Association. With it, Glengarry Fire Services across the area are reminding residents that now is the perfect time to prepare your home safely for the winter season ahead. Take a moment to have your heating system, vents, and chimney’s inspected and have your chimney cleaned to prevent any possible creosote build up from the previous heating season before that white stuff starts to fall.

Marlin Orchards will be hosting their 14th Annual Trunk Sale November 4th and 5th from 10am – 4 pm. The fundraising from this event will support Beyond 21, in collaboration with W3G & Co., and will feature over 120 vendors. Tickets are $8 for the day or $15 for a weekend pass and can be purchased in advance at Tilly’s Eatery, Marlin Orchards, or www.beyond21.org as well as at the door. 100% of ticket sales will go directly to Beyond21.

Let’s talk Township – This week, we’re talking ice. Specifically, some moments on and off it.

In North Glengarry, The Alexandria and District Lion’s Club, in partnership with the Township of North Glengarry, have purchased new skate aids for the Glengarry Sports Palace. So be sure to try them out during the next public skate!

Over in the South, The Township of South Glengarry has recently released a request for support from the community, in partnership with the Junior B Rebels, regarding an ongoing issue that has been occurring at the Char-Lan Recreation Centre.

Several unsupervised teens have been attending Junior B games on Saturday nights causing major disturbances in the arena lobby and washrooms, including stealing items from the canteen counter, vandalizing the washrooms, littering in the lobby, entering the building without paying admission, and disrespecting Township Staff as well as spectators. The Township and Junior B Rebels appreciate the support they’ve received so far but are asking for cooperation from parents to provide supervision at games to ensure a positive experience for all that are attending. If the behaviour continues, further measures of security may need to be taken by the Township.

As we head into November, let’s take a moment to remember all that we have to be grateful for, especially here in Glengarry, and to respect our family, neighbours, and community. Have a great week Glengarry!

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