Celebrating special moments with the Jewellery Factory

Seaway News Staff
Celebrating special moments with the Jewellery Factory

The Jewellery Factory is a shining example of a locally owned, family run business. “We are proud to offer our clients locally made, and responsibly sourced jewellery”, says Jonathan, designer, jeweller, and partner in The Jewellery Factory. “Some may not know this but, we also restore and repair items”.

The company has deep roots in the jewellery industry dating back decades. Archie Allison was an international buyer for 89 stores, and managed 79 of the most prominent jewellery stores in North America.

At The Jewellery Factory there is a beautiful gift for that special someone that is guaranteed to please.  “As Canadians we are incredibly fortunate to be able to celebrate life’s special moments with Canadian Diamonds and Canadian Gold.” said Jonathan. “Whatever your love story may be, we can express it through incredible jewellery”.

“Each year we travel to the Tucson Gem Show to work directly with coloured gem suppliers from around the world, sourcing the very best of the best, and bringing these incredible gemstones back for our clients”.

The Jewellery Factory’s dedication extends beyond jewellery, as can be seen in their many contributions throughout the community.

Every year The Jewellery Factory is proud to partner with the Knights of Columbus in support of the annual toy and food drive helping those most in need throughout our great community. This year, due to increased health and safety measures, the fundraiser is welcoming financial donations.

We welcome everyone to come and visit and to come find the perfect gift this year!  Wishing everyone safe and happy holidays!

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