Fries with that?

Fries with that?

Celebrating french fries

French fry lovers, it’s time to mark your calendars!

Saturday, July 13 is National French Fry Day. To get you primed for the event, here are some interesting facts about french fries.


Fries come in all shapes, sizes, and cuts: curly, wedge, crinkle-cut and shoestring, to name a few. According to a 2017 survey by the McCain Company, straight-cut fries are the most popular among Canadians, but there are a number of regional variations. July 13 is the perfect day to plan a local french fry tour to sample the many types available.


It’s not unusual for people to share their fries, although women are particularly generous. The McCain survey found that 63 percent of them share their fries, while men are a little more protective of theirs, with only 43 percent saying they like to share.


Across the country, the most popular topping for fries among Canadians is ketchup, with 34 percent preferring it over other sauces and dips. When it comes to secondary choices, however, things get a little more interesting. British Columbians opt for gravy more than folks in other provinces, with 24 percent choosing it to top their fries versus only 12 to 17 percent in other regions. Quebeckers, on the other hand, prefer mayonnaise more than those in other provinces, with 27 percent picking it as their favourite versus a mere 2 to 6 percent in other regions.

French Fry Day only comes once a year, so don’t miss out and be sure to celebrate with our local restaurants.👇

Seguin Patate, Cornwall, Ontario

Seguin Patate | 921 Marlborough St., Cornwall, ON  K6H 4B5 |

Follow them on Facebook @SeguinPatate

Fat Les's, Finch, Ontario

Fat Les’s Chip Stand | 80 Front St., Finch, ON K0C 1K0|

Follow them on Facebook @fatlesfinch

Chef In A Bun, Cornwall, On

Chef In a Bun Franks & Burgers | 2405 Vincent Massey Dr., Cornwall ON K6H 5R6 |

Follow them on Facebook @ChefInABunFranksBurgers

Billy K's, Cornwall, ON

Billy K’s | 1131 Brookdale Ave., Cornwall, ON K6J 4P4

Follow them on Facebook @BillyK’sCornwall


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