Our relationship with food

Essentially Food—Stacia Carlton
Our relationship with food

Relationships are the cornerstone of our wellbeing; our relationships with our spouses, our children & parents, our friends – they are what keep us healthy and because of that we pour a lot of effort into maintaining them. Although there is one relationship we sometimes ignore which is possibly the most crucial as it enables all of the others to be at their healthiest – our relationship with food.

The key to fixing that connection which can be broken over our long winter months is fast approaching – growing season in Ontario! It’s time again to enjoy what is available to us locally, load up our plates with the greatest health hack ever! Step away from overly processed and pre-packaged foods and eat local, fresh & seasonal foods.

What you should be on the lookout for; first rule of thumb… go to the farmer’s markets. The local growers have what is seasonal and even better, they’ve picked it very recently and it is safe to assume that they are feeding it to their own families, can’t get much higher recommendation than that! If you can’t get to a farmer’s market or hey, maybe they’re just not your thing – then look for Ontario grown at your grocery store. They won’t be quite as local, but close.

What to look for in May: asparagus, rhubarb, strawberries, radish, wild garlic, leafy greens like arugula or baby lettuce.

Our growing season may be short but it offers us a great opportunity to repair our relationship with food, and what a delicious relationship it can be! SC

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