Spring Market 2023

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Spring Market 2023

The prediction for real estate in 2023 is that prices of homes are going to start to stabilize thus bringing forth a balanced market. Jumping on the spring market bandwagon will get you ahead of the game.

Why is spring a good time to sell? Three things. Curb appeal, people can see the exterior of the home. If it is landscaped well and clean, it gives them that first impression of what to expect inside. Second is that people are outside more.  After a long winter of being cooped up, people are out and about and more inclined to be out there looking at homes. Third is school. People, especially with younger children prefer to wait until the school year is at a close before uprooting the family and moving to possibly a new school, new bus stop etc. They feel it is best to have a closing date closer to the end of spring, beginning of summer so that the kids are finished school. This gives them an opportunity to settle in and prepare for the next school year. Less stress on the parents.

Putting your home up for sale requires some effort on your part. Start preparing your home, take note of the little things that need repair and repair them. Start to pack up the clutter that accumulates over time. Dust and clean out all of those nooks and crannies that are normally overlooked. Wash windows, clean out your closets and get rid of what doesn`t serve you any longer. The less clutter that is in the home will give the potential buyer the opportunity to envision his or her own items in the home. If you have too much “stuff” then it can overpower and overwhelm any vision they might have of themselves in that space.

Be conscious of the “smells” in your home. Do you have pets? If so, vacuum their hair/fur up and clean that litter box often while your home is on the market. We become nose blind to our own smells. There is not a bigger turn off than when you walk in to a home and it smells strongly of kitty litter or Rover`s odors.

Most importantly, choose a Sales Representative that will work well with you and help you get the most money for your home.

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