Counties pass on funding for Manor

Alycia Douglass
Counties pass on funding for Manor

NORTH GLENGARRY, Ontario – After rebuffing Maxville Manor’s request for $2.25 million to fund their redevelopment project, many are questioning who should be responsible for providing healthcare subsidies.

With new provincial standards set to come into place in 2025, Maxville Manor is relying on the help of the provincial government and their community to ensure that new criteria are met.

Counties Warden Jim Bancroft says that the decision to deny funding was based primarily on the belief that health issues are a provincial mandate.

“The Counties’ commitment to hospitals expired about three years ago,” said Bancroft. “We should be focusing on what we are mandated to do, and do it well. Tax payers should have a clear idea of where their money is going.”

The restoration project will include a 20-ft. expansion on the rear wing as well as a modification to the bathroom for improved accessibility. The project is expected to take up to 18 months.

Maxville Manor’s CEO Bernard Bouchard says that while the manor has worked with another company to draw up plans, nothing can be done until they are approved.

“We have a lot of support from our community and our board members,” said Bouchard. “We’re relatively optimistic about the situation.”

Bouchard says that while Maxville Manor may have been denied funding, there are many other retirement homes and long-term care facilities facing similar challenges.

“We need to start prioritizing long-term care a little more,” said Bouchard. “Retirement living should not be looked at as a luxury.”

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