Friends of the River returns to winter carnival

Alycia Douglass
Friends of the River returns to winter carnival
Curtis Lazore presents at the fourth annual We are Friends of the River Event

TSI SNAIHNE, Quebec – The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne (MCA) extended an invitation to the public on both sides of the St. Lawrence this Sunday Feb. 12. In conjunction with the 2017 Akwesasne Winter Carnival Committee, the MCA’s Department of the Tehotiiennawakon offered a day of activities and learning demonstrations with a focus on the health of the river, which took place during this weekend’s festivities.

The event featured educational presentations and demonstrations from the MCA and their various partners, taking place at the Iohahiio Adult Education Center in Tsi Snaihne during the weekend’s torrential snow storm.

With a heavy emphasis on river-related programs, the day’s activities included information sessions on the species of fish and wildlife that call the St. Lawrence River home.

There were presentations a-plenty throughout the day, with everything from eels to hatchery exhibits taking place.

“This is the fourth year Friends of the River has been a part of the Akwesasne Winter Carnival,” said Owen Mitchell of the Department of Tehotiienna:wakon’s Environment Program. “We get organizations from around the area and help get the community aware of the river.”

Presenters included Turtle Island Conservation Project from the Toronto Zoo, Thousand Islands National Park, St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences, South Nation Conservation, Ontario Power Generation, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, to name a few.

Appropriately, Friends of the River were also raffling off a kayak, donated by CKON-FM at the event as a way of nurturing the connection between people and the river.  

 “It’s a great community outreach where we get to see good work that people are doing,” said Mitchell. “It’s also a great opportunity to see how these different organizations work together to take care of river.”

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