Out for an Afternoon Drive

Carol Goddard, Special to Seaway News
Out for an Afternoon Drive
Bernie Martel is seen beside his 1955 Pontiac Pathfinder just prior to participating in the convoy of vintage and classic vehicles driving to Chartwell McConnell Retirement Residence in Cornwall. Goddard photo.

CORNWALL, Ontario – On Saturday, Sept. 25, members of the Road Warriors Car Club organized a drive thru show in front of McConnell Manor along with other car aficionados from the area.

Bernie Martel, a member of the Cornwall Old Car Club (COCC) mentioned how this event was designed to provide some enjoyment for the seniors living at CMRR.  Martel explained a vehicle is considered a classic after 25 years, while a vintage vehicle is usually 50 years or older.  He expected many memories will be recalled for many people watching the convoy pass by on its way to the retirement residence and for residents there.

When asked how many people were participating, Road Warriors Car Club President Chris Sauve commented how the invitation is extended and people arrive with their cars, but he estimated there would be between 20 and 30 cars in the event.  Sauve mentioned some of the owners will be stopping for a time in the parking lot of the CMRR to allow residents to come out and see the cars close-up.

Nikita Harvey, VP of the Road Warriors Car Club, was looking forward to driving her Doge Charger Hell-Cat in the convey, mentioning how it was “Awesome” to be participating and continued how her car is programmed to “meow” something she is sure the seniors will enjoy.

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