Seaway concerns as St. Lawrence remains at record high

Nick Seebruch
Seaway concerns as St. Lawrence remains at record high
Cornwall's Moses-Saunders Dam during a summer month (Nick Seebruch/ Seaway News).

CORNWALL, Ontario – There is continued concern about the state of the St. Lawrence Seaway as waterlevels in the river are at a 100 year high.

“According to the International Lake Ontario – St. Lawrence River Board, “Lake Ontario remains above the highest water levels recorded at any time since 1918,”” reads a statement from South Nation Conservation (SNC).Dams are being operated at Lake Ontario and along the St. Lawrence River to balance water levels upstream and downstream, while trying to minimize shoreline erosion.”

Chamber of Marine Commerce President Bruce R. Burrows says that his industry is trying to minimize the impact of the high water levels on commerce and shoreside property.

“The marine shipping industry is very sensitive to the damage that is being done to homes located in the region due to flooding caused by high-water levels,” he wrote in a statement. “Our shipowner members have reduced vessel speeds to accommodate the increase in water flow rates and to minimize any damage to shorelines.  We support the International Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Board’s decision yesterday to continue to monitor the situation and that the St. Lawrence Seaway remains open for the movement of goods in a safe and efficient manner.”

The SNC said that they will continue to monitor the water levels and warned residents to stay away from dangerous area.

“Environment and Climate Change Canada is forecasting 20 mm of precipitation this week for Cornwall with less precipitation expected moving towards Lake Ontario,” the SNC statement reads. “Water Levels along the St. Lawrence River are forecasted to remain stable and above average for this time of year for at least the next 2 weeks.”

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