World Book Day

World Book Day
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April 23 is World Book Day.

Have you ever lost yourself in a book only to find a piece of your soul? Imagine diving into pages transporting you to other worlds and meeting characters who feel like old friends. Each turn of the page brings a new adventure and lesson, shaping your view of the world around you.

On April 23rd, streets transform into a sea of books. Authors sign copies in bustling markets. Kids’ eyes sparkle with new stories.

Cities host lively readings under open skies. Around the world, people celebrate the magic of words. Bookshops overflow with eager readers. Libraries run special story hours. Everyone shares their favorite book on social media. It’s a day where stories unite us all.

World Book and Copyright Day is a special day dedicated to books, authors, and intellectual property protection.

It marks the anniversary of the birth or death of notable writers, including William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes. People of all ages come together to appreciate the value of books and the lasting contributions of authors to cultural and social progress​​.

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