2023-2024 Proposed School Year Calendar

Provided by the CDSBEO
2023-2024 Proposed School Year Calendar

School year calendars are required to be submitted to the Ministry of Education on or before March 1st each year. The Ministry provides guidelines to school boards for developing school year calendars, and Regulation 304 outlines the requirements for preparation and submission to the Ministry of Education.

Superintendent of School Effectiveness Dawn Finnegan presented the proposed school year calendar for 2023-2024 to the Board of Trustees. The proposed calendar was developed with special consideration given to serving the best interests of students.

“Once a draft calendar was developed, the board began the consultation process. It is important to align the school year calendar with our co-terminus public board, as of shared transportation is a shared service.”

During the consultation process, feedback was collected from schools, various committees, staff members, the parent community, and other stakeholders. The consultation process, which opened January 17th and closed February 10th, included the opportunity for the school community to submit feedback through an online survey or by email or telephone. Information was circulated through internal memo, as well as through the CDSBEO website and social media channels.

“We have done a thorough consultation to ensure this calendar meets the needs of our community, our families, our students and our staff,” concluded Superintendent Finnegan.

“I am pleased to see that the consultation process was very thorough, and that so many of our stakeholders and community partners had an opportunity to share their input,” concluded Chair Wilson.

The final proposed 2023-2024 School Year Calendar was approved by the Board of Trustees.

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