Tribute to Trustee Robin Reil

Provided by the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario
Tribute to Trustee Robin Reil
Photo Trustee Reil Tribute: (back row left to right) Trustee Karen McAllister, Trustee Paula Hart, Trustee Brent Laton, Board Chair Todd Lalonde, Director of Education Laurie Corrigan, Trustee Jennifer Cooney, (front row left to right) Vice-Chair Sue Wilson, Kathy Reil, Matt Reil, Brenda Reil, St. Luke CHS Principal Armando Lopes

In March 2021, the CDSBEO was saddened to learn of the passing of Trustee Robin Reil. Trustee Reil served on the Board of Trustees for nearly 18 years. After graduating from Teachers College in Ottawa in 1969, Trustee Reil was hired to his first teaching position with the Lanark, Leeds & Grenville Roman Catholic Separate School Board at Sacred Heart of Jesus in Lanark. Between 1969 and 2001, he held positions in Lanark, Perth, Westport, Brockville and Prescott as teacher, vice-principal, and principal.

Throughout his many years in education, Trustee Reil set a great example as a faith leader and dedicated Catholic educator who always held student well-being as his highest priority. “I believe in the dignity and self-worth of each individual child,” he once wrote in a letter to the Board. “The more positive the child’s self-image, the more receptive that child is to learning. The same holds true for each staff member.”

With his family in attendance, Trustee Reil was honoured at the June 21 board meeting through a liturgy, tribute, and the blessing and dedication of a bench built by Construction Technology students from St. Luke Catholic High School. The bench, which was blessed by CDSBEO Faith Animator Fr. John Whyte, includes a mounted plaque that has been inscribed in Trustee Reil’s memory. It will be placed on the school grounds at St. Luke Catholic High School.

Director of Education Laurie Corrigan spoke of the many memorable qualities that Trustee Reil was remembered for in his role as a long-time educator, leader and trustee with CDSBEO.

“I want to thank Trustee Reil’s family for his many years of devoted service as an educator in service to the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario, and as Trustee,” noted Director Corrigan.

“Trustee Reil had a vision, and he served that vision through his many roles within the CDSBEO, as an educator, principal, and trustee. His legacy will always be remembered,” concluded Chair Lalonde.


Draft Annual Report on the Provision of Special Education Programs and Services 2022-2023

Superintendent of School Effectiveness, Heather Gerber, reviewed the details of the Annual Report on the Provisions of Special Education Programs and Services, which was presented at the Board meeting held on June 7.

The Special Education Plan for 2022-2023, as outlined in the Standards for School Boards’ Special Education Plans, has been compiled through consultation with stakeholders and key participants, including the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC). The report includes recommendations to be implemented, including staffing allocations for schools and the Special Education Department.

The Board approved the report as presented. The recommendations will be included in the Report to the Ministry of Education on the Provisions of Special Education Programs and Services.

Draft Proposed Budget for 2022-2023

The Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario’s Board of Trustees has approved the budget for the 2022-2023 school year, which includes a total operating and capital expenditure of $205 million, including a capital expenditure budget of $7.4 million. On the operating side, salaries and benefits make up 76 per cent of the budget and are expected to cost the board $157 million. Other operating costs, including learning materials, professional development, and transportation, will cost a total of $36 million. The Board has estimated a balanced and compliant budget for 2022-2023, with a projected increase in enrolment of 178 FTE.

All expenditure areas were carefully reviewed for efficiencies and to ensure excellence in Catholic program delivery for students across Eastern Ontario.

“The Board is required to present a balanced budget for compliance to the Ministry of Education. The 2022-2023 budget is compliant with all enveloping provisions,” explained Manager of Finance, Traci Bloomfield.

“I would like to thank our Manager of Finance, Traci Bloomfield, and our Superintendent of Business and Treasurer, Ashley Hutchinson, and the Finance Department for all of their work in preparing the budget,” concluded Chair Lalonde. “We recognize the hard work of your team in calculating this information, and in continuing to ensure the Board’s ongoing fiscal accountability. I would also like to commend administration for working closely with Trustees throughout the year, particularly in light of the ongoing unusual circumstances encountered this past year.”

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