LETTER TO THE EDITOR: In solidarity with communities affected by what is happening in Ottawa

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: In solidarity with communities affected by what is happening in Ottawa
A truck cab travels towards the rendezvous point for the trip to Ottawa at the Petro Pass station in Cornwall on January 29. Goddard photo

We are community leaders who would like to extend our heartfelt apologies.

To all of the individuals, organizations, health care workers, service workers and others who had to bear the brunt of hateful rhetoric, ghastly symbols, and disrespectful behaviour at the Truck Convoy which took place in Ottawa this past weekend, we are sorry.

Our organizations and individual efforts support people of all backgrounds, no matter the race, gender, sexual orientation, age, and/or religious affiliation and we work to provide inclusive and safe spaces for everyone from all walks of life. The events of this weekend highlight the importance of our work.

We will continue to elevate the voices of the marginalized and continue to stress the importance of human rights and equity education in our school system and our communities.

How can we begin to repair our communities after these events?

  1. You can check the sources of the information you share and refuse to share or amplify disinformation.
  2. You can discuss with your family, friends, colleagues and social circles about what happened in Ottawa this weekend, as well as the larger problem of far right wing ideologies in Canada and why it is problematic.
  3. For those who would like to show solidarity with all the people and organizations negatively impacted by these horrible actions, you can donate to anti-racism, anti-Islamophobia, LGBTQ+ and other organizations in your communities who promote diversity and inclusion.

We are better than this and look forward to continuing to work together to help build a vibrant, inclusive, and safe community.

Elizabeth Quenville, on behalf of Diversity Cornwall
Michele Allinotte (Secretary-Treasurer of CUREA/CURET)
Kelly Bergeron (Tech Educator and Social Entrepreneur)

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