LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Medical professionals will not run, will not cower

Seaway News Staff
LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Medical professionals will not run, will not cower
A truck cab travels towards the rendezvous point for the trip to Ottawa at the Petro Pass station in Cornwall on January 29. Goddard photo

Dear Canadians,

We, the undersigned physicians, nurses, healthcare workers, and public health scholars across the country, will NOT hide out of fear of violence from hate-fueled convoys.

Some of us have grandparents who fled Nazis during the Second World War. Some of us have families that are refugees or migrants to Canada from other wars and violations of human rights. Some of us are Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh, Baptist, Protestant, Catholic, atheist. Some of us identify as transgender, some as non-binary. Some of us are lesbian, gay, bisexual. Some of us are disabled. Some of us are Black, Asian, First Nations, Metis, Inuit.

All of us believe strongly in social justice, equality, respect, and caring for one another in a community.

We cannot and will not allow racism, antisemitism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism or any other form of hate or discrimination towards any person facing oppression in Canada, to stop us from doing our work.

We cannot and will not allow disinformation to undermine science, nor will we tolerate groups that are organized around hate to undermine healthcare policy or services.

We will not cower. We will not hide. We will wear our scrubs in public, without fear, knowing that you – Canadians – have our backs.

We will run our vaccine clinics, without fear, knowing that legislation in Canada prevents harassment or intimidation of healthcare workers or patients seeking care. We will go to our hospitals. We will keep providing healthcare. The recent amendment to the Criminal Code, with Bill C-3, must be enforced to support healthcare workers and protect patients.

We will continue to provide quality care to each of you, whether you have followed our medical advice or not, because that is our commitment to you as physicians, nurses & healthcare workers. We will not, however, tolerate any hate directed at us or at any marginalized community. Please treat us with the same respect and compassion that we offer to you.

We are not heroes. We are not villains. We are exhausted, just as you are. We want the pandemic to be over, just as you do. We want our children to be in school, businesses to be open, for life not to be dictated by a virus that is threatening the world. We are doing everything we can to take care of you, to use all the tools that we have – vaccines, better masks, better ventilation in schools, curbing our activities – to get there. But there are still many people in Canada who are vulnerable. They deserve protection. Infants, young children, disabled people, elderly or immunocompromised people, people who work in high-risk jobs. We will not abandon them. Globally, also, we have a responsibility to ensure that safety is not a privilege, but a right for every person. This includes urgently improving access to vaccines globally.

We appeal to the Prime Minister, to each of our Premiers, to the Mayors of all cities, to elected provincial and federal officials, to all community leaders, to all business owners and heads of organizations – and to ALL Canadians – to have our backs. This isn’t about partisan politics. It is about ensuring that we are safe while we care for you. That is all we ask.

Thank you, for everything you’ve done to take care of each other. Please, now, take care of us.


Dr Nili Kaplan-Myrth, MD, CCFP, PhD, Family Physician, Ottawa

Dr Katharine Smart, MD, FRCPC, President, Canadian Medical Association

Dr. Alika Lafontaine, MD, FRCPC, President-Elect, Canadian Medical Association

Dr Ann Collins, MD, Past President Canadian Medical Association

Dr. Doris Grinspun, RN, MSN, PhD, LLD(Hon), Dr(hc) FAAN, FCAN, O.ONT – CEO, RNAO

Dr. Angela Cooper-Brathwaite, RN, MScN, PhD, Immediate Past-President, RNAO

Una Ferguson, RN, BScN, RNAO Board of Directors, Region 10 (Ottawa).

Dr. Amy Tan, MD, MSc, CCFP(PC), FCFP Palliative Care & Family Physician, Clinical Associate Professor, University of British Columbia

Dr Seema Dosaj MD, CCFP, FCFP-Family Physician, Courtesy Staff, UHN, Toronto.

Debra Lefebvre, RN, BN, MPA – Registered Nurse, Kingston

Dr David N Fisman, MD, MPH, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto

Morgan Hoffarth, RN, MScN, President, Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO)

Dr. Claudette Holloway, RN, MScN, PhD, President-Elect, RNAO

Dr Joel R Lexchin, MD, CCFP(EM), FCFP, Professor Emeritus, School of Health Policy and Management, Faculty of Health, York University

Dr Yipeng Ge, MD, BHSc, Public Health and Preventive Medicine resident physician, Ottawa

Dr Mark S Silverman, MD, FRCPC- Community endocrinologist, Ottawa

Dr Arnav Agarwal, MD, General internal medicine resident physician, Hamilton

Dr. Michael C Klein CM, MD, FCFP CCFP FAAP, Emeritus Professor Family Practice & Pediatrics University of British Columbia

Dr David DeGrace MD MMSc DABFM CCFP, Family physician, Associate Adjunct Professor, Queen’s University

Dr Michael Lacovos, PhD, Scientist Sunnybrook Research Institute

Dr Sabrina Alani, MD, Anesthesiology Resident Physician, Ottawa

Dr. John Aquino, MD  FCFP, Family physician, Toronto

Natalie Thomas, RN, BScN, Acute care medicine, Ottawa


Dr Lauralee Dukeshire, MD, CCFP, Family physician, Nanaimo


Kathleen Neville Registered Nurse, University Health Network.


Dr Naheed Dosani, MSC, MD, CCFP(PC), Palliative Care Physician, Lecturer, University of Toronto


Dr Lisa Salamon MD CCFP (EM) FCFP, Emergency Physician, Toronto, Lecturer, University of Toronto


Dr Genevieve Eastabrook, MD, FRCSC, Associate Professor of OBGYN, London, ON


Dr Sandy Buchman MD CCFP (PC) FCFP, Palliative Care Physician, Associate Professor, University of Toronto


Birgit Umaigba RN, MEd, CCRN, Clinical Practice Instructor, Centennial College,

Scarborough, ON


Dr Amit Arya MD, CCFP (PC), FCFP, Palliative Care Physician, Lecturer, University of Toronto


Dr. Christopher Leighton MD, FRCPC, Adjunct Professor, Department of Oncology, Western University


Dr. Iris Gorfinkel, MD, General Practitioner, Principal Investigator / Founder, PrimeHealth Clinical REsearch


Dr Ayelet Kuper MD DPhil FRCPC, Internal Medicine Physician, Associate Professor, University of Toronto


Dr Yoni Freedhoff, MD, CCFP, Associate Professor, University of Ottawa


Dr Michelle Cohen, MD, CCFP, FCFP, Assistant Professor, Queen’s University


Jordan Menzies, MRT(R), Ottawa


Dr Christine Froelich, MD, FRCPC, Psychiatry, Edmonton


Dr Parker Vandermeer, MD, CCFP, Rural and Remote Medicine, Alberta


Dr. Sudhakar Sivapalan, MD, FRCPC, MSc, Psychiatry, Edmonton


Dr So-Yan Seto, RN, MScN, PhD, RNAO Board of Directors, Region 7


Dr Chantal Moreau MD FRCPC, Psychiatry, Edmonton


Dr. Joe Vipond, MD, CCFP (EM), FCFP, Emergency, Calgary


Rachel Elliott, RN, BScN, MScN, PhD student, RNAO Board of Directors, Region 1


Rebecca Brown RN, FMC, Calgary


Dr Christine Tai, BMBS, CCFP (PC), Family Medicine and Palliative Care, Carleton Place and Ottawa


Dr Eric Wooltorton, MD, MEd, FCFP, Associate Professor, Family Medicine, uOttawa


Dr Tamara Woleston, MD, CCFP, Family Physician, Ottawa


Dr Chantalle Clarkin RN, PhD; Toronto

Dr Chuck Wurster, MD, CCFP(EM), Strathcona Community Hospital, Sherwood Park, Alberta

Julie Rubel, RN, MScN, GNC(c), RNAO Board of Directors, Interest Group Representative

Dr Stephen Flindall, MD CCFP(EM), York Region, ON

Dr Paul Winston MD FRPC Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation University of British Columbia (Victoria)

Dr Matthew Baron, MD CCFP, Michael Garron Hospital, Toronto

Dr Tracy Vaillancourt, Ph.D., FRSC, Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in School-Based Mental Health and Violence Prevention, uOttawa

Jessica Munro, NP, Sinai Health, UofT, Toronto

Penny Rishi, RN, ICU UAH, Edmonton, Alberta

Julie Huestis, RN, Northern Ontario

Dr Lorenzo Madrazo, MD, BMus, BEd – Internal Medicine Resident Physician, London, ON

Deborah Viel MPH, BScN, RN, CCHN(C) Maniboba

Dr Mary Cummins MD FRCPC Psychiatry Edmonton

Erica McFadyen RN BScN MA Kingston Ontario

Tim O’Connor, St Mary’s, Ontario

Dr. Brooks Fallis MD, FRCPC, Critical care medicine

Dr Linda Hunter RN, MScN, PhD (C), Retired, Ottawa

Dr Lorna Adams, MD, CCFP, retired GP, Vaccinator, B.C.

Elaine Read RN BScN Hamilton

Kartik Krishnan, York Region cases reporter,

Cynthia Olsen, B.A., B.Ed., MEd, Deep River Ontario

Dr Mary Cummins MD FRCPC Psychiatry Edmonton

Kathryn Sutton BScN, RN, Hamilton Health Sciences

Grace I Bradish.RN(EC) MScN, Nurse Practitioner (Retired), COVID Vaccinator, London Ontario

Lucy Doan, NP, Toronto

Dr Reanne Booker, PhD(c), MN, President, CANO/ACIO, Nurse Practitioner, Palliative Care, ICU Helper RN, Calgary, Alberta

Judith Manson RN BScN Toronto, ON

Dr Patricia PS Lee MD CFPC MSc

Dr Shelley Dalton, MD, FRCPC

Heidi Bilas, RN BScN MSc(A)

Lisa Watkins , Registered Respiratory Therapist, RRT, HBSc

Michelle House Kokan, RN, MSN, CNCC(C), CCNE, Vancouver, BC

Meagan Gordon, RPN, Brantford, Ontario

Sid Feldman MD CCFP (COE) FCFP, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON

Charlotte Pooler, RN, MN, PhD, Alberta Health Services, Edmonton, Alberta

Zahida Meghji, MD FRCPC, London

Juliane Tennant, RPN, Wasaga Beach, ON

Meighan Jones, Registered Nurse, Edmonton AB

Laurie Sharrard PSW long term care Whitby

Dr. Kari Sampsel, MSc MD FRCPC, The Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa

Dr. Alison Fox-Robichaud, BSc, MSc, MD, FRCPC (Int Med, Crit Care), Professor of Medicine, McMaster University, Director of Medical Education, Hamilton Health Sciences, Scientific Director, Sepsis Canada

Janna Bogaart, RN, BN CRH, Lethbridge, Alberta

Yona Attis, RN, BScN, Public Health Nurse HKPRDHU

Kristina Nairn, RN

Debra Conway-Chung RN Director

Karen Weyman, MD, MEd, CCFP, FCFP, Associate Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine, Temerty Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

Colleen Battista RN, MN, Professor of Nursing, St Lawrence College, Ontario

Danielle Suppin, RN, Alberta

Chris Gallant

Leigh Collins RN Vancouver BC

Teresa Novick, RN, BA, Research Associate, London

Simron Singh, MD, MPH, Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Center

Tracy Franklin, Registered midwife, Midwives Collective of Toronto, Toronto Birth Centre, Mount Sinai Hospital

Andrew Arcand

Dr. Jack Markoff, MD

Sue Moffett, Registered Nurse, Renfrew ON

Laura Gordon, Ottawa

Sandra Mulders Reg.N. Retired

Anne Travers, Physiotherapist, Collingwood ON

Rose Gass BA MHST Registered Nurse Ontario

Molly Rankin, RN, Edmonton

Debra White RN, Specialty Field Nurse- Rare Disease, COVID-19 vaccination clinic

Eleanor Yip, RN, Torontonian

April Begg Goodis RN – Burlington, Ontario

Cathy Cleverdon RN , Brantford

Elizabeth Giacinti Reg. Nurse, St Joseph’s healthcare, Hamilton

Kate White, BN RN  – St. John’s, NL

L Piccinin MD, CCFP(EM) Sudbury ON

Dr. Paula Cashin, MD, FRCPC, LLM, Radiologist, Canadian Medical Association – NL Director

Dr. Birinder Narang MBBS (Hons) CCFP – Family Physician – UBC Clinical Assistant Professor, Chair – Burnaby Division of Family Practice & This is Our Shot Co-Founder

Dr Sue Derrick MD, Prince Edward County,On

Erin DeVeber, Student, Midwives of Muskoka / XU

Angela Theriault Eatmon RN

Pamela Kiefer, Retired Nurse, MALPN, Manitoba

Laurie Morrison,  M.A.  C.Psych., Neuropsychology Service, Geriatric Rehabilitation & Geriatric Day Hospital, Bruyère Continuing Care, Ottawa ON

Lou O’Connor

Karina Frost, RN MSW, Registered Nurse, Toronto

Dr Susan Medynski, BSc, MD, CCFP, FCFP, Family physician, Kelowna BC

Angela Theriault Eatmon RN Horizon Health Sciences New Brunswick

Dr Annie Huang MD PhD FRCPC SickKids

Jillian Giacinti, Physiotherapist, MScPT, BSc(Hon)

Dr Carole Williams MD CCFP FCFP Vancouver Island

Christine Kreuzhofen, RN, BScN. Shelburne/ Ontario

Janette Leipnitz BA, BScN, RN Edmonton, AB

Nadia Kyrytow, RN BScN, The Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa

Anita Tsang-Sit, RN, MPH, BScN, BA, CRM(c), Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario – Board of Directors Region 4

Lisa Hoff. Registered Nurse. Alberta

Hannah Green, RN, BScN Kingston Health Science Centre Kingston, ON

Kim English, RN,MN, EDD(c), Professor, Trent/Fleming School of Nursing, Peterborough,Ontario.

Rebecca Stockford, CRGS, Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, Horizon Health Network, Saint John, NB

Lisa Hoff. Registered Nurse. Edmonton Alberta

Dr Joan Bottorff, PHD, RN, School of Nursing, UBC Okanagan campus, Kelowna, BC

Suzanne McDonald RN, Whitehorse, YT

Tom McBane, RPN, Ottawa ON

Emmalee Glover Public Health Nurse – North Bay

Dr Katherine Bisby, CCFP, Calgary, Alberta

Ines Jowitt, RN, BScN, MHSc

Dr. Melanie Crozier MD CCFP, Family Physician, Sarnia, Ontario

Dr Vanita Lokanathan, MDCM, CCFP, Peterborough, ON

Jennifer Clement, BScN, NP-PHC, Sudbury

Dr Lisa Huzel MD, FRCPC Respirologist/Intensivist Lakeridge Health Oshawa; Assistant Medical Director Department of Medicine, Lakeridge Health, Ontario

Dr Alanna Martineau, MD, Family Medicine Resident, NOSM

Dr Frank Welland, Mississauga

Don Cowell, MSW, RSW (Retired), Kingston, ON

Jennifer D Marshall, RN BScN, Manitoulin Health Center, Little Current ON

Dr. Rob Whyte, MD, MEd, FRCP(C), Associate Professor, Department of Anesthesia, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON

Rhiana Lorimer RN BSCN, Ottawa

Dr. Rob Warren, MD, JD, CCFP,  Sundre, AB

Nikki Marks NP Adult

Dr L.E Gillen M.D.  Thunder Bay Ontario

Gita Proudman, RN, BScN, Toronto, ON

Shirley Pettit, RN, Hamilton Health Sciences, Hamilton, ON

Don Cowell, MSW, RSW (Retired), Kingston, ON

Laura Timms BScN RN, Kelowna, BC

Nicole Armstrong, MN NP, Alberta

Dr. Leyla Asadi, MD, MPH, University of Alberta

Tiffany Novakoski, RN, BScN, Saskatoon

Lyndsay Waymouth, LPN, Alberta

Parya Mirjani, RN, BScN. Trillium Health Partners

Anne-Marie Young, RN, RPN (retired), Vancouver BC

Laurie Brannen, Nova Scotia

Lisa McLeod RN North Vancouver BC

Patrick Fitch, BSP, ACPR. Pharmacist, Winnipeg

Dr Dzung Vo, MD, Pediatrician, Vancouver BC

Dan Furst, Calgary

Kathy Majowski, RNBN, Manitoba

Maggie Ford, RN, Ontario Health, Toronto

Dr. Linda L. Smith CCFP FCFP, Edmonton

Dr. Sara Rudge, MD, CCFP, Niagara Health Covid Assessment Centres

Susan Dale RN retired

Lindsay Stewart RN

Dr Shauna Craven MD CCFP FCFP Red Deer County, AB

Dr Shannon Bates MDCM, MSc; Director, Division of Hematology & Thromboembolism; Professor, Department of Medicine; McMaster University; Hamilton

Kevin Walcer RN, BN, ACP. Alberta

Roberta Fried-Levine RN, Retired with active license & planning to return to work, Cote St. Luc, Quebec

Dr. Nadine Laraya, MD, CCFP, FCFP, Toronto

Tracey Rogers. BScN, RN. Edmonton, AB

Dale Heywood RN Uxbridge Health Centre

Cynthia Walsh MRT, Hamilton, ON

Dr. Andrew S.B. Boozary MD MPP SM CCFP

Teresa McQuillin, RN Waterloo, ON

Becky Welch NP, Hamilton

Jill Fitzgeorge MRT(R), RDMS, ACR

Dr. Jane Slivchak MD CCFP Thunder Bay

Dr Magdie Kohn, MD FRCPC, Brampton, ON

Robert Davidson, ACP, BA, Paramedic Commander (Retired), Ottawa ON

Dr Melissa Lem, MD, CCFP, FCFP, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia Department of Family Practice, Vancouver, BC

Elizabeth Andrykew BSc MLT, Transfusion Medicine, Hamilton Health Sciences, Hamilton, Ontario

Dr Misty Watson  MD, CCFP,  Calgary, AB

Elizabeth Mens, BScN RN, MI, Toronto

Heather Burrows Davies RN, Juravinski Hospital & Cancer Centre, HHSC, Hamilton, Ontario

Kirsten McCartney RN BScN, Pediatric Emergency , Stollery, University of Alberta Edmonton

Tony Capretta

Dr Joni Mcneely Strathmore AB

Laureve Chamberlain R.N

Wendy Emblau RN

Michelle Taylor RN BN Calgary

Dr Navdeep Grewal, MD, CCFP(EM), ER physician, Vancouver, Cofounder, South Asian COVID Task Force & This Is Our Shot Canada

Alison McGuire, RN, Lethbridge AB

Nataly Farshait, RN, MN, CPNC, CHE

Anshumi Joshi, Registered Practical Nurse, Registered Nursing Student, Trent/Fleming School of Nursing, Toronto, ON

Laurie Halpenny RN  BC

Dr Ahmed Al-Jaishi, PhD, Epidemiologist, Post-doctoral fellow, University of Ottawa

Aderemi (‘Remi) Ejiwunmi, M.Sc. RM

Dr F.Adam Family Doctor, Montreal, Quebec

Sabrina Cestola RN BScN VHA Clinical Nursing and Education Lead

Kelly Vos, RN

Jennifer Adair, Registered Psychiatric Nurse, BScPN, Winnipeg

Mary A. Zebak RN,L, Assistant Head Nurse, Alberta Health Services, Calgary, Alberta

Danah Bozek, RN, BScN, ENT & Thoracic LHSC, London ONT

Dr Chih-ho Hong, MD FRCPC, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia and St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver, BC

Jennifer Eifler RN Calgary

Suzanne Sapinsky, RN, Health Link Calgary

Jenna Bly RM

Nicole Graham, BScN, RN, Collingwood

Dr. Lisa Li, MD FRCPC, Vancouver BC

Betty Hassan RN ,MBA , ADOC in LTC , OTTAWA

Theresa McCallum Registered Nurse, London, Ontario

Dr Natasha Press MD FRCPC St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver BC

Katherine Karrow, RN, BScN, Public Health, Grey County

Derek Leslie RN BScN, Occupational Health Nurse, St. Catharines

Cristina Mackay,RN, Alberta

Jean-Anne Hounslow RN  Belleville Ontario

Dr. Giorgia Tropini, MD MSc CCFP, Family Physician, Clinical Instructor, UBC Dept of Family Practice, Vancouver

Dr. Paul Parks, MD, FRCPC (Emergency Medicine), Medicine Hat Alberta.

Rich Barley RN, ICU nurse Civic hospital Ottawa

Dr John Street, MD PhD FRCSC, Spine Surgeon Vancouver General Hospital, Associate Professor University of British Columbia

Sandra Rennick , Registered Nurse , Orangeville Ontario

Jaqueline Murdoch, Toronto, ON

Jocelyn Gibson, Registered Nurse. Red Deer Alberta

Brittany Vandelaar RN BScN Toronto, ON

Vikky Leung, Paediatric Emergency RN, MN, Toronto

Dr Shelly McNeil, MD, Infectious Diseases, Halifax, NS

Dr. Jackie Kassam MD FCFP, St. Albert, Alberta

Tracina Pearce BScN MN RN, Hamilton ON

Annette Cook, RN, Alberta

Sarah Dunlop, RN

Dr Alexandra Saltman, MD FRCPC, Rheumatologist & Palliative Care physician, Sinai Health System/University Health Network, Toronto

Dr Christine Gibson MD CCFP University of Calgary

Dr Chekkera Shammi FRCPC Ontario Shores Whitby ON and University of Toronto

Dr Bethany Oeming MD FRCPC Calgary AB

Barb Cooper, RN, LNC, AHS, Calgary

Dr. Jill Calder. MD, FRCPC Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Royal Inland Hospital, Kamloops, British Columbia

Dr Rod Rassekh, MD MHSc FRCPC, Pediatric Oncologist, BC Children’s Hospital

Cathy Crowe, RN, CM, Public Affiliate, Faculty of Arts, University X

Dr. Simerpreet Sandhanwalia FRCPC (EM)

Sylvia Plester-Silk, RSW, Private therapist, Guelph, ON

Kate Mercer, RN, MN, NS Health

Randall Rae MD FRCPC,  Vancouver

Will White, MSc, MD, FRCPC, Addiction Psychiatrist, Clinical Lecturer, University of British Columbia, Victoria, BC

Joanna Ingley, RN, Toronto

Brenda Nijenhuis RPN, Hamilton

Maggie Kennedy, RN, MSN, BSN, Public Health Nurse, Nanaimo, BC

Sharan Sandhanwalia Registered Physiotherapist, Toronto

Krystal Brown BSCN Ottawa

Proud mom of amazing RN

Margaret McGinn RN BScN Edmonton Alberta

Dr. Deborah Haynes RN, PhD

Dr Susan Ackland, BA, MD Family Practice, St Pauls Hospital,Vancouver BC

Connie Rainkie, retired RN AHS Calgary, AB

Mae Timms, Retired RN, Kelowna, BC

Joanna Ingley, RN, Toronto

Dr. Debbie Timpson, BSc(PT), MD, FRCPC, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Pembroke, ON

Janet Vandale, MN RN (CNS Palliative Care), Calgary AB

Marilyn Segall, BA, Dip. Lib. Tech., Retired, Alberta

Alaina Williams-Foster, RN, BScN, Emergency Medicine

Dr. Fergus Kennedy, Family Physician, retired, Ladysmith, B.C.

Alaina Williams-Foster, RN, BScN, Emergency Medicine, Alberta

Joni-Rar Blanchard, RN, BCNU, Nanaimo

Dr Rebecca McEachern, MD FRCPC, Pediatrician, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Nancy Grigg, RN, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Dr Gwen Campbell McArthurs FPRPN/FPRN BSN MN (Ret.) Kamloops, BC

Paula Roberts, RN, Alberta

Alison McDonald, Physiotherapist, Nova Scotia Health Authority,  Halifax NS

Dan Bui, NP, Ottawa, Ontario

Terri Havill Psychiatric Nurse RN CNA CRNBC Sunshine Coast BC

Dr. Najma Ahmed, MD, FRCSC, Toronto

Dr Denise Watt CCFP(EM), FCFP, Emergency physician, Medical Director, Health Link, Alberta Health Services, Calgary, AB

Dr Ken Obenson, MD, FRCPC, Horizon Health Network (SJRH) Saint John NB

Dr. Achelle Cortel-LeBlanc, FRCPC Neurology, Ontario

Louise Coulombe, Pharmacist, Airdrie, AB

Andrea Irwin, MPH, RN, Edmonton, AB

Cheryl Weir, RN, BScN Hons., Professor, Fleming College, Practical Nursing Program

Dr Scott Shepard MD, CCFP, Vancouver, BC

Dr Jennifer Purdy MD, CCFP, Ottawa

Nicole Chen, Public Health RN, Calgary, AB

Lisa Israel, RN, BCBA, Applied Behavioural Interventions, Toronto, Ontario

Vanessa Sauvé BN RN Alberta

Dr Balbir Gurm, RN, EdD (Doctor of Education), Nursing Faculty & Facilitator Network to Eliminate Violence in Relationships, Surrey, BC

Dr. Joan Cheng, MD, CCFP(EM), FCFP Emergency Physician, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto

Nancy Nicholls, Toronto

Dr Sonika Kainth MD CCFP

Dr Mira Barman, family physician, Toronto

Dr Shiraz Moola MD FRCSC, Obgyn Kootenay Lake Hospital, Nelson BC

Estelle Frost-Cleary RN , Everett ON

Heather MacMillan RN BSc MSc(A) Nursing Education Vancouver BC

Joelle Perras, Registered Nurse, Home Care, Saskatchewan

Dr Carolyn Taylor, MD, FRCPC, Cardiology, Vancouver

Nicole Livingston, RN BScN, Calgary, AB

Dr Shelley Smith MD CCFP, Family Physician, Alberta

Samantha Wilson, RN, BC

Heather Moffitt RN BScN, Ontario

Sandra Iftody MRT(T) CancerCare Manitoba Winnipeg

Dr. Julia Wilhelm, MD, CCFP, FCFP, Family Physician, Waterloo ON

Dr Tara Lee, MD CCFP, Swift Current, Sask

Taylor Smith , Occupational Therapist ( ON, reg.)

Rivanna Stuhler MSc RD, Quality Improvement Specialist, Toronto

Dr. Jennifer Thompson MD FRCPC Emergency Medicine, Mcmaster University, Hamilton

Jude Johnston, MSW RSW, Toronto.

Jocyline Gamana BScN  CNeph, RN (Body Access Nurse ) Hemodialysis, Michael Garron Hospital/ Toronto East Health Network

Janice Thompson, RN, BN, CNeph(C), Red Deer County, Alberta

Dr Alessandra Palombo BHSc MD CCFP, Brampton, ON

Cathy McDonald-Reis, MSW  Waterloo, ONT

Natalie Stake-Doucet, RN

Lisa Brake, BSC(O.T)

Ellen McDonald RN Hamilton, Burlington, Ontario

Mary Duncan RN, Hamilton

Gerarda MacDonald

Belinda-Ann Furlan

Dr. John Sollazzo, MD CCFP(EM), Emergency Physician, St Joseph’s Hospital, Unity Health, Toronto

Dr Alison Hall, MBBCh, CCFP, Family Physician, Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Tessa Penrod, MD CCFP FCFP, Beaumont AB

Pamela Ingley RN,  MSc Markham, Ontario

Barbara L Stewart, MLS. Toronto

Casey Pope-Lyster RN, BScN, MScN Assistant Professor ( part-time) McMaster University

Dr Antoinette van den Brekel, MDCM, FRCPC

Cheryl Armstrong, non-practicing RN, BC

Melissa Gilbert-Ryan, Peterborough, Ontario

Terry Parker RPN

Dr L Rupesinghe, MD, FRCPC, Anesthesiologist, St Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver

Dr. Tracey Bruce MD FRCPC.  Pediatric Anesthesiologist, McMaster Children’s Hospital. Assistant Clinical Professor, Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine, McMaster University.

Dr. Jessica Farrell, Vancouver, BC

Michelle Taylor RN BN calgary

Hannah Norris, RN, Ottawa, ON

Jacqueline Lyn MSW RSW, Private Practice, Peterborough, Ontario

Whitney Walker-Ross, BSN, RN, Saskatchewan Health Authority, Regina, SK

Allie Mason, BScN, MN, RN – NICU

Lorena Macdonald BScN, BEd, OCT Ottawa

Afeefa Rauf, Registered Nurse, The Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa

Aimee Boyd, RPN, Ottawa ON

Sandra Boshart, RN, Kitchener, ON, Canada

Dr Peter Bryson MD FRCSC, Queen’s University, Kingston ON

Jennifer Pineo, RPN,  North Bay ON

Kristin Penner

Erryl Hines O.T. Reg. N.S.

Dr Supna Sandhu, MD, Vancouver

Terri Dick, Retired RN, Red Deer AB

Sandy Segeren, BSc (Physio) Physiotherapist (inactive), Oakville, Ontario

Dr. Latisha Hewton-Backfat MD CCFP Family Medicine Calgary, Alberta

Gurdeep Singh MB BCh BAO, Pediatrics Resident, Hamilton

Lisa Mitchell, OT Reg, MHA Community Care, North Bay, ON

Yasmin Khaliq, Pharmacist, Ottawa

Dr Elaine Blau MD CCFP FCFP FRRMS, N Bruce Peninsula, Canada

Kathleen Klemen. Vauxhall, AB. Retired RN

Heather Hollis, Halifax

Ellen Gretsinger, NP-PHC, DNP, Smithville FHT, McMaster University School of Nursing, Beamsville, ON

Dr Robert D. Levy, MD, FRCPC, Clinical Professor, Respiratory Medicine, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

Valerie Hastings

Bernadette Lettner, RN, CCHN(C), South Riverdale CHC, Toronto ON

Robert Wilson Advanced Care Paramedic, Ottawa, Ontario

Caitlin House, RN  BScN, Regina Saskatchewan

Holly Chambers, RN, BScN, Regina, SK

Dr M Colleen Stainton,  PHD nursing,  retired , Kamloops

Dr Don Williamson, MD, Family Physician, Simcoe, ON

Vickie Droppo, Personal support Worker, Bayshore home care, brockville, Ontario

Dr Corene Boe, BSc, MD, CCFP Family Physician, Victoria

Dr. Karen Dobbin-Williams PhD MN BN RN, Assistant Professor, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Faculty of Nursing

Ronald Shaughnessy, ACP, HBSc, Ottawa

Sara Knox RN

Jon Lynne-Davies,  former Chair,  Brant Community Healthcare System, Brantford/Paris, Ontario

Dr Eugenie Waters, MD, CCFP, Family Physician, Ottawa

Dr Rhett Taylor, MD FRCPC, Community Radiologist, Edmonton

Craig Haas, BScPN, RPN, Vancouver

Dr Glenn Burchett MD, Family Physician, Edmonton, Alberta

Jennifer Armstrong, BScN RN, Calgary, Alberta

Dr. Nathalie Slaney, MD; Family Physician. New Liskeard Ontario.

Dr Jordan Nantais MD, FRCSC

Dr. Philip Aaron Pink MD.  Alberta Health Services.

Dr Michelle Naimer, MD, MHSc,CCFP, Family Physician, Mount Sinai Academic Family Health Team

Dr George A Heckman MD MSc FRCPC Schlegel Research Chair in Geriatric Medicine

Tammy Nelson Rn, Mn,

Michelle Jackson-Brown, MSW, RSW, Community Mental Health Program, Ottawa

Connie Lofstrand, RN, Lacombe, AB

Gabriela Alves, nursing student BScNIV, Laurentian University, Sudbury/ Chapleau, Ontario

Dr. Lisa Burchett, MD, CCFP, Edmonton

Jo-Mary Hunter BSN retired Kamloops, BC

Emily Duncan registered nurse Calgary

Dr Samira Jeimy, MD, PhD, FRCPC, Clinical Immunologist and Allergist, Western University, London, Ontario

Dr. Bernardine Murphy

Celeste Bowes, recently retired RN of 39 years, Edmonton, AB

Tanya Nystrom, BSP. Sask Health Authority. Yorkton, Saskatchewan

Andy Kroeker West Lorne ON

Kirsty Muller RN BN WINNIPEG, MB

Marla Feldman MSWRSW Toronto

Dr. Joyce Coles, MD, CCFP, family physician, Halifax, NS

Dr Joanne Vaughan, BSc, MDCM, Pediatrician

Dr Barbara Chyzzy, RN, PhD, Toronto

Chrissy lessard RNBN CRN HSC Adult emergency

Linda Lamont RN, ER nurse London and Strathroy, Ontario

Tiara Topps, LPN, Whitehorse Yukon

Diana Gowanlock RN, MPH , Thunder Bay District Health Unit

Sabina Vohra-Miller, MSc, DrPH student. Unambiguous Science, Toronto.

Patricia Seyffert RPN Burlington, Ontario

Cathy Rose, retired RN, vaccine clinic volunteer, Elmira, Ontario

Dr. Pat McLean, Family physician, Richmond Hill, ON

Shelley O’Neill, RN, ER. AB

Dr. Rand Rudland, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, Halfmoon Bay, B.C.

Dr Maura Brown, MD, FRCPC, BC

Stéphanie Albert RPh in NB

Racheal Martens, RN, BScN, CPedNC, Saskatchewan Health Authority, Saskatoon, SK

Valerie Bakker, B.A., B.N., R.N.

Patti Traynor

Laurie Larocque

Dr Jeanne LeBlanc, Ph.D., R. Psych., ABPP, Independent Practice, BC

Sophie Balog, Nurse Trainee, BAH, G.Dip(AHSc), GEM Health Care Services, Ottawa

Dr Sarah Courtice, MD FRCPC Physiatrist, Vancouver, BC

Sucy Kong, RN, Toronto

Jinnie Carpenter RPN, Niagara Falls, ON

Laura Edmonds, BScPN RPN, SBH Winnipeg MB

Dr. Nitin Wadhawan MD CCFP, Family Medicine, Calgary AB

Dr Ilan Shahin MD-CM MBA CCFP, Toronto

Dr. Daisy Fung, CCFP, Edmonton, Alberta

Elizabeth Cecill, BscN, retired RN

Lana Biro, RRT, Toronto

Dr. Jonathan Hislop, MD, PhD, FCFP, Family Physician, North Vancouver

Dr James Landine, Emergency physician, Kingston, Ontario

Karen Taylor RN, BN Calgary, AB.

Dr. Dan Ross MD, FRCPC, Community Pediatrician, Calgary AB

Dr N. Kevin Wade, MDCM FRCPC FRCSC, UBC, Vanc.

Kim Cafferky, RPN, Vancouver

Carol Petersen, RDMS,RDCS, CRGS, Sonographer,BC

Lori Campbell, RN, MScN.  Vancouver, BC

Dr Dr Janette Sumner PhD C-psych.Retired .Hamilton

Heather McIntosh, Physiotherapist (reg. ON) Guelph General Hospital

Beverly Barnby, BSc, MLT, Winnipeg, MB

Jordan Sherstobitoff, RN, BScN, MN Student. Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Catherine Bradbury RN BScN MEd, Chair, School of Health, Education, and Human Services, Yukon University

Christie Wood RN BN

Kristine Frandsen, RN, Hamilton Health Sciences, Hamilton, Ontario

Dr Claudette Holloway, RN, PhD

Lynn Anderson  Retired RN  Wpg,Mb.

Dr Rainer Borkenhagen B.Eng MD. FCFP Family Practice (unretired) Gibsons BC

Dr Greg Cohen, MD, FRCPC, DABPN. Psychiatrist and Addiction Medicine Physician, Vancouver Coastal Health, Fraser Health

Dr Lisa Ashley RN MED CCHNC PHD(C)

Dr Sheena Goldie, MD, Delta,BC

Dr Eddie Berinstein MD, CCFP, FCCP  Roberts Creek, BC

Dr. John A Soles   MD FRRMS  Kimberley, BC

Victoria Long, Retired Nurse

Dr Daamoon Ghahari, MSc, MD 2T4, University of Toronto Medicine, Toronto, ON

Andrew Saunderson, BSW MSW RSW, Social Worker & Health Systems Leader, Burnaby, BC

Daniel Baum, RPN, RN student, Toronto ON

Cathy Gray, Canadian, Toronto

Haley Fudge, BNRN, Lewisporte, NL

Kulvinder Ghuman.  Nurse practitioner foundry northshore

Veanne Gilchrist  RN, North Vancouver

Kimberly Hennessy, RPN, Quinte Healthcare Corporation Belleville General Hospital

Lorie Laramee BScN CARNA Alberta

Elaine Asselin RN Toronto

Dr Carole M Richford, MD, BSN, FRCPC, President, BC Psychiatric Association

Elizabeth-Anne Stec RN

Dr. Grant Kennedy, MD, CCFP-EM, Emergency Physician, Calgary

Dr Lara Cooke, Calgary

Carlos Contreras, Pitt Meadows, BC

Jaclyn Sauer MSW RSW, Vancouver

Jennifer Chan, RN BScN. Toronto, ON

Dr. Sabrina Gill MD FRCPC Vancouver BC

Alexa Gray, RN, BN, Alberta Health Services ICU

Sue Greer , Speech-Language Pathologist, Horizon Health Network, Fredericton, NB

Christine Moncrieff,  RN, Emergency Dept Transition Services, Edmonton,  AB

Linda Horan RN Retired

Gillian Gravely, RN BScN, Toronto

Evelyn MacMillan, RN Nova Scotia Canada

Cheryl Vest, RN, BScN, Edmonton, AB

Nicole Sonier-Hoe, PHC-NP, MScN (PHN-Ottawa Public Health), Ottawa, ON

Cheryl Hoare RN, MN, Director Maternal Child and Cardiorespiratory at Halton Healthcare

Dr Eleanor Peji, RN, CNephC, MD, Burnaby

Susan Hardill, RN, Lakefield, ON

Pauline Linton, RN, Mitchell, Ontario

Elyse Seguin RN

Linda Lafrance MScN, NP PHC

Holly Johnson, RPN. Community Health  Belleville, ON

Dr Heather Gooden, MD,CCFP, FCFP Manitoba

Jan Dobson, BSc (HK), MHSc(Health Admin) U of T, Retired Hospital Administrator, Oakville, Ontario

Dr.Bill Dobson, MD, CCFP, Family Physician, Oakville, Ontario

Karen Sagriff, Registered Nurse, Quinte Health Care, Belleville, Ontario

Krista Kennedy NP, BScN, MN-ANP, PHC-NP, Almonte, ON, Ottawa Valley FHT

Dr. Clover Hemans, BScN, MD, CCFP FCFP, Burlington

Amy Dobson, BScN, NICU, BC Womens And Children’s Hospital, Vancouver, BC

Katherine Annets, AA, RMT, Registered Massage Therapist, Injury Rehabilitation, Community Care, Surrey, BC

Dr. Sarah Newbery, MD FCFP FRRMS, Marathon Ontario

Dr Laura O’Connor, MD, CCFP. Family Physician, Charlottetown, PE

Leanne MacDonald NP, Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, Cornwall, ON

R Knapp, Sudbury, ON

Dr. Patricia Conroy C.Psych Clinical Psychologist, Trentview Counselling Centre, Trenton On

Melissa Brett, RN, MSc., Quality, Patient Safety & IPAC, The Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa

Maher M. EL-Masri, PhD; RN, FAAN  FCAN

Delanya Podgers, RN(EC), MN, CRE, Nurse Practitioner, Kingston Health Sciences Centre, Kingston ON

Dr. Sumeet Sodhi-Helou, MD, MPH, CCFP, Family Physician, Associate Professor, University of Toronto

Shelly Mitchell RN, Toronto ON

Dr. Declan Rowan MB CCFP, Chief of Hospitalist Medicine, Pembroke Regional Hospital, Family Physician, Pembroke Family Medicine Teaching Unit

Dr. Don Merrett Family Physician Metcalfe Ont.

Dr Robert Teskey, MD, FRCPC, FSCAI, Horizon Health Network, Saint John, NB

Marcella Carota, Summerside, PEI

Aveleigh Kyle, RN, Cancer Center Vaccination Clinic, Kingston

Eileen McMahon (She/Her), RN(EC), MN, PNC(C), Nurse Practitioner, Adjunct Lecturer, Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto

Lisa Markov NP, Geriatric Outreach Couchiching FHT, Orillia Ontario

Lee-Ann Jenks RN, KHSC, Kingston, ON

Dr. Robert Stern, MD, General Practice, Ontario

Elizabeth Jane Wilson RN Ottawa

Mary Naciuk MD Winchester ON

Christine Pulfer, R.N. retired VON nurse, Asphodel-Norwood, ON

Shelley Hermer MSW RSW, Social Worker, Labour & Delivery, NICU, Paediatrics, Peterborough, ON.

Patricia Inkol, M.Ed, daughter of MD, SIL to Nurses, Georgetown, ON

Dr Heather Foley, PharmD ACPR   Pharmacist, Belle River ON

Dr Miriam Mottiar, MD, MHSc, FRCPC, University of Ottawa

Dr Marie Buitendyk, MD, FRCSC, Toronto

Pamela lof, RN, Niagara Region Public Health

Janice Robertson, Batawa ON

Patricia Roche. BScN, MES. BEd. OCSB Educator, Ottawa, Ontario

Denise Veale RN. Ontario

Darlene Bowman RN, BN, Kingston Health Sciences Centre, Kingston, Ontario

Dr Fran Mondor CCFP EM

Alicia Robblee, RN, BScN, The Ottawa Hospital

Dr. Amanda Abate, MD, FRCPC, Psychiatrist, Toronto

Patricia Williams Orleans, Ontario

Judith Lafleur BScN MSc(A) PHNP Cobden, On.

Gayle Poapst NP, Rideau Community Health Services, Merrickville Ontario

Dr Debra E Boyce, BSc, MD, CCFP, FCFP, Peterborough, On

Lauren Bryson, BScN, MN, Nurse Practitioner, PurposeMed, Toronto ON

Patricia Anne Wright NP

Barbara king MD markham ON

Dr. Charlene Chu, RN, PhD. University of Toronto,  TRI-UHN. Toronto.

Emma Greensmith, RN, RHC, Toronto

Jane Spencer RNEC, Port Hope, ON

Lana Yeaman

Dr. Amanda Bell, MD, MSc, CCFP, FCFP, Associate Clinical Professor, McMaster University Department of Family Medicine, Family Physician Port Colborne, Ontario

Georgina Drury, Critical Care RN,  Kingston Health Science Center

Katherine Sage, Registered Psychotherapist, Waterloo, ON

Tammy Maure BScPhm, Pharmacist/Owner, Sarnia, Ontario

Natasha St. Louis, BScN, RN, MCIScWH, Sarnia, ON

Evan Collins, MD, FRCPC, Psychiatrist, Toronto

Mary Lynn Metras

Deana Ruston, Social Service Worker Student, London, Ontario

Wendy Willett R.N. Toronto Public Health Toronto

Erin Gauthier, developmental services worker. Ottawa

Dr. Justin Morgenstern, emergency physician, Toronto

Janice Lang BEd, MA, RP Toronto

Dr Anne Biringer MD CCFP FCFP, Associate professor Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto, Sinai Health System, Toronto

Lori Martin, RN, BScN, Ontario

Lorinda Stuber, MSc Microbiology, BScN, RN, CIC

Dr Rick Glazier MD, MPH, CCFP, FCFP, Professor of Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto

Nicholas Allaby, RN, Collingwood ON

Dr Robin Beardsley MD CCFP FCFP University of Ottawa, Ottawa

Dr Alejandra Marín , MD, CCFP

Dr. Laura Shoots MD CCFP(EM) MSc QIPS, Brantford ON

Dr Jeanette Dietrich, MD, CCFP, Sydenham, ON

Roseanne Armstrong, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Rachel Psutka, BScN, RN, Saskatchewan

Kathryn Woods RN, SSW Brantford ON

Michelle Walrond, former EMT, EMS Instructor

Joanne Dasti, Emergency RN

Matthew Scattolon, NP, Toronto ON

Dr Giovanni Bonacci, MD, CCFP, CoE, Family doctor and LTC physician, Ottawa

Dr Michelle Foulkes. NP, PhD. Kingston, ON

Dr Tamara Woleston, MD, CCFP, Family Physician, Ottawa

Wendy Goodine PHC-NP

Dr. Amanda O’Brien Darroch, PhD C.Psych., Neuropsychologist, HDGH Healthcare, Windsor, ON

Karen MacNeil Hartmann, RN, BscN, MHSc, NP-Paediatrics, Toronto

Fran Levine BScN, retired RN

Amirrtha Srikanthan, MD, MHSc, Medical Oncology, Ottawa, Canada

Shazmah Hussein, Nurse Practitioner, Toronto, Ontario

Kim Loenhart, Ottawa

Jeremy Aucoin, Paramedic, York On.

Dr Brandi Lio, RCPSC, Newfoundland

Mellanie Kant, MN, NP-PHC Whitby, ON

Debora Smith RTR (Belleville Ont)

Stacy Knight, BN RN, Winnipeg, MB

Esther Hladkowicz, Retired RN, Manotick ON

Jill Rafuse, Medical Lab Technologist, Nova Scotia

Nadia Sandor, MSc, Reg CASLPO, Audiologist, Toronto, Ontario

Connie Spears Administration St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton

Dr.Richard Hladkowicz, Anaesthetist (Retired), Manotick ON

Dr Tracy Wong MD- Family Medicine, Ottawa

Louise Pitre, London, Ontario

Emily Hladkowicz, Ottawa, Ontario, PhD Candidate (Aging & Frailty), Queen’s University

Suzanne Steele BSW, RSW

Dagmar Nikolich, RN (retired) resident in LTC, Oakville

Tamara Perreira RPN Brampton ON

Dr Gary Viner, MD MEd, CCFP FCFP, Associate Professor, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON

Andrew Hauser MSW, RSW

Patti OBrien RN BScN

Kelly Ward RPN Ottawa

Julie Kirkpatrick RN BScN

Gillian Miller, Reg Nurse

Dr Brian Berger, palliative care physician, Richmond Hill

Dawn G. Blessing, RN, MSN; Whitby, ON

Maki Tanimoto, RN, BScN, Barrie ON

Dr Alyson Baker, MD, CIUSSS MCQ, Qc

Eden Cameron, MDRT, Ontario

Alastair Hamilton RRT RRCP, Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance

Julie Benson, PHC-NP, MScN, Ottawa

Dr Jennifer Brasch MD, FRCPC, FCPA, Psychiatrist, Associate Professor, Dept of Psychiatry & Behavioural Neurosciences, McMaster University

Sharon Jaspers NP Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre.  Thunder Bay Ontario

Dr Patricia Cavanagh, MD, FRCPC, Psychiatrist, Toronto

Jodie Empson RN BScN Edmonton

Tina Haring RN BSCN Island Health Courtenay BC

Dr. Danielle Kain, MA, MD, CFPC (PC), Palliative Medicine Physician, Assistant Professor, Queen’s University, Kingston, ON

Lisa Davies Mcdonald , RPN, WRHA Manitoba

Dr. Shauna Bassel, MDCM, CCFP, Staff Physician, The Ottawa Hospital Academic Family Health Team

Marianne Kraemer, B.Sc.N., retired, Elmira, ON

John Pringle, BScN MSc PhD, Medecins Sans Frontieres, Toronto

Barbara Wallace, Retired RN, Annan ON

Dr. Linda Hernandez Lopez, Family Physician, Nova Scotia

Dr. Mark Coates, C.Psych, Ottawa

Natalia Khoma, Registered Pharmacist APA Calgary

Dr Elizabeth Parsons, MD CCFP, Ottawa

Cameron Boys, BScN, RN, Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital

Pamela Bart, Nurse Practitioner,  BSN,  MSc.

Christina Wettstone, BSN, RN, Whitby.

Storm Weckel

Dr Philip B. Berger O.C. O.ONT MD University of Toronto

Loretta Webel-Edgar RN, MN, CCHNC, Region 5 Representative RNAO Board of Directors, Midhurst, Ontario

Sharon Indrevold

Dr Brian Knight MD FRCPC anaesthesiologist Edmonton.

Amelia Rauhanen, RSW, Ontario

Jolene Armstrong, PhD, Arhabasca University, Edmonton

Kelsey Duffy, Occupational Therapist, OT Reg. (Ont), MScOT

Yvonne Hertzberger, author, retired,

Megan Paterson, Ottawa Ontario. Chief HR Officer

Dr Sabra Gibbens MD, CCFP, Family Physician, Verona, Ontario

Maya Ram, RD, CNSC Sinai Health

Mandy Durant RN AHS Edmonton Alberta

Dr Deborah Casey MD FRCPC Respirology, Toronto

Dr. Katherine Baldwin MD FRCPC, Pediatrician, Ottawa ON

Tatjana Corkum, retired health care worker, Burlington, Ontario

Susan Bowles BScPhm, PharmD, FCSHP Pharmacist  Halifax ND

Dr. Jane Purvis, FRCP(C) Rheumatologist, Peterborough, Ontario

David Gordon White, MD CCFP FCFP, Vice Chair, Family Doctor Leadership, Department of Family & Community Medicine, University of Toronto

Lina D’Amico, OCT

Dr. Kate Koester, Family Medicine, Newburgh, Ontario

Kate Smith RPhT, London, Ontario

Laurie Inkol, RN, Guelph ON

Timothy Harrold, Advanced Care Paramedic, Niagara, ON

Celia Bareis RN Elliot Lake Ontario

J. Hancock RN Sudbury, Ontario

Samantha Doris, Health Promoter, Peterborough

Amanda Bosse, RPN

Christien Parnall, DSW, London

Anne Marie MacDonald RN Bsn MHS

Dr Pat Smith MD, CCFP, FCFP, Hamilton, ON

Amanda Leong, BS.Pharm., ACPR, RPh. Pharmacist – Critical Care, Alberta.

Jenny Coffey Nurse Practitioner- Niagara

Chloe Grover, RN MSc PHCNP(c), Ottawa

Dr. Natasha Collia, Board certified Pediatrician and Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Toronto, ON

Sita Adams Gorge Rd Hospital Victoria BC

Dr. Toba Bryant, PhD, Ontario Tech University, Oshawa, ON

Deanna Kunz, PSW, LTC ,Etobicoke ,Ontario

Florence Jones RN SMGH, Kitchener,Ontario

Diane O’Neill, Paramedic, Muskoka ON

Dr Risa Adams, MD, CCFP, Guelph ON

Dr Damiano Serio MD MSc CPSO

Dr. Anne Wilson, CCFP, Niagara Falls

Athena Flynn, RPh, APA, Edmonton, AB

Mary Jane Salpeter RN, BHA

Dr Galit Kleiner MD, Baycrest Hospital, Toronto, ON

Elizabeth M. Dodge, BSc., A-EMCA, Toronto Paramedic Services.

Dr Cheryl Mack MD MA FRCPC Anesthesiologist and Pediatric Palliative Care. University of Alberta.

Monica Aikman RN WOCC(c)

Danese Tenzer HBSc(Bio), MScPT, Registered Physiotherapist

Joanne Maxwell, MSc OT, Toronto, ON

Dr Sandy J. Murray. MD Family Physician

Denise Sampson RN (Retired during pandemic, GTHA)

Dr. Marni Brooks, MD, Family Physician, Toronto

D. Tennant, MLT

Dr Jim Petzold MD Gibsons,BC

Deanna Kunz  PSW, LTC, Etobicoke, ON

Dr RJ MacDonald MD, FRCP(C), DABP , FAAP, Paediatrics, Halton, ON

Laurie Boss-Greenhow RN, BScN  Springhill All Saints Hospital, Springhill, Nova Scotia

Lora Jaye Gray BScPharm, Winnipeg

Peter & Beverley Baulch, Gatineau QC

Dr Douglas Eyolfson, FRCP(C), Emergency Physician, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Dr Shaghayegh Rezaie ,MD . CCFP, Toronto , ON

Puneet Kaur, PSW Toronto ON

Rhea Plosker RSW RP Toronto, Ontario

Jamie Bryan, BScN, RN, Emergency, Edmonton AB

Dr. Sharon L. Guger, Ph.D., C.Psych, SickKids

Simona Korber, RN, BScN, MN, Public Health, Hamilton

Karla Velis, Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner, Brampton, Ontario

Dr. Sharon Guger, Ph.D., C.Psych. SickKids

Dr. Bill O’Leary, MSW, RSW, PhD, Toronto, Ontario

Katie Sullivan, MSc, FNP, Washington, DC

Beth Sweeney BScN, RN(EC), Nurse Practitioner, TVFHT and Craigwood Youth Services, Southwestern Ontario

Caitlin Ritchie, MSN, Nurse Practitioner, Nanaimo BC

Norah Holder, MN, Collingwood

Dana Gaudette. Retired RN Smithville Ontario

Michele Alagierski

Ali McCallum RM, MSc (HQ), Guelph ON

Dr Rosemary Wilson, NP PhD. Kingston, Ontario

Leah Ugulini Registered Dental Hygienist Niagara Region

Dr Kevin O’Connor, Rural Generalist, MD..CCFP. Manitoulin Island.

Dr Mamdouh Andrawis, MD, MSc,CCFP, FCFP,DPD, Family physician, primary care Dermatology, Bath, ON

Dr David Esser MD Surgical Assistant, Scarborough Ontario

Katherine Julian

Julie Harvey, RN CDE, St Thomas Elgin General Hospital, St Thomas, ON

Chloe Ouellette, MSW, RSW, Social Worker, Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences, Whitby, ON

Dr. Martha Balicki MSc MD FRCPC, Pediatrician, Fellow in Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Winnipeg MB

Deborah Spadafore RN. Ontario Canada

Dr. Kelli Stajduhar, RN, PhD, FCAHS, FCAN, Professor, School of Nursing, University of Victoria

Marla Feldman MSWRSW, Registered Social Worker

Branden Da Silva CIC MlT Infection Control Practitioner Trillium Health Partners

Madison Veltri, MSW, RSW, Ottawa

Jeffery Ung, RRT, Calgary AB

Jenn stacey, molecular imaging, Hamilton

Daphne Broadhurst, RN MN, Ottawa ON

Terren Lee, MSW, RSW, Ontario Shores

Dr Daryl Pullman, PhD, Bioethics Memorial University

Michelle Baines, RNBN Children’s ER, Winnipeg

Chantal Chartrand, PSW, LTC, Capreol Ontario

Dr Stan Lubin, Professor Emeritus Family Practice, University of British Columbia

Lori prince

Jiun Zullo, RN, MN, Lakeridge Health, Trent University

Dr Lydia Hatcher, President, Canadian Academy of Pain Management

Associate Clinical Professor of Family Medicine, Mcmaster University, Hamilton, ON

Adrienne Barker MN, NP-PHC, Waterloo, ON

Suzanne Burrell RN Summerside PEI

Kathy Reid, RN, University of Alberta, Edmonton AB

Valerie Papotto, R.N.

Elizabeth (Lisa) Campbell, RN BScN, Surrey Memorial/JP Outpatient Operating Room, Surrey BC

Mary Lynne Biener, IBCLC, Toronto

Dr. Sue Babensee, MD FRCPC, Trail BC

Dr Helga Reisch, MD, CFPC, Family medicine and Palliative care, Prince County, PEI

Alleyne Hallett RPh, Retail Pharmacy, Sherwood Park, AB

Dr. Cory Carroll, BSc(Pharm), MD, CCFP, FCFP, Family Physician, Alliston, ON

Tricia MacLean, RN, Halifax, NS

Melanie Bechard, MD MPH FRCPC, Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa

Pat Rodgers, RN, B. Voc.Ed

JD Friesen

Emma Madigan, PT, DPT, Physiotherapist

Cheryl McQueen, Teacher, Winnipeg

Joanne Martin, Educator wrdsb

Sara M Schleien, Psychologist, Ontario

Sarah McMillan RNBN Manitoba

Jennifer Waite registered nurse at Kingston Health Sciences Centre

Katie Newton, RPN.

Lynda Church, RNBN, Senior’s Health care clinical specialist, Lethbridge, Alberta

Kerry-Ann Dompierre RN MN Victoria BC

Jackie Whittaker, Physiotherapist, Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia

Erica Lutman

Chantal Lessard, M.H.Sc (C) reg CASLPO, Coordinator, Development and Rehabilitation, CHEO, Ottawa”

Valerie StachurskI, supporter, Kelowna BC

Brody Mitchell – Kelowna BC

Sandy Segeren, BSc.(Physio) Physiotherapist (inactive), Senior Clinical Business Analyst. Oakville, Ontario.

Susan Brown CCRN ICU/CCU Guelph, ON

Debra Krukowski, CIP, Proud Canadian

Lucia Stachurski

Sharon Diane Flottorp , Retired Psychiatric Nurse , Regina Saskatchewan

Janet Maher

MARK LEPINE RRT, The Hospital for Sick Children

Peter Leventis, MSc, PhD, PA (CAP-ACP)

Sylvia Bolle, R.N , Juravinski Cancer Hospital, Hamilton, ON

Dr Aris Giannopoulos MD. CCFP, Toronto, ON

Jesse Monteith, Middlesex-London Health Unit, London Ontario

Alix Lynch Registered Nurse Winnipeg, MB

Peter I. Collins, CD, MD, MCA, FRCPC – Associate Professor, Division of Forensic Psychiatry, University of Toronto

Sylvia Bolle, R.N. Juravinski Cancer Hospital, Hamilton, ON

Dr Mary Knight CCFP

Krista Dewart NP ICU Edmonton

Dr. Tabatha Bowers RN (EC) BSc.N MN DNP GNC(c) CMSN(c), Nurse Practitioner, Scarborough Health Network Toronto, ON

Keri Watkins Grand Forks BC

Sue Mellor RRT, Toronto, ON

Candace Latham retired Nurse Surrey BC

Dr K Carson, MD, FCFP, MDPAC, Ottawa

Anna Stauffer, BScN, RN, Vancouver, BC

Dr Brian J Myhill-Jones, MD. Sechelt BC

Andrea Boysen RN, BScN, Toronto

Amanda Di Genova

Rini Dass, Adult-NP, Hamilton Health Sciences

Mary DiCesare, RN, Burlington ON

Janice Pappas RN Ottawa QCH

Ros Gullickson, RN, Edmonton, Alberta

Patricia Byne NP-Adult, BScN, MN/ACNP, CDE  Health Sciences North, Sudbury, ON

Dr June C Carroll MD, CCFP, FCFP, Professor of Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto

Fay Meling Pao, R.TCMP, R.Ac, Toronto, Ontario

Jennifer Fedosenko RN, Calgary, AB

Dr. Katherine Kasha, CCFP, FCFP, Family Physician, Edmonton, Alberta

Jennifer Murray RPN

Dr. Natasha Johnson, McMaster Children’s Hospital, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario ✊🏾

Sharon Ramagnano RN BScN ENC(c) MSN MHA CCMP, ED Manager Barrie ON

Suzanne Spencer, Retired, Kingston ON

Dr. Marianne Trevorrow, MA NDm Editor-in-Chief, CAND Journal, Ottawa, ON

Michael Spencer, Essential Worker, Kingston ON

Dr Jennifer Pikard MD, MSc, FRCPC, Physician, Queen’s University, Kingston ON

Dr. J. Elaine Tang, FRCSC, London, Ontario

Jonathan de Witte, Nurse Practitioner, Collingwood Ontario

Barbara Cross, RN, MScN Cross-Owl Consulting, Nanaimo, BC

Dr Ira Bloom MD. FRCP, Anesthesiologist, North York General Hospital

Melissa Antonsen, MLT, Nova Scotia

Brad Beyak, RKIN, Atikokan, Ontario

Garrett Gabriel, Physiotherapist, Vernon, BC

Allison Kern RN, MScN, CCHN(C) Public Health

Lisa VanderWees RN, Brampton, ON

Lisa abbott Moore medical speech pathologist

Elena serrano RN, BSN,MA

Kelly Camirand

Dr. Emily Stuart, MD, CCFP, Vancouver Island Women’s Clinic, Victoria, BC

Lauri Burgess, RN, BScN, Kingston Health Sciences Centre, Kingston, Ontario

Dr. Michael Bengough, MB BCh BAO FRCPC, Anesthesiologist, Peterborough, Ontario

Rachel Bennet, RN BScN -Public Health nurse Durham Region Health Department

Dr. Hanny Chen, MD.,Orthopedic Surgery resident, UBC. Vancouver, BC

Dr. Michelle Long, MD, FRCPC, Ottawa, Ontario

Toni-Lynn J. Wheeler RN, MBA Nanaimo, BV

L. Miller. RN, BN, CNN(c), Alberta Health Services, Calgary

Todd Calhoun, Anesthesiologist, North York General Hospital, Toronto

Dr. Christine Dowdell, Retired Family Physician, Kitchener and Stratford

Candace Buckman RN – Calgary, AB

Sarah Brears McCorquodale, MD, CCFP. BC

David Nykiforuk BSP, Midway Pharmacy, Davidson, SK

Dorothy Hunter, RN, CCRN, British Columbia

Alison Mckeown, RN, PHN, Hamilton

Dr. Tanja Daws, MBChB, Bsc Hons, CCFP, Family Physician, BC

Dr. Andrew Chan, MSc, MD, FRCPC, Anesthesiologist, North York General Hospital, Toronto

Kara Robinson, RPN, Dementia & Palliative Care, Southwestern Ontario

Dawn Hanes, RN, Public Health Nurse, Peterborough Ontario

Emily Slofstra, RN, BA BScN, Kitchener, Ontario

Candice Hendrickson RN BScN CNCC(c), Edmonton AB

Dr Madhu Jawanda, CCFP, MD, Vancouver

Chris McKelvie, LPN, Medical Team Lead, Rejuvenation Dermatology

Dr. Christiane Kuntz, MD CCFP FCFP NCMP, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Family Medicine, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON

Debbie Shields RN . Island Health . Vancouver Island

Suzanne MacKenzie, RN BNSc MPA

Kristina Lauridsen RN, Drumheller, AB

Leslie Conlon RN MN, Ottawa

Lisa Janssen, BSc. OT, OT Reg.(Ont.), Kingston, ON

Dr. David W. Saslove, MD, CCFP(EM)

Jason Nickerson, RRT, FCSRT, PhD, Ottawa, ON

Shelley Stamm, RN, SHA, Regina Saskatchewan

Andrea Milligan, RN, BN, B.Ed, Alberta

Dr. Delia Curea, Family Physician, Toronto

Cindy Pritchard, Nurse Practitioner

Laura Harkema, B.Sc., MLT, HHS, Hamilton Ontario

David Gilbert RN, B-Tech CCN, Port Alberni, B.C.

Jodie Gill RN CNN (C), Calgary

Marco A.M. Prado Bsc Pharm. MSc, PhD Professor and Canada Research Chair The University of Western Ontario

Kathy Gaudun RN Hamilton

Joanne Taylor RN (retired)

Rob Smith Counselling Services, MSW, RCSW (#04185)

Whitney Tushingham, Registered Midwife

Paula Dubois, MD, CCFP, Cranbrook, BC

Elena serrano RN,BSN,MA

Nancy Enright, Lupus Warrior, Toronto

Susan Camm RN, BScN, MHSc, University of Toronto, Unity Health, Toronto

Kimberly Moran CPA Toronto

Dr Ceilidh Purdy MD, CCFP Ottawa ON

Tammy Seitz, MLT, SHA, Regina, SK

Dr Alisha Campbell, MD, CCFP, Ottawa, ON

Lisa Kettle, RN, BSN, Lions Gate Hospital ER

Lauren Gunning- ICU RN, PHC-NP. Toronto, ON

Karen Sitter, teacher, BC

Dr Thomas Piggott, MD MSc CCFP FRCPC, Medical Officer of Health, Peterborough Public Health

Patricia Wilson, RN, Wiarton, Ontario

Dr. Robert Lehman BSc MD CCFP MClSc FCFP (LM), Family Physician, UBC Clinical Assistant Professor, Roberts Creek, BC

Dr Shelley Dalton MD, FRCPC, Radiology, NL

Dr Lindy Samson MD FRCPC, Chief of Staff, CHEO, Ottawa, ON

Elizabeth Chatelain, BScN Ottawa

Professor Suzan Ilcan, PhD. University of Waterloo, Ontario

Sajida Shaikh Damji, RN, BScN, BA

Dr. Andrew Gibson, MD,CM, CCFP(EM)

Dr Adriana Cappelletti, MD, CCFP, Niagara Health System

Audrey Wildman   Retired  K2S 1Y4 Ottawa Ontario

Kathy Scott , domestic engineer

Janice Minard RN (retired), MSc., Kingston

Melodie Stone, Hon.B.Sc., OCD, concerned citizen, Ontario

Heather Richardson, RN, MScN, Home Care, BC

Marta Mcilroy, HCW, MGH, Toronto

Dr. Stephanie Cooper MD FRCSC, University of Calgary, AHS, Calgary AB

Dr John Allen; MBBCh; C W Wiebe Medical Centre and Boundary Trails Health Centre Winkler MB

Doug Harrison, Respiratory Therapist, British Columbia

Dr Pamela Ruth Goldberg MBChB FRCPC, Consultant Anaesthesiologist, North York General Hospital, Toronto

Karey Shuhendler, RN, MN, CCHN(C), Ottawa, Ontario

Dr Susan Petryk, MD, FRCPC, FAAP, Regina, Saskatchewan

Noel Bugnet, Firefighter, Edmonton AB

Kate Sissons, IBCLC, Toronto

Emmet O’Reilly RN(EC) South Riverdale CHC, Toronto

Dr J Barry Hunter (retired OB), Burlington, Ontario

Mrs Marion D Hunter (retired RN), Burlington, Ontario

Erica Dorotan, RN, Toronto

Dr Anne Katz PhD RN FAAN, Winnipeg MB

Margaret Pace, RN MScN MBA retired. Toronto, Ont .

Sandee Thompson, MA TESL Teaching, Canadian living and working Qatar

Patricia Berkshire RN, BSN Calgary

Sally MacIsaac BScN/MN/Primary Care Nurse Practitioner. Ottawa, ON

Dr Jessica Strasberg MEd, MD, CCFP

Dr. Caroline Lubbe-D’Arcy, Family dentist, Fredericton, NB

Lindsay Clarke, RN, MDes, SickKids, Toronto

HelenMcCarron RMT and retired nurse.

Helen McCarron RMT/retired RN Nova Scotia

Maria Merlyn D’Souza ( MD Ccfp) Ontario

Stephanie Gartner, RN, BScN, Saskatoon, SK

Pierre Baertsoen

Henrietta Van hulle, RN, BN, MHSM, COHNc, CRSP, CDMP. Ontario

Dr Prateek Lala, MD, Assistant Professor (Teaching Stream), Associate Director, Applied Clinical Pharmacology, Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology, University of Toronto

Cheryl A. Cooper PT, BScPT, Physiotherapist, Ottawa, Ontario

Michael R. Wilson, RRT London,Ontario

Dr Martin Loranger MD, Emergency medicine, Longueuil, Quebec

Kathy Norris RN

Melissa L. Keigher, RN, BScN, Toronto

Dr. Natalie Morson CFPC, MScCH, Family Physician, Toronto, Ontario

Judy Tigert, Nurse Practitioner,  London Ontario

Dr Jos Anderson, MD, CCFP, IBCLC, FABM, Physician, The Ottawa Hospital, Lecturer, Department Family Medicine, University of Ottawa

Dr Sharon Morrin, Internal Medicine, Ottawa

Shelley Kay, RN ICU & RRT Program Manager, Belleville, Ontario

Sarah Nixon-Jackle RN, BScN, NCMP

Meighan Kresic, BS RN, Ottawa, ON

Pauline OBrien, Ed.D, CCC-S, Registered Psychotherapist, Hamilton Ontario

Danielle Dallaire-Muise, RN

Allison McKeen, RN

Monica Bailey, Community Health Nurse, British Columbia

Dr Geoffrey Sinton MB ChB DCH CCFP FCFP, Victoria BC

Natalie Fiteni

Audrey T Gallant ..registered nurse since 1975 in acute care and still working at QEH in Charlottetown PEI

Margaret Saari RN, PhD, SE Health and University of Toronto, Burlington, ON

Gillian Sinton (hcw)

Shirley Pulkkinen, MSW, RSW, Sault Ste. Marie

Dr Kamila Premji, MD, CCFP, FCFP, community family physician

Mary Ellen Hubert (retired Healthcare IT, Medical Laboratory Technologist)

Christine Richardson RN – retired.

Corina Rochon, RN, MN, CNCC(C), British Columbia

Roxanne Laforge RN, BSN, MS Saskatoon SK

Catherine Mulroy RN (Non-Pr)

Etharany Sivanathan, RPN, Acute Care Medicine, Ottawa

Marc Clement, RN, BScN, Dauphin, Manitoba

Joanne Veldhorst BScN, MSc, NP, TVFHT, Lonodn

Donna Anderton RN  PHN, Ottawa Public Health, Immunizer( semi retired), Ottawa, Ontario

Esther Archibald, RD, Fredericton, NB

Susan Rice CDA (retired) Niagara Falls, ON

Ian Sneddon, RN, Nova Scotia

Catherine Mulroy RN (non-pract), Halifax, NS

Adria Kray, BScN (disabled RN); B.C.

Jeffrey Puncher

Linda Whitford MN, retired nursing instructor Misericordia Health Centre and U of M, Winnipeg, MB

Joyce Davidson, HCW, Saskatchewan

Dr Nick Busing, Professor Emeritus, Family Medicine, University of Ottawa, Ottawa

Andrea Purnell, Exercise program facilitator, Hamilton

Sangwoo Bae ICU RN

Dr. Stephen Wellington, MD, PhD, MHSc, FRCPC, Pediatrician, British Columbia

Maryanne Nonay R.N.

Franca Iachetta RSW, In-patient Medical Social Worker Sault Area Hospital

John Burke, BA MHA CHE, Health Management Service (Retired), Smiths Falls

Agnes Kaszner, OCT, Toronto Catholic District School Board

Jennifer Moodie, RN

Harvey E. Rosenfeld, DPM, Toronto

Eve K Stone BFA hon B Ed, Whitby ON

Dr Ramesh Zacharias MD FRCS ( C ) Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Anesthesia, McMaster University. Pain Physician

Jennifer Bantick, RPN, Alexandria,ON

Barb Sengupta, Pharmacist, Oakville, Ontario

Jennifer McLean, RN, MN Toronto

Sarah Marsden BSc., BEd., RPN Guelph, Ontario

Jamie Tradewell R.N., Emergency Department Clinical Coordinator, Royal University Hospital, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Nicole Kovacs Stuyt , PSW , Mohawk College , North Bay, ON

Francis Therien, Pointe-Claire

Michael Armstrong, Hamilton

Linda Galarneau RN PCH Kingston

Elizabeth Thompson Retired Public Health Nurse BScN Prince Albert SK

Bertha Garcia, MD, UWO, London Ontario

Rico Audet, RN, BSN, MSN, Consultant, Ottawa

Catherine Liao, RN, Critical Care & Nurse Educator, BC

Anna Hayes, RN, Montreal, Quebec

Kate Lamy, NP-PHC, QCH and CCC, Ottawa

Sue Hatchette,RN,Clinical Research ,London,ON

Dan McLean, Respiratory Therapist, Interior Health Authority, British Columbia

Paula Stubbings RN, BSN, MSN. University of the Fraser Valley, Chilliwack, BC, Canada

R. Weis.  B.P.T. Calgary

Dr. Mitchel Lewadny R.Ac Registered Acupuncturist, doctor of Acupuncture, College of Acupuncturists of Alberta, Calgary, Alberta

Dr. Lynne Potter Palliative care Physician Maple ridge BC

Gisela Becker, Registered Midwife, Newfoundland and Labrador

Lisa Craig

Jordyn Heal, MD Student (UBC Class of 2024), Victoria, BC

Jamil Asaria, MD, BSC FRCSC, Department of Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Toronto

Katie kennedy speech pathologist Sault area hospital

Dr. Shaffiq Ramji, MD, FCFP, Family Physician, Toronto, Ontario

Bernadette Couture, RN, NP, MScN, CIUSSS Ouest de L’Ile de Montréal, Coordinator for NPs in  Private Seniors Residences with COVID19 Outbreaks

Kay Collins C of Q, I.P.

Patti Pokorchak MBA

Dr Barry Dollin MD, Psychiatrist, Ottawa, Ontario

Janine Beattie, RN, Peterborough

Jackie Stewart, Retired RN, B.C.

Dr. Sharla Olsen, MD

Kirsten McCullough, Port Dover

Dr Nadine Wirsig MD

Jan Park Dorsay, Nurse Practitioner, Hamilton ON

Dr. Amanda Adams MD, MSc, CCFP, FCFP Oak Valley Health , Markham Ontario

Catherine Millar Reg N. retired Windsor On

Nancy Beauchemin, M(RTT), Radiations Therapist, AHS Tom Baker Cancer Centre, Calgary, AB

Fiona Howarth RN BSN

Dr Betty Chui MD FRCPC MSc, Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON

Susan McLellan  RN, Sault Ste. Marie,ON

Carol Sawatzky ECE Manitoba

Ellen Duinker RN MN Halifax

Dr Robert Reynolds HBSc MD FRCPC, Infectious Disease Physician , Vancouver General Hospital

Dianna Heuchert, RN (NP), Sask Health Authority

Dr Julie Nault, MD, FRCP, Pediatrician, Assistant professor, Hôpital Montfort, University of Ottawa

Nancy Warren

Tammy Beyak Northwestern Ontario

Jake Dale, Registered Practical Nurse , Niagara health , SEIU Chief Steward all sites

Dr. Terry Harbaugh

Carol Buckner, RN, Critical Care, Vancouver, BC

Pam Mosekjaer, Public Health Nurse, Ottawa

Carolyn Johnson-Grall. OCT

Dr Helen Robertson, MB ChB  CCFP FCFP, General Practitioner, Ottawa

Aaron Hirshman, PCP-AIV, YRPS, Ontario

Stephanie Ross RN, Ottawa

Cheryl Heather Hendriks, Quality Assurance, Risk Management, Retired 2014 (EGH, TSH)

Dr. Cynthia Kwong, MD, CFPC, Family Medicine, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

Dr. Jonathan Chi, MD, CFPC, Family Medicine, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

Kaitlyn Knight, RN BN ACCN-ER, Saskatchewan

Dr. Bruce Hutchison, Ph.D., C.Psych. Retired Clinical Psychologist, Ottawa, ON.

Dr Norm Buckley, Anesthesiologist, chronic pain physician, Hamilton, Ontario

Andréa Maurice, PSW, Mississauga

Carolyn Thompson, MHSc Health Administration, Toronto

Jenna Closson RN, BScN. Emergency Medicine. Saskatchewan

Dr. Karen Wanger MDCM, FRCPC Clinical Associate Professor, UBC.  Whistler, BC

Arlene Kimick retired RN Toronto Ontario

Dr Mryanda Sopel, MD, CCFP, PhD, BSc

Katie Stark RNBN

Christopher M. Schlachta, Professor, Department of Surgery, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Western University

Tatiana Kostanenko, Nurse Practitioner, Fox Ridge Care Community, Brantford, Ontario

John oldring Calgary Alberta

Kassidy Nickerson, Occupational Therapy/Physiotherapy Assistant

Dr Liam A Mulroy, Nova Scotia Health, Halifax

Dr. Chantal Chris, MD, CCFP (PC), Palliative Care Physician, Abbotsford, BC

Dr. Jacqueline James MD, FRCPC, University of Toronto

Pamela Simmons RN Brantford

Nicole Armstrong speech language pathologist vancouver

Rifat Khimani, Nurse Practitioner, Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services, Scarborough, ON

Anne Bilodeau, MSW, RSW; Ottawa

Justine Walton RN, Whitehorse YT

Juggy Sihota

Dr David Kennedy MD, FRCPC. Chief of Medicine Norfolk General Hospital

Lisa Stein MA, RP.  Ontario

Dr S Ramaya. MbchB , B.Occ Ther , CCFP, Brandon, MB

Dr Amy Freedman MD, CCFP(COE), FCFP, Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Elancheliyan Ambalavanar CCFP EM, Emergency Physician,Toronto

Dr Kelly Mieske, CCFP. Family Physician, Nelson, BC

Sarah Harrison BScN RN CSSNE, Yukon Registered Nurses Association, Yukon

Susan McCracken RN BSCN Orillia ON

Inderjeet S. Sahota, MD CCFP-EM, Emergency Medicine Physician, Scarborough Health Network

Cathy Kersten RN, ON

Dr. Tom Gilas, General Surgeon, Toronto

Karen Oldford RN NL

Taralyn Goodall, Registered Respiratory Therapist B.C.

Caron Gan, RN, MScN, Registered Psychotherapist, Toronto

George Jansen, BScPhm, RPh, CRE, Pharmacist, Stratford, ON

Dr John M Bonn MD – Ass’t Professor –  Queen’s Family  Practice

Dr. A. Rosenkrantz, BSc (Hons), MD, CCFP, FCFP Ottawa

Stephanie Lawrence, (Rtd) Ordinary Canadian, Kamloops, BC daughter of Eleanor Lawrence, Rtd Manager of North Peace Health Unit, PHN, RN

Ellen Kowalski, retired Social worker, Prince George, BC

Dr Laura Harper MD CCFP Vancouver BC

Tariq Nasery

Martha Collins, Canadian citizen, Retired Teacher, School Administrator and Energetic Healer, Collingwood, Ontario

Dr. Dawn Clermont, MD, CCFP, Palliative care, geriatrics, Ottawa

Dr Brian Wirzba, MD, FRCPC, General Internal Medicine Specialist, COVID ward doctor,  Edmonton

Keltie Hamilton, LPN, BHSc, MPH Epidemiology Candidate. Dalla Lana School of Public Health. Toronto.

Kerry Roy, RN, BScN

Catherine Jones Retired RN Canmore AB

Kathleen M. Leach, RPh, Sutherland’s Pharmacy, Hamilton, ON

Dr Greg Hrynchyshyn MD FRCPC GIM specialist Edmonton

Briana Black, MScN/Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, Ottawa, ON

Kaylee Gardiner, BScN RN, Kingston General ICU

Dr Caitlin Fitzpatrick MD CCFP, Toronto

Ally Himka, RN, Edmonton, AB

Linda Hackland, retired Occupational Therapist

Maggie Keresteci, Essential caregiver

Alison Thomas RN(EC), MN, NP-Adult,  Oakville, ON.

Jessica Godin, BSCM, CSNM, Sinai Health System, Toronto, Ontario

Carol Fitzpatrick RN BScN MEd, Toronto

Patricia Gray, Psychotherapist, CRPO

Heather Emmerton-Coughlin MD, FRCSC, Victoria BC

Erin Matte RN(EC) MScN, Barrie and Community Family Heath Team, Barrie ON

Karyn Agyepong, RN, Community Nurse, Grey Bruce, Ontario

Mary Sutherland RN, PICU, Calgary

Leslie Motz Registered Nurse, Brampton, Ontario

Dr Patricia Margaret Buckle, MD, FRCPC, Clinical Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine, Edmonton

Marcia Jennings, RN, Ontario

Dr. M Athaide, Brandon, Manitoba

Brian Howell Kingston resident.

Dr. Tim Aubry, C.Psych., Professor, School of Psychology, University of Ottawa

Dr Bernie Pauly RN Ph.D Professor, Nursing. University of Victoria

Dr. Jemy Joseph, MD CCFP, MSc Emergency Doctor, Toronto

Dr Sabin Shurraw, MD, FRCPC, Internal Medicine and Nephrology

Leona Peel, Ward Clerk PRHC & LTC Bancroft Ontario (Retired)

Dr Rod Wilson BScN MD CCFP MHA             Family Physician Halifax NS

Kathleen Potter, MSW, RSW, Vancouver BC

Kathy Dunn BScN MN RN, Ottawa

Dr Ashley Miller, MDCM, FRCPC, Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry, University of British Columbia

Dr. Narmin Kassam, Professor, Internal Medicine, Edmonton

Dr Nada Gawad MD, MAEd, FRCSC, University of Alberta, Edmonton

Dr. Joy Hataley MD Kingston, Ontario

Carrie Marcotte, RN, Emergency Medicine, The Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, Ontario.

Jacqueline Metzler, RTNM, CRPA(R), Nova Scotia

Dr Gabriel Fabreau MD, MPH, FRCPC, Assistant Professor – General Internal Medicine, O’Brien Institute for Public Health, Depts. Medicine & Community Health Sciences, University of Calgary

Meghan Hayhoe, Nursing Student, Toronto

Andrea Cavan RN. UHN

Daniel Tryon, BSC Computer Science, Federal Computer Systems Analyst (39 years), Bancroft

Dr Kam Birdi, MD, FRCPC, Internal Medicine, Respirology, Edmonton, Alberta

Jan Marconi

Dr Dan Reilly, OB/Gyne, Fergus, ON

Dr Justin Fong, MD, Family Medicine Resident, Civic Campus, Ottawa

Carolyn Dol, RN, CPAN(C), MEd(St). APNE, Toronto. ON

Beverly Grostern, Ottawa

Kristen Schoon RN Hamilton

Dianne Martin, CEO, Registered Practical Nurses Association of Ontario

Dr Lise M Bjerre, MDCM, PhD, CCFP; Chair in Family Medicine, University of Ottawa and Institut du savoir Montfort; Associate Professor, University of Ottawa; Ottawa, ON

Caroline Suri

Andrea Sassi RN, Ottawa, ON

Joanne F. Liutkus, BSc, MSW, MD, FRCP(C), Internal and Obstetric Medicine, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Marjorie Berry, PT MRSc, Physiotherapist, Ottawa Ontario

Heather Windecker RN, BScN, MN

Dr. Alison Michels, MD, PhD, Vascular Surgery Resident McMaster University, Hamilton Ontario

Dr. Michael T Power M.D. CCFP

Rachel Dick, RN, Trauma and Neurosurgery, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, ON

Janice Williams, RN EC NP – Adult,  University Health Network, Toronto Ontario

Jenny Stevenson, Coordinator, Halton healthcare services Oakville Ontario

Dr. Kristine Whitehead, family physician, Riverside Family Health Team, Ottawa

Yvonne Dempsey RN Retired

Anna Pita, RSW

D.K. MacDuff, BNSc-RN-Public Health Nurse, Eastern Ontario

Joseph Ardell, RN, BScN, Ottawa Hospital

Ronda Westergaard, RN, Vancouver, BC

Elvie Gabas, RN, Toronto

Dr Allison Blain, MD, FRCPC, Anesthesia Pain and Addiction, ON

Margaret Kneulman, Registered Nurse

Suzanne Nagy, BScN, Oakville

Jennifer Stock MN NP, Woodstock Ontario

Veronica Peterka, RN, BScN, BHSc, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto ON

Candi Melinda Mackey  RN BscN

Celia J. Stocker RN, SCM, BScN,   ICU trained, Midwifery, Palliative Care, Home and Community Care and Long term care, Vancouver Island, BC.

Dr Todd Hodgson MD MSc CCFP (FPA)

Vanessa Garofalo, MSW RSW, Toronto, Ontario

Linda Gill BHScN, RN (retired) Calgary AB

Dr. Thea Weisdorf, CCFP, FCFP, Assistant Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto

Lisa Hahn RN Ontario

Andrea Doyle MN-NP, Public Health Nurse Practitioner, St. John’s, NL

Jearn Eymundson, ICU RN, Freser health, BC

Christine Miner Registered Psychiatric Nurse Mental Health Dauphin Manitoba

Michelle Su RN, MSCN, vancouver BC

Dr Marilyn MacArthur-Evans RN PhD Professor Emeritus Nursing Western University London ON

Dr. Daljeet Singh Chahal MD

Dr Simon Davidson, MBBCh, FRCPC, Vancouver, British Columbia

Dr. Michael E. Green, Professor and Head, Dept of Family Medicine, Queens University, Kingston, Ontario.  Hon Sec-Treasurer, College of Family Physicians of Canada

Sarah Wolf, abortion counsellor, Toronto

Kendra Kirby, RN, Peterborough Regional Health Centre, Peterborough, ON

Dr. Stacey Marjerrison, MD, MSc, FRCPC, Pediatric Oncologist, Associate Professor, McMaster University, McMaster Children’s Hospital

Dr. Julia Rouget, BSc, MD, FRCPC. Internal Medicine.  Grey Nuns Hospital.   Edmonton, Alberta

Sheri Levesque, Senior Medical Laboratory Tecnologist,  CMLTO, Kingston,  On

Douglas MacFadden MDCM, FRCPC, PhD. Physician, Toronto

Roxie Danielson, RN, Street Nurse

Samantha Gagne BSc, BScN, RN University of Alberta Emergency Room

Victoria De Nato MSc Advanced Practice, BSC Kinesiology, PG Cert Critical Care RN

Teresa Campbell RN KGH NICU British Columbia

Adam Goldberg, Pharmacy Assistant,

Dr Cordell Neudorf, MHSc, MD, FRCPC, interim Senior Medical Health Officer, Saskatchewan Health Authority, Professor, Community Health & Epidemiology, Univ. of Saskatchewan

Amanda Forsyth BSCN RN

Jessica Pisarek, RN, Toronto

Leah Ugulini Registered Dental Hygienist, Pelham ON

Una Ferguson RN Board of Directors RNAO

Rosa-Marie Mandziak, RN

Trish McEachern RN, Ottawa, ON

Janith Little

Kimberley Laing, DipDH, BDSc(DH), PID, MPH (cand), Public Health and Dental Hygiene Educator and Advocate

Jemimah Tabora, LPN, LTC-Lakeview Care Centre, Vancouver, BC

Rob Cannataro

Maribeth Ito, RN Vancouver BC

Ann Graham Walker, Writer

Julie Stewardson, MD CCFP Family physician, Almonte Ontario

Holly Gudmundson, Registered Nurse, Saskatoon

Jacqueline Follis, MSN RN, Advanced Practice Nurse, Professional Practice

Shireen Bell PhD(c), MN, RN, Nurse Educator, Red Deer Polytechnic, Red Deer, Alberta

Barbara Lindsey Guise,  BNSc, retired RN,  Mississauga, Ontario

Kath Radford RegN  St Joseph’s ER Hamilton . ON

Antonia Benton NP

Janet Henderson, Mom, Whitby ON

Leslie Brown, RN, Toronto. Ontario

Heather Nowosad MD CCFP Brandon, MB

Dr. Michelle Snarr, family physician, Bobcaygeon, Ontario

Robert Larrivee

Veronica Ha NP-PHC, Ottawa, ON

Jennifer Lynn Karner RDH

Darlene Larrivee

Susan Gallagher RN

Keren Elumir RN, BSN Toronto, ON

Dr Ainsley Sutherland MD, PhD, FRCPC, Anesthesiologist, Vancouver, BC

Ashley Hultman, RN, VCH, Vancouver

Jasmine Javillo, Dip. DH, RDH (C), Vancouver, BC

Diane MacEachern NP-PHC, MScN, CCNE, Professor

Ashley Hantke, RN, CCN, Saskatoon, SK

Jean Y Chuo, MD, FRCSC, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, University of British Columbia

Catherine Giovinazzo, MEd, OCT (retired)

Dr. Winnie Sia, Professor, Internal Medicine, Edmonton

Rebekah Zappacosta RN BSCN, Sault Ste Marie, ON

Gloriawalsh, retired R.N.

Sabrina Jensen BSc RRT, Prince George BC

Alma Pauw, BHSc, RDH (retired), White Rock, B.C.

Margaret Ting, R.Ph. Markham

Elm Klemic, RM, MA. Registered Midwife, Ottawa

Matthew Beckett BN

Dr Allen Chang, MDCM, B.Sc(h), Internal Medicine Resident Physician, Newfoundland & Labrador

Dr. Michael Hall FRCPC Pediatrics, St. John’s , NL

Candace Exelby, RN; Vancouver BC

Matthew J Beckett BN Oromocto Public Hospital New Brunswick

Dr. Laura Senst, MD CCFP-EM, Toronto ON

Eemaan Kaur Thind, BSc, MPH, St. John’s NL

Derek Loach, Advanced Care Paramedic/Acting Commander, Ontario, Canada

Jaime Macmillan, RN,BN Surgical ICU Stepdown Unit, Winnipeg

Dr Lianne Singer, MD, FRCPC, Respirologist Professor of Medicine, UHN/U of Toronto

Anne Marie Purificati Reg.Nurse Retired Timmins Ontario

Lindsay Bisset MD CCFP-EM

Katrina Lam RN, BScN, Bowmanville, Ontario

Dr Nikhil Rastogi MD FRCPC Assistant Professor Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, The University of Ottawa and the Ottawa Hospital

Uwe Schildmann, PSW, Ottawa

Dr. Barbara Leask MD Retired FP Waterloo ON

Nala Sriharan, RN, Oakville

Sarah Lam

Dr. Elisabeth Specht, BScPT, DDS, FAAHD, Dentist, Lacombe, AB

Barbie Allen RN, Critical Care UH London, Ontario

Shannon Taylor, RN, Nova Scotia Health

Fairy Jane Que RN

Chantal Lecomte, Medical Laboratory Tech, Ottawa-Gatineau

Amy Webb, PhD Candidate Clinical Psychology, University of Ottawa

Dr Julie Seymour CCFP(EM), Emergency physician, Edmonton

Dr Angela Jones, Family Physician , Burlington On

S Simmons Peterborough ON

Doreen Tobin

Ivars J Argals MD CCFP FPA

Amanda Kobly, M.Ed., Registered Provisional Psychologist, AHS Edmonton Zone

Katharina Specht, MLT, Calgary, AB

Alison Goldman, Scarborough, Ontario  Canada

Lisa Little, RN 1st VP, ICN

Jennifer Straub MSW RCSW, AHS Alberta

Dr, Shazma Mithani, MD, FRCPC, Emergency Physician, Edmonton, AB

Sarah Stoneleigh, Medical Lab Tech, microbiology

Patricia Stiles, MSN (Retired RN), Guelph, Ontario

Sharon Hopkins,RN, Acute Care Hospital,Timmins

Dr. Matthew Lewington MD FRCSC, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Delta, BC

Dr Daisy T. Joo MD PhD FRCPC CIP Anesthesiologist, North York General Hospital, Toronto, Ontario

Christoph Altehoefer RN, Merrickville ONo

Christos Karatzios MD CM, FRCPC, Assistant Professor of Paediatrics, McGill University Health Centre, Division of Infectious Diseases, Montreal Children’s Hospital, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Dani Blakely. RN, BScN, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Matthew Oughton, MD, FRCPC, McGill University, Montreal

Hazel Mairena, BSN, RN, Critical Care

Karen Edl, RN, Kelowna, BC

Elvin Adaug, RN Fraser Health, Langley, BC

Dr Heidi Dutton MD MSc FRCPC, Endocrinology, Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa

Raissa Amany, ER Hospital Support Aide, Ottawa

Amanda Wilkinson MScN, Canadian  Travel Nurses, Toronto, Ontario

Kathleen Pikaart, BScN, RN, Durham ON

Christine Hutchison, LPN, Edmonton, Alberta

Renee Bush, RN, BScN, ICU nurse northern health. Prince George BC

Krista Piebiak Patterson, MD CCFP, Associate Clinical Professor, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

Colin Nellis, RTR, Royal Columbian Hospital, New Westminster, BC

Dr David Koczerginski MD FRCPC, Associate Professor Psychiatry, University of Toronto

Leslie Ritchie, PSW, Hospice Care Ottawa, Ottawa Ontario.

Michelle LeBlanc, Registered Nurse, Fredericton, NB

Maggie Tkachuk RN

Dr. Katerina Nikolitch, MD, MSc, FRCPC, psychiatrist, Ottawa, ON

Robin Spraggs, teacher, in support of health care workers, Toronto, ON

Sallianne Patch

Vince Chan, ER RN, Fraser Health Authority

Dr Anastasios Maniakas, MD, MSc, FRCSC, Université de Montréal, Division of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

Dr Erin Budd, MD CCFP Vancouver BC

Shaziah-Manawar Agha, RN Community health nurse, Thunder Bay, ON

MaryEllen Perrin Retired NICU RN Hamilton Health Sciences

Dr Annick Gauthier, MDCM, PhD, CCFP, Family Physician, Montreal, QC

Dr Gregory Rose, MD, FRCPC, Infectious Diseases, Ottawa, Ontario

Karen Brunetta RPN Sault Ste Marie, ON

Suzanne McIntyre RPN North Bay ON

Kathryn Johnson

Dr Michael Destounis, MD CM, McGill University, Montreal

DR Tania H. Watts, PhD, Professor of Immunology, Canada Research Chair in Anti-viral Immunity, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON

Keren Elumir, RN, BSN, SRCHC, Toronto

Dr Michael Zahavi MD CCFP Oshawa

Sonya Radcliffe lead technician Medical device reprocessing department,  operating room housekeeping supervisor at Kelowna general hospital, Kelowna British Columbia Canada

Dr Jacqueline Pettersen MD, MSc, FRCPC, Associate Professor, UBC & Affiliate Professor UNBC, Prince George, BC

Dr Najma Ahmed MD FRCPC, Associate Professor Pediatrics, Montreal QC

Joanne Kazinci RN

Dr L. McLauchlin, MD, CCFP, FCFP Family physician, Montreal, QC

Cathy Ebbehoj  Retired Faculty,  UBC School of Nursing

Linda Fletcher BScN RN Retired Whitby, ON

Dr Caitlin Reimer MDCM Family Physician

Carleigh Higgins, Nursing Student, ON

Heather McBriarty, MRT, Saint John,  NB

Nicole Siemens, BSW, MSW Candidate, RSW. Vancouver, BC.

Dr Elyssa Elman, MD, Montreal, QC

Dr Kristen Rylance, MD, CCFP, Rimbey, AB

Dr Vicki Scholten, MD, FRCPC Pediatrics, McGill University, Montreal.

Patricia Murray, retired RN.Sault Ste Marie Ont.

Susan Kovacs-Ide RN, Eastern Ontario Health Unit, South Glengarry, Ontario

Dr Philip Hedrei MD

Jennifer Heiligers, RN

Natasha Buckley RPN

Parveen Kooner, RN BScN, Surrey BC

Bonnie Theal RN Ottawa, TOH

Joanna Kook RN MSN, CARNA, Edmonton Alberta

Pat Piaskowski HBSCN IPAC Consultant Thunder Bay

Paula Brothers RN, BSCN, Ontario

Earlyne Weaver BN,RN (retired)

Dawn Gollan, Registered Nurse, Healthlink, Calgary Alberta

Kristy Gramiak LPN OTC, Edmonton

Pat Piaskowski retired nurse HBScN. IPAC consultant Thunder Bay

Andy MacDonald RN. TOH. Ottawa Ontario

Ryan Bishnauth Paramedic Oshawa

Rebecca Gies RN

Bruce MacDonald, mental health case management and advocacy, Mississauga, Ontario

Cayra DeLuna, paramedic, Simcoe county

Dr. Bailey Adams, MD, CCFP, BSc, IBCLC

Adi Hunt, RN

Lalezar Tuner, President of Nursing Students of Ontario, RNAO, Toronto

Sarah J MacKenzie, RN Ottawa, ON

Dr Cathy Risdon, MD, DMan, CCFP, FCFP, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario

Dr Danielle Moorman, MB BCh BAO, MSc, FRCPC, Kingston General Hospital, Kingston ON

Jennifer Maddigan, RN, BScN, Durham Region

Dyck Munsher, affiliated with Klaus Schwab from Ottawa!

Sharmaine Tarape, BScN, RN, Toronto

Marsha Casselman, RN, BScN, Toronto

Christina Carlson, Registration Supervisor, Chilliwack, BC

Sarah Dean RPN North Bay, Ontario

Dr Lillian Bartha MD MPH CCFP Cumming School of Medicine Clinical Lecturer Calgary AB

Charline Ramgotra RN Markham Stouffville Hospital

Dr Tehseen Ladha, MD, MPH, FRCPC

Kelly Miller RN

Susanne Priest R.Ph (Emeritus) Ontario

Usha Chauhan NP Hamilton Health Sciences Hamilton Ontario

Dr Sapna Shah, MD, FRCPC, Endocrinology Fellow, University of Toronto

Suzette Hamilton RPN. Grey County

Laurel Stevenson, MD CCFP, Kenton Manitoba

Jane Grewal, RN  Hamilton, Mcmaster Children’s Hospital

Shauna Glen RPN, collingwood general and marine hospital

Janet Klok RN, Nurse Educator, Victoria, BC

Dr Ariel Chackowicz, BA MDCM, pediatric resident at Montreal Children’s Hospital

Linda Ryan, Senior Physiotherapist, Queensway Carleton Hospital Ottawa. Ontario

Judy Maynard MD CCFP FCFP,  Brampton Ontario

Julie Bomba, RN, BSN – Kingston, Ontario

Dr James Sessford, PhD, R Kin, Toronto Rehab, Ontario

Beverly Gunnarson Winnipeg MB, Retired RN

Judy Woods, RN, OCT, Ottawa

Leslie Schafer OCT, TDSB, Toronto

Sophia Kennedy UC, Fraser health, Surrey

Harsharan bhangu, Student RN, york University

Stewart Harris RN Toronto

Dr Anne Matlow MD FRCPC , Temerty Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

Dr Maria Loza Correa, PhD, Ottawa

Jamie Potvin, RDH, Blackfalds AB

Dr Ann Duggan, MD CCFCP FCFP MPH DSc(hon)

Dr Karen Seland MD, FRCPC Radiology, Prince George, BC

Mr. Charanpreet Dhami BSc. MSc. DHP Dental Hygienist & Lecturer at University of British Columbia, Faculty of Dentistry.

Deanna Stirling, Registered Nurse, London, ON

Dr John David Neary MD FRCPC, General Internist, Hamilton, Ontario

Denise Devlin, PTA/OTA, Peterborough

Maggie Convey, RN, MN Alberta

Kelly Murphy RPN Collingwood, Ontario

Sara Grant PSW Ontario

Kelly Barnes , retired RN , Bridgewater , Nova Scotia

Nat Swain, RN, BScN, BScKin, The Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, ON

Susan Swamy, CCLS, MSc, Sick Kids Hospital, Toronto, Ontario

Dr. F. Gigi Osler, MD, FRCSC, President, Federation of Medical Women of Canada

Tracie Jones, RN, British Columbia


Meisha Bryan, RN praxis student

Dr Val Rachlis MD, CCFP, FCFP. Family Physician, Toronto

Stephenie Shelstad, Registered Nurse, Stoney Nakoda Nation, Alberta

Corinne Groenewegen RN BScN, Toronto

Sandra Twiner Ross RN, MHS, CHPCNc

Dr. Christopher Carruthers BSc MD MBA FRCS FAAOS ICD, Ottawa

Alistair Duncan MB BCh BAO FRCPC

Dr Jennifer Crooks MD Morrisburg ON

Erin Tansey, Ottawa

Jordana Jones RN, BN, CON (C), Brandon, MB

John Ohtake, RRTt, , Sunnybrook HSC, Toronto

Emily Mitchell, RN, MN, Ontario

Dr David W. Eisen, MD, CCFP, FCFP, Chief DFCM, NYGH

Dr David Yaxley FRCPC Vancouver coastal health

Jordan Quinlan, RN

Dr. Vanna Schiralli MD, CCFP, FCFP, Temerty Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

Cindy Cheung

Sherry Poirier RN, MEd. Nurse &  Educator Ottawa

Charlene Collins, RN, B.Sc.N.

Dr Anita Palepu, MD, MPH, FRCPC, Professor of Medicine, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Alfred Lam, RN, BScN – Toronto, ON

Fion Larm, RN, Trillium Gift of Life, Toronto

Mark Kocsis, BScN, RN, Clinical Educator – Nursing, Unity Health Toronto

Dr. Jason McVicar, FRCPC, Anesthesiologist, uOttawa

Mary Pelket, RN Barrie ON

Marissa Stalman, BSN, MA Candidate, Simon Fraser University

Susan Takahashi, MSc(A), RN, Montreal

Laura Klie, masters of social work, retired May 2021, Toronto

Laura-Lee Orange, RN, BSN – Public Health. B.C.

Dorothy McParland RN, BScN

Dr Kerri Johannson MD MPH FRCPC, University of Calgary, Calgary AB Canada

Margaret Rauliuk MN RN NP FCAN, in the traditional lands of the Lekwungen People.

Dr. James D. McFarland, MD, FCCP

Shane Inocencio, NP(F), MN-NP, Vancouver, BC

Dr. Lucia Ma, BD, BCh, BAO, CCFP, Comox Valley, British Columbia

Dr Shobana Ananth MD, CCFP(EM) Toronto

Dr. Brett Wilson, CCFP(EM), Vernon BC

Dr Jamie Holden, MD, Winnipeg

Dunia PINNEGAR, RN, Surrey Memorial Hospital – ICU, Surrey, BC

Dr. Andrea Marks MBChB. Resident Physician Pediatrics. Winnipeg, MB.

Sally Sedore PSW, (ret) Belleville, On

Sally Sedore PSW, (ret) Belleville, On

Dr. Lily DeMiglio, MD PhD, Marathon Ontario

Grainne Walsh, RN British Columbia

Sheila Early RN BScN , SDE Consulting Forensic Nursing Education Services, Surrey BC Canada

Jennifer Bunn, RN, currently employed as Outbreak Investigator in Alberta, Canada

Dee Watts, ER, Ottawa.

Courtney Cocks

Dr Rebecca Legge MD CCFP(AM) ABAM Dip, Vancouver BC

Tracey Mulholland, RN, BScN, Montreal, QC

Dr Holly Symonds-Brown PhD RN, Assistant Professor, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

Dr Barbara Mederski MD, FRCP(C), ABIM(ID); Infectious Diseases Specialist; Sinai Health Toronto; North York General Hospital; Complex Infections Clinics; North York; Ontario; CPSO 33720

Vicki Baerg, Medical lab assistant, Kamloops BC

Danna Britton, Canadian, Canadian, Vancouver

Ashley Wilson, RPN, Long Term Care, Ottawa

Michele Ganzevoort RN BN Hamilton, Ontario

Shawna Gawreluck BA BSc MLS CSMLS CMLTA Edmonton, AB

Pearl Kearns, RN, FHA, Surrey BC

Dr Sarah Noble, MD, CCFP, Vancouver General Hospital, BC

Ashley Wilson, RPN, Long Term Care, Ottawa

Dr Scott Manktelow MD CCFP, Comox, BC

Toby Demczuk, ICU RN, Montreal Quebec.

Tim W, RTR CTIC, Medical Radiation Technologist, Surrey BC

Shirley Bague RTR,RTMR, ACR, Medical Radiation Technology, AHS-retired

Svetlana Nozinic, RN , Douglas Hospital, Montreal,Quebec, retired

Amber DeMos RN, BScN, NE STIT Home Care, Edmonton, AB

Nancy Lee, RTR, Pemberton Health Centre

Dr Carla Foolen, MD, CCFP, Sundre, AB

Reanne Supe, BScN RN, Primary Care Nurse, Community Health Centre, Toronto

Tracey Britt, BSCN, CEN, Manager of shift operations, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center

Dayna McPhail

Traci McGee

Charles McPhail

Dr Melissa Tremblay MD CCMF (MU) CIUSS Saguenay-lac-st-jean , Québec

Meghan Barrett MLT, B.Sc, Edmonton, Alberta

Nate Pike, Advanced Care Paramedic, Calgary, Alberta

Reed Morrison RRT, Vancouver BC

Andrew Clark, Patient placement coordinator, Foothills Medical Centre, Calgary, Canada

Gail Marion, PSW, Nova West Island, Quebec

Dr. Andrea Hunter, MD, FRCPC, Pediatrician, Associate Professor, McMaster University, Hamilton

Dr Pierre Villeneuve MDCM, PhD, MSc, FRCP, ABIM, Hematologist, The Ottawa Hospital

Justine Miller, RPhT, Alberta

Shreevalli Velauthan RN toronto

Dr Stan Teitelbaum MD CCFP FCFP Assistant Professor DFCM University of Toronto

Laura Laird PT, MCPA.  Physiotherapist, Home Care, Wasaga Beach ON

Thao Ngo, pharmacist, MUHC, Montreal

Shazmah Hussein, Nurse Practitioner, Toronto, Ontario

Janice Rose, PSW, Deep River, ON

Angelika Hoffmann , PSW , Oromocto NB

Sylvia Doran RN BSN BA Registered Nurse Ottawa

Gurjit K. Toor RN, MPH, South East Ottawa CHC, Ottawa

Chantal-Mignonne Mailloux, MUHC-CISSS Laval, Montréal, Québec

Dr Karen Lawford, PhD, Registered Midwife, Anishinaabe Midwife, Queen’s University

Susan Moroz, Windsor ON

Helen Heinrichs Retired RN Vancouver

Dr. Richard Swartz, HBSc, MD, PhD, FRCPC, Neurologist and clinician-scientist, Sunnybrook HSC, University of Toronto

Cheryl Lyseng, MLT, Alberta

Yvonne Hillsden, retired RD, Kamloops BC

Rebecca Cole

Jane caines Moses retired Reg nurse, from Nova Scotia

Natasha Quaghebeur, Laboratory Assistant, Edmonton

Jennifer Olajos-Clow, Nurse Practitioner, KHSC Kingston Ontario

Dr Mary Kate Gazendam MD, CCFP, FCFP, Amherstview, Ontario

Lindsey Evans, MScN, RN, Ottawa

Dr Merilee Brockway PhD RN

Rita Taillefer RN, MN, Windsor

Dr. Laing McFadzean Kingston ON

Loretta McCormick RN (EC) PhD Region 3

Arlene Crichton

Dr. Saurabh Patel, PharmD, Antimicrobial Stewardship Pharmacist, Humber River Hospital

Dr Megen Brunskill MD CCFP

Claudia Lopez RDH

Susan McCutcheon RPN Hamilton Ontario

Judy Sowerby, MSW, RSW

Dr. Anna Yu, MD, Family Physician, Toronto

Heather MacLennan, RN, City of Ottawa

M. J. Watson, R.N., M.Sc.

Sally Buxton,  Seating & Mobility Specialist – Niagara

Dr Marianna Switchuk, MD, CCFP, Hamilton

Dr. Ying-Ju (Ruby) Chang, Family Medicine, MD, University of Ottawa

Dr Eugene P Landsbergen, MD, CCFP, GPO

Kimberly Bitz, Occupational Therapist, SHA. SK.

Christine Prout

Joelle Eherer MRT(R)CTIC, Provincial QA CT Post Processing Lead, Lethbridge, Alberta

Adam Foley, Ontario

Cherry Chan, RN, Mississauga

Dickon Worsley RPN. WeRPN, ontario

Stephanie Xavier, RN, BScN, HBSc, Toronto

Mathijs Hamelink, physiotherapist, Red Deer

Mary C Morgan, RN , Director, Kensington Health, Toronto, Ontario

Rosalyn Grady RN, BScN, Public Health Nurse, Salmon Arm, BC

Maria Dow, RN, Bridgepoint Active Healthcare, Toronto, ON

Dr. Catharina Gray, rural ER physician, MBChB, CCFP

Lynn Kachuik RN, BA, MN, CON(C), CHPCN(C) The Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa,ON

Dr. Catharina A. Gray, rural ER physician, MBChB, CCFP. Brandon, Manitoba

Danielle Christian, MLT, BSc(MLS), Alberta Precision Labs, Calgary

Jordan MacGregor/ Alberta Health Services/Electrician/Calgary

Gillian Graham MRT(T)CMD,CHL-Calgary AB

Natalie D’Sena, Markham ON

Wesley Miller, Radiology Porter, Vancouver Coastal Health, Vancouver B.C.

Jennifer Stepien, MLT, Red Deer Hospital

Dr. Ellie Vyver, MD, FRCPC, Calgary, Alberta

Sharon Levesque RN

Racquel Cantada, RN, BC

Paddy Harrington, Founder, Frontier, Toronto

Gina Vincelli RN CardioVasc HR Inc, St jean sur Richelieu Quebec

Dr. Clare Liddy, Chair, Department of Family Medicine, University of Ottawa

Dr Carol Wade, MD FRCSC, Trillium Health Partners, Credit Valley Hospital,Mississaugua Ontario

Sally Helme Jorgensen MBBS FRCSC, Toronto

Melissa Yuan-Innes, B.A.Sc.,MD, CFPC-EM

Elsa Oates RPN, Barrie ON

Nasir Jetha MD, FRCPC, Clinical Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics, University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC

Hana Mohamed, RN, BScN, Edmlnton, Alberta

Suzanne Smith, RN.

Jo-Anne Goodland, BNRN, Cardiac Critical Care, St. John’s, NL

Robin Kennedy RN

Taira Birnie, BSc Kin., Cardiac Exercise Specialist, VCHA, Vancouver, BC

Victor Schulman Dupuis RN, CON (C), CAPCE, VON Hamilton ON

Leah MacDonald RN ICU British Columbia

Sue Vaccher, supporters, Dryden  ON

Sierra Land, Registered Nurse, Indigenous Services Canada, Penetanguishene, ON

Jocelyn Andrews, RN, Edmonton, AB

Jacqueline St Bernard Hitz, RM, Newmarket

Constance Chippure RN  Ontario

Allyson Booth, Registered Midwife, Ontario

Dr Martin Baur MD FRCPC, General Internist, Edmonton

Dr Stephen Hiscock MD, FRCSC, Clinical Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine, UBC, Head Dept. of Surgery Shuswap Lake General Hospital, Salmon Arm, BC

Dr Andreas Laupacis, MD, Senior Deputy Editor, Canadian Medical Association Journal

Ruby Amin-Ampon, ER RN

Laura Cercado RN, BSc.N, CNCCP(c), AEMCA(f).

Dr Gillian Ramsay MD, FRCPC, Associate clinical professor, Edmonton

Dr Jacqueline Jenkins, MD CCFP

Dr Cheryl Wagner, MD, CCFP,  HIV primary care,  Toronto

Dr. Barbara Lelj Garolla, MD, PhD, Victoria BC

Shaunna Yasinski retired RN Edmonton

Kerry Gartshore ICP/IPAC Nurse/Consultant  Sault Ste Marie ON

Virginia Greene BScN, NP-PHC Dawson Road Family Medical Clinic Guelph Ontario

Janice Dudley RN CDE

Caron Bright BScN RN RNC-NIC, Edmonton, AB

Erin Koncur, MLT Histology, Sherwood Park, AB

Dr Susan Davies, Ph.D., C.Psych., Western University, London, Ontario

Barb Moons, Registered Dietitian, Winnipeg

Helen Lemieux MLT

Dr. Shelley Canning RN PhD; British Columbia

Theo Carthen

Emmette Carthen

Michael McGee

Cherlen Suherman, medical office assistant, burnaby

Karen Kimmerly, Medical Laboratory Technologist, Retired

Dr. Moira Grant, PhD, FCSMLS(D), public health consultant, Toronto

James Hearty, retired, Otter Lake QC

Janet Baschzok BScN

Pam Cerqueira RN Grand River Hospital Kitchener Waterloo Ontario

Denise Swaby,  MLT, CMLTA, Edmonton

Kate Allan, Montreal, Quebec

Doris Quinn, RN, BScN (Retired) Edmonton Alberta Canada

Deanna Hamlyn RN Sherwood Park AB

Dr. Zahra Kassam, MD FRCPC, London ON

Dr. Heather Branton, MD, CCFP, Chatham-Kent, ON

Pat Zaugg Retired ER RN

Colleen Schaaf RN Edmonton Alberta

Dr. Zachary Warren, MD, FRCPC, Director of Emergency Medicine, Napanee, ON

Patrick Raymondo, Respiratory Therapist

Pamela Crummey RN Eastern Health NL

Jill McIntosh, Cantley Quebec

Dr. Mindy Gautama  BSC MD CCFP FCFP  Airdrie, AB

Mary Nugent, RN, BScN, MSc(Nursing), CCHN(C), Nursing Instructor, University of Lethbridge

Jill Hakes RNBSCN Alberta

Caryn McKee, Nurse Practitioner

L Cunningham BNSc RN Ontario

Allison Adams, RN

M. Lund, M.Sc., M.A. – retired Health & Physical Educator, MacEwan University

Rishma Mangat, Toronto, ON

Catherine D MacRae Stevens BScN, RN, CTE, Public Health Nurse, WDG Public Health, Ontario

Dr Cheryl Allaby, MD, CCFP, Hamilton Health Sciences, Hamilton, ON

Maria Ferreira, RN, BScN, Toronto

Wendy Matthews RN

Linda Goodrich, Retired Registered Nurse, Williams Lake, B. C.

Ron G Thompson, retired  Respiratory Therapist,. North Bay Ontario

Irene Harder, RN, Interior Health Immunization Clinics

Emily Freeman, Student Nurse Year 4

Natalie Martens, BHSc, Canada

Mary Anne Domarchuk, returned retired Public Health Nurse, Immunizer, British Columbia

Jo-Ann Schock, RN Public Health Nurse Revelstoke BC

Lynn Broughton, Guelph

Lisa Reed -RPN, Ontario

Geraldine Swayze laboratory technologist (retired) Victoria BC.

Savana Rohde, 3rd year bachelor or nursing student, University or Lethbridge, Lethbridge Alberta

Dr Jack Raleigh, MD, CCFP(EM),FCFP, Family and emergency physician, Kingston, Ontario

Lisa Salyzyn, MLT

Dr. Sheena Belisle, MD, FRCPC, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Attending, Children’s Hospital, LHSC, London ON

Rachel Clarke, ontario

Morgan Magnuson, RN, MPH, University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge Alberta

Dr. Ainslie Gilchrist, BSc, MD, FRCPC

Donna Nicholson

Dr Krista Helleman MD, FRCPC

Erin Taylor, RN  Salmon Arm, BC

Rachel Latour, Nursing Student – RN, University of Lethbridge, Alberta

Lori Briggs Spruce Grove, Alberta

Mara Coles, Foothills Alberta

Greg Coles, Foothills Alberta

Adele Phillips Registered Nurse Abbotsford

Lynne Anderson Registered Nurse, Interior Health. British Columbia

Stacy Denford RN, BScN Toronto

Kyla Cullain, RN, MN, Clinical Nurse Specialist – BuildABLE and Clinical Instructor, UOttawa, Ottawa, ON.

Kyla Cullain, RN, MN, Clinical Nurse Specialist – BuildABLE and Clinical Instructor – UOttawa, Ottawa, ON.

Melanie Kruger MLT Canadian Blood Services Edmonton

Charles McColgan

Andrea Milne-Epp MD, Edmonton

Dr. Sabrina Stewart MD FRCSC, Saskatoon, SK

Kathleen Hursen, MS, RN  – Nurse Educator, Public Health

Dee Dancey, BScN, Red Deer, Alberta

Dr. Lana Myroniuk, BSc MD CCFP, Edmonton, AB

Ruth Barkhouse HCA

Paula Kerlew Hospital Admin

Dr Ronald M. Vexler, MD, FRCPC, retired Cardiologist, Queensway-Carleton Hospital

Lori Nethery, MLT,  Sherwood Park, Alberta

Dr Simon Raphael M.D. FRCP(C).  Toronto.

Dr Ian Brain, MD, FRCPC, Pathologist, Toronto

Susan Shea NP-PHC, MScN, Nurse Practitioner, Ottawa, Ontario

Kaitlynn Pierson Sherwood, UNE, AHS, Raymond Health Centre

Dr. Andrea Miller MD FRCP St Joseph’s Health Centre

Erica Koch, RN, BScN, British Columbia

Lauretta Gauthier, B.Sc. Pharmacy, BC

Donna Stanley  Primary Care Paramedic BCEHS British Columia

Martine St-Onge,RPN New Liskeard On.

Ms.Charlene Bekolay, CIM, Living Donation & Transplantation, Edmonton, AB

Lorna Blanchard Community Health Care Worker Chilliwack

Melissa Emerson – Educator Cobourg Ontario

Dr Kevin Swanson, MD, FCFP, Family Physician, Courtenay, BC

Kelsey Croxall, BScN, RN, Public Health Nurse, Revelstoke Public Health

Nicola Acker, Nurse Practitioner, Hamilton

Trudy Reid, Manager of Support Services, Clarenville NL

Gerri Prince

Dr. Sharon Salloum, Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Family Practice, UBC.

Matthew Pappin, Registered Respiratory Therapist, AHS, Edmonton Alberta

Lorne Cowx, Advance Care Paramedic, CUPE Local 905

Dr. Stephanie Anderson, MD CCFP, Coquitlam BC

Suzanne Creighton Private Citizen

Kanjana Perera MD FRCPC (Neurology), Associate Professor McMaster University

Janine Peters BN,RN,MSc Winnipeg Manitoba

Carol Pierre, Nova Scotia

Kimithy Stilwell, RPN, Queensway Carleton Hospital, Ottawa, Ontario.

Tracy Bergen, RN, BScN, Saskatoon, SK

Dr Kate Niethammer, MB, BCh, BAO, CCFP, Family Physician, Smithers, BC

Melissa Coenraad Med Lab Tech,  Ottawa Ontario

Ryan Bennett BSc, MPAS, CCPA, Emergency Physician Assistant (PA), New Brunswick Director-Canadian Association of Physician Assistants (CAPA).

Dr Everett Chalmers Hospital, Fredericton, NB

Dr Christa Mullaly MD FRCSC, Obstetrician-Gynecologist, Fredericton, New Brunswick

Eren Alexander, RN, MSc (A), CpedN(C)

Bev Coutts RN Saskatoon

Amon Gus, S.Us.

Nicholas van Wyk, Ontario

Hershl Berman, MD FRCPC, Toronto Ontario

Kimberly Birch RN Calgary Alberta

Regina Elliott, RN, MN, RNAO Region 8 Board of Director

Marlee Letourneau, MLT, Edmonton

Nora Wallace

Dr. Bernie MacIntosh, Family Physician, Ottawa

Nicole Ivens, MLT, BSc, Edmonton, AB.

Janice Williams RN EC NP Adult UHN

Anisa Carrascal, RPN, Mississauga, ON

Sydney Watt, LPN Educator, Chilliwack, BC

Carol Flegg RN, PhD (c). Calgary.

Dr Cody Mangusson, BScPharm, PharmD, RPh, Staff Pharmacist, Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority.

Dr. Carol Townsley MD CCFP Toronto

Brian Woo, Direct Support Professional, Whitby, Ontario

Susan Pearce, Registered Nurse, Kingston, Ontario

Lisa Underhill, Nurse practitioner

Ashley Wood, RN BSN, Saskatoon

Eugenia Coutras, MBA, CHUM

Raphael Lee

Kristl Walek, Brockville Ontario

Edmund Roderique, Brockville Ontario

Dr Jennifer Li MD, FRCPC, Ottawa

Anna Campbell, PHC-NP, Ontario

Lois Morrical RRT. Red Deer, Alberta

Dr. Dalia Hasan, MSc MD, CaRMS candidate, founder of COVID Test Finders, Kitchener

Carolyn Brunac MSW, RSW Mental Health and Substance Use, British Columbia

P’nina Shames, MSW, retired clinical social worker, Nelson, BC

Cheryl Curtis Rn  CNEPH. Ottawa

Susan Hanson

Shelly Bin

Matt Cruchet, ACP Paramedic, Renfrew County, Ontario

Shannon Lawrence Health Care Aide

Daniel Bierstone, MD FRCPC (paediatrics), Trillium Health Partners, Mississauga ON

Tina Halloran PCH Nurse Practitioner, Deep River Ontario

Krista Bodkin NP, WECHC

AM Pitcher LPN Nurse Vaccinator, St John’s NL

Christine Ryckman MRT(R) Alberta

Barbara Anderson RN, MN Oshawa, Ontario

Holly Connell, Admin Assistant, MHSU

Dr. Michelle Geddes, MD, FRCPC, Calgary

Dr Michael Munoz BSc MDCM CCFP

Dr Elroy Shuker, MD, Montreal

Dr Elroy Shuker, MD, family physician, Montreal

RN ( Retired) Wendy Rudiger

Dr. Hazel Park, MD, FCFP, CCFP(EM), Clinical Associate Professor, Dept Emergency Medicine, UBC, Vancouver

Michael Copland, MD, FRCPC, Nephrology, Vancouver Coastal Health (VGH), Vancouver, BC

Skylar Young, BScN, RN, Ottawa,Ontario

Leanne Howlett

Dr. Tracey McCarty MD, MA, CCFP, FCFP  Family Physician Hamilton

Debra Bell, Medical Laboratory Technologist, Weyburn General Hospital (retired), Weyburn, SK

Melanie Cater, LPN, Newfoundland and Labrador

Dr. Anthony M. Carlsson MD, FRCSC

Jason Stark, Environmental Health Officer, Invermere BC

Emma Fudge, LPN, Vancouver, BC

Dr Eugene Lee, MD, FRCPC, Gastroenterologist, Royal Inland Hospital, Kamloops, BC

Dr Michelle Workun-Hill, MD, CCFP, Nanaimo, BC

Helena Rizo, RPN, Mental Health and Substance Use, Vancouver B.C

Shannon Argudin, RN, BScN – Public Health Nurse, Guelph ON

Betty Chow RN, Ontario.

Elizabeth Edwards CNA…PSW. WECHC, West Lorne,Canada

Jennifer Bailey H.B.S.W., RSW Social Worker, Sault Ste. Marie, ON

Nadine Wirsig ND

Dr Susy Lam, Msc, MD, CCFP, Family Physician

Dr. Timothy Li, MD CCFP MSc, North York General Hospital

Dr Eva Knifed HonBSc, MHSc, MD, CCFP – University of Toronto

Dr Flora Ricciuti MD; CCFP ( NYGH/ NYFHT)

Dr Ken Jaskolka, Family Physician, North York General Hospital, Toronto

Dr Lara Rosenberg, MD, Toronto

Dr Joshua Gilgan, MD PGY2, University of Toronto, Toronto

Bonnie Kearns RN, BScN Canadian Red Cross and PHAC

Louis Yeh

Dr Edward Jesin, MD, Thornhill, Ontario

Dr Alan Fegelman, Family Doctor North York

Dr. Dan Cohen, Toronto

Dr. Danielle Manis, Deputy Chief of Family Medicine, North York General Hospital, Assistant Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto

Dr. Susan Parker, DCFM NYGH 4430 Bathurst St, #303, Toronto ON M3 H 3S3

Anathèle Zamor, OT Reg. (Ont.), Montfort Hospital, Ottawa, Ontario

Dr Betty Gerstein MD CCFP FCFP Toronto North York General Hospital

Dr Mihaela Cordos, CCFP ( COE), FCFP North York General Hospital

Jordana Bain, NP(EC), Bancroft Family Health Team, Bancroft, Ontario

Dr. Sarah Kronis – family physician

Katarina R Busija, RN, HCCSS MH, Milton

Dr. Faith Feinberg, Family Physician, NYGH, Mackenzie Health, Thornhill, ON

Dr Brian N Silver. MD Family Practice North York General Hospital Toronto ON

Luyao Ma, MN, NP-PHC, Ottawa

Dr Jennifer Rustad, MD, CCFP, Dipl. ABOM, NYGH, Toronto, ON

Dr Cynthia Gertsman,MD,FCPC,Toronto,Private Practice

Dr Michael Wyman MD CCFP FCFP North York General Hospital Toronto

Winnie Lo

Melanie Silos-Crowell, MSW RSW, West Elgin CHC

Dr Shirley Epstein. Toronto

Dr Carol Muallim MD BSc FCFP Toronto

Kayla Christodoulopoulos, Registered Nurse, Children’s Hospital of Michigan, Windsor, Ontario.

Barry Fellinger Director, Community Health Services, West Elgin Community Health Centre

Dr. Sonia Kurtz, retired family physician, North York General Hospital, daughter of Holocaust survivors who suffered from PTSD their whole adult lives.

Dr Daniel Yim, MD, North York General  Hospital, Dept. Family Medicine, North York, Ontario

Dr Kevin Mardell MD , Family Physician, WECHC, West Lorne, Ontario

Dr Joanne Laine-Gossin, MD; Toronto

Dr Maureen Gottesman MD MEd CCFP (COE). North York General Hospital. Toronto

Ada Parsons, RPN, Marathon Family Health Team

Dr Famy Yim-Lee, MD, Southlake Regional Health, Aurora

Dr Mark Stone, MD

Ann Yarema

Dr Suzanne Karr MD,CCFP,  North York

Dr. Shmuel Yablonsky MD, CCFP (EM) North York, Ontario.

Dr H. B.  Ip, M.D. Toronto

Dr Sarah Sunderland, MD, FRCPC (Anesthesiology), Kelowna BC

Dr Paul Sabiston. MD,  Vancouver

Dr Annalee Yassi, MD MSc FRCPC (PHPM), FRCPC (Occ Med), Vancouver, BC

Marcella Moreno

Dr Rachel Shour, MD CCFP- NYGH

Denise Thornton RN, BScN Nanaimo British Columbia

Dr Susan Masters MB.,BS. NYGH, NYFHT

Julie Nesbitt, RN, West Lorne Ontario

Dr. Hiu Chung Cheng, General Practice, North York, Ontario

Dr Harriet Train,  MD,  NYGH,  Toronto

Christian Buendia RN, MHM, CHE Toronto, Ontario

Claire M. Nunes-Vaz MD. Toronto  Retired North York General

Cerina Castillo, Registered Nurse, BCCNM, British Columbia

Dr. David M. Silver, Family Medicine, North York General Hospital, Toronto ON

Dr. J. Carr, Toronto

Dr Eric Huang, MD, University of Toronto / NYGH

Dr. Terri Weinberg, MD CCFP FCFP  North York

Dr Bruce Topp

Tonya Olson, Medical Laboratory Technologist, University of Alberta Hospital Microbiology and ProvLab, Edmonton Alberta.

Sandy Marangos RN Toronto

Kathryn Hewey MALPN (retired) Winnipeg, Manitoba

Dr Noel Allan Rosen, B.Sc., M.D., CCFP, FCFP. Family Physician, North York General Hospital, Toronto.

Linda Jussaume, RN BScN, MBA  NYGH, Toronto

Warren C. Fraleigh, M.D., Family Physician NYGH

Jacqueline Malkinson, RN (c), BSN, Interior Health, Enderby, BC

Dr. Ellen J. Buchman MD, CCFP, FCFP. Toronto, Canada

Marina Bitton RN, MN, CHE Toronto

Kristen Steele, RN, Calgary, AB

Dr Anahat Sahota, MD, Family Medicine Resident, Hamilton ON

Amy Wong, BScPhm, PharmD, RPh. Critical Care Unit. North York General Hospital, Toronto

Danielle Douglas, RSW, BSW, Nanaimo, BC

Wendy Sutton

Karen Shearer RCA Abbotsford BC

John Shearer Paramedic Abbotsford BC

Carlee registered psych nurse, Vancouver

Christine POPOVICH  RN  London LHSC

Shannon Poyntz, Nurse Practitioner, NYGH, Ontario

Vanna Trinh, RN, Toronto

Sherwin Pizarro, RN, BScN, North York General Hospital, Toronto

Donna Goodeill (retired nurse)  BScN

Aakanksha Sharma, MD CCFP, Family Physician Vaughan Ontario

Ganna Tarasenko, RN, Toronto

La Sandra Mallillin, RPN NYGH, Toronto

Dr. Russell Tanzer. MD. CCFP, North York General Hospital, Toronto

Calvin Tsang, BA, BScN, RN. Critical Care Unit, North York General Hospital; Heart, Lung & Vascular Program, St. Michael’s Hospital/Unity Health Toronto.

Rosa Malen RN, Kiwanis Village Lodge, Nanaimo BC.

Teresa Ruston, RN, MN, NP, Edmonton, Alberta

Valerie Rzepka, NP-PHC, Toronto, ON.

Dr. Ashandeep Sandhu, MD, CCFP, Abbotsford Regional Hospital, BC

Dr Harjas Singh Grewal, MD CCFP, Winnipeg Manitoba

Dr Ronald Bornstein, M.D.   North York General Hospital

Brenda Golberg

Dr Carl Clark BSc, MD, CCFP(PC) FCFP, Assistant Professor, Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto

Crystal Salt, RN BScN, Calgary, AB

David Roy , MSW, Vancouver

Corrine Barrett-Rose, RN Edmonton Alberta

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