Need for a shelter home

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Dear Editor,

Recently Mayor of Cornwall Justin Towndale has expressed his grief over the death of a 67-year-old homeless woman. Mayor also says that all this happened during my tenure which should not have happened. Mr. Mayer has accepted full responsibility for this unfortunate incident.

Today I spoke to a homeless couple and they said that “Housing rents are so high that it is difficult if not impossible to afford.”

According to their information, more than 50 people are homeless in different parts of the city.

Apart from this place, homeless people have been seen in other places. It is a very sad situation. Such scenes are often seen in big cities. But never seen before in Cornwall. Now we can see here too. The city administration must take some steps in this matter Although these people are being accommodated temporarily in motels, manors etc. but this is not a permanent solution.. Isn’t there a need for a shelter home here?

Mohammad TALAT Naeem 
Cornwall, Ontario.

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