How to Add Extra Storage in Your Laundry Room

How to Add Extra Storage in Your Laundry Room
Two baskets of dirty laundry in the washing room

In a family home, the laundry room often sees as much use as other busy areas such as the restroom or the kitchen. Oftentimes, while the washing machine is running, another load is sitting in the basket waiting to be cleaned, as shirts and pants hang on the drying rack. With so many elements and appliances, this space can easily get cramped up and disorganized. Therefore, it is very important to add storage in a laundry room.

There are many different types of storage systems adapted to various needs, which is why it is suggested to study the options before making any purchases. In the following paragraphs, we will look at 5 kinds of storage accessories to install in this type of room:

1) Setting up a drying bar

The dryer works wonders for most pieces of clothing but in some cases, air drying is the way to go. Instead of hanging things up all over the room, there should be a specific spot dedicated for this purpose. If the area above the washer and dryer is free, install a drying bar with hangers and other accessories. The bar can also be used to store freshly-ironed shirts and pants.

2) Installing a retractable clothing line

If the drying bar takes up too much space or keeps you from circulating easily within the room, opt for a retractable clothing line. This type of product requires very little space and is very cost-effective, as hanging clothes instead of using the dryer will cut down on energy bills.

3) If floor space is lacking, installing floating shelves and wall storage

Instead of using up floor space, fill your walls! Laundry rooms are usually quite small so any available space should either be used for circulating from one place to another, or for storage. Floating shelves are great for keeping cleaning products, boxes and clothes pins, whilst wall racks can be used to hang clothes in a vertical manner.

4) Putting your washer and dryer on pedestals

Turn the space under your appliances into a storage area. Nowadays, many of the newer models for washers and dryers come equipped with pedestals that include a drawer for storage. If you don’t already have some, it is possible to buy them separately or to build them as a DIY project. Just be sure to get the right size for your appliances, so as not to cause them to be unstable.

5) Making use of the door

People often forget that the back of a door can be turned into a useful light storage area. From over-the-door racks to chalkboards used for keeping up with laundry loads, most of the available options are affordable and easy to set up. Of course, as specified before, this only works for lighter items, as heavy elements will weigh-down the door.

The previous tips are but a few of all the different alternatives available on the market. For more inspiration, look to home decor websites, hardware stores and photo-sharing services such as Pinterest. If you are looking to completely transform your laundry room, do not hesitate to work with a contractor who will be able to take your needs into consideration and to create the ideal laundry room for you and your family.

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