Cornwall Police Services Board Meeting

Krystine Therriault - Seaway News
Cornwall Police Services Board Meeting

The Cornwall Police Services Board is holding an open meeting on Thursday, October 5, 2023, at 9:30 am in the City Hall Council Chambers.

Business & Correspondence covered during the meeting will include:

  • Announcement of Victim Support Grant – Chief Spowart
  • Facility Needs Analysis Board Report and Presentation – Chief Spowart, S/Sgt Knezevic, RPL Architects
  • Staffing Report – Chief Spowart
  • Section 34 Board Report re SIU02-23 – D/Chief Foy
  • Collection of Identifying Information in Certain Circumstances (CIICC) Board Report – Chief Spowart
  • Request for Special Budget Meeting November 16, 2023 – Chief Spowart
  • 2023 Annual Employee Recognition Night – Chief Spowart
  • Motion to engage ISN investigative Services Network Inc re: Review of Current Policies, Procedures & Compliance – Director Amanda Brisson

The October 2023 Employee Staffing Report shows that as of 2023, the number of officers absent or unable to perform full duties was 25 out of 97 officers. Of the 25, 12 are on WSIB, 3 have permanent medical restrictions, 4 are on paternity/maternity leave, and 3 are training/recruits. Other reasons for absences/inability to perform full duties include long term disability, non-occupational injury/long term illness, and modified duties.

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