Future Climate Leaders continues community climate engagement

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By Nick Seebruch
Future Climate Leaders continues community climate engagement
City of Cornwall Sustainability Coordinator Angela Parker and Lee Theodore, Project Manager for Climate Leaders in Guindon Park (Nick Seebruch/ Seaway News).

CORNWALL, Ontario – The Future Climate Leaders project is continuing its efforts to engage with the residents of Cornwall and the surrounding area on climate related issues.

Currently the Future Climate Leaders project is conducting a survey of local residents to identify their views on climate change and how they might want local governments to react to climate change related issues such as extreme weather events.

The survey hopes to have 2,000 responses by Nov. 29.

The project is being run by the St. Lawrence River Institute.

“A fundamental question is “what does the community know and what should we, a representation of the leadership of our community know so that governance over policy and potential pathways to success, are considered through a lens of future sustainability,'” reads a statement from Project Coordinator Lee Theodore.

The Future Climate Leaders project plans on presenting the findings after the Nov. 29 deadline.

In addition to the survey, there are also other initiatives aimed at addressing the issue of climate change.

The Future Climate Leaders are also organizing discussions around the ongoing COP26 climate change conference currently taking place in Glasgow, Scotland. Discussions are held virtually on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings and those interested can sign up by emailing Theodore at ltheodore@riverisntitute.ca

Later in November, there will also be three Town Halls aimed at informing participants about what they can do to help fight climate change.

Additionally, the City of Cornwall is undertaking its own initiative to help get youth involved in the climate change discussion with their new Youth Climate Action Working Group, which is currently looking for student volunteers to sit on the committee.

“It’s important to include youth when it comes to making decisions that directly impact their future. This working group will allow youth to voice their opinions and concerns when it comes to municipal climate change strategies,” said Angie Parker, the City of Cornwall’s Sustainable Projects Coordinator. “What youth wouldn’t want to have a say about their future? I want them to feel informed and empowered. Young people deserve this opportunity.”

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