Leaf and Yard Waste collection to start on April 11

Provided by the City of Cornwall
Leaf and Yard Waste collection to start on April 11

It’s that time of the year again! City of Cornwall residents will soon be able to set out an unlimited amount of leaf and yard waste during collection weeks. Here are the dates for leaf and yard waste collection:

• Weekly from April 11 to May 13
• Bi-weekly from May 23 to September 23
• Weekly from September 27 to November 18

Easily track the collection schedule using the Recycle Coach app or the waste collection calendar.

During weeks when leaf and yard waste is not collected, residents should not set their leaf bags to the curb — they will not be collected with regular garbage pickup.

Leaf bags should be in paper bags or reusable containers. Leaf and yard waste will not be picked up if it’s in plastic bags.

“This past year, we’ve asked Cornwallites to be more careful about their waste. The landfill will be full in a little over a decade,” said Dave Kuhn, Waste Management Supervisor. “We can no longer accept leaf and yard waste in the landfill. This is a reusable material and it needs to be separated.”

Leaf and yard waste decomposes at the landfill site (separate from the tipping face, where garbage is dumped). After a year, it turns into rich compost. Residents can pick up the compost for free and use it in their home gardens.

“If you haven’t tried grasscycling yet, this is the year to start,” encouraged Kuhn. “Instead of raking grass clippings, mow them into your lawn. They’re a great fertilizer.”

Branches should be bundled separately from leaf and yard waste. They’re picked up using a separate truck. Your leaf and yard waste should not include:

• Animal feces
• Dirt/Soil
• Sod
• Flower pots and plastic trays
• Kitchen organic waste (food scraps)
• Root balls
• Tree trunks
• Stumps
• Large branches
• Plastic bags
• Glass
• Gravel/Stone

Learn more about leaf and yard waste collection on the City’s website.

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