No Hot Pets

provided by Ontario SPCA Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry
No Hot Pets

With all the summer heat, we’re reminding people to keep their pets cool!  Here are some tips:

• Never leave an animal unattended in a vehicle. It doesn’t take long for parked cars to quickly reach deadly temperatures, even if they are parked in the shade with the windows down.

• Know who to call. To report an animal left unattended in a vehicle, call Provincial Animal Welfare Services at 1-833-9Animal, or your local police. If you see an animal in immediate danger, call 911. While you are waiting for help to arrive, if you can, ask nearby businesses to put out a page asking the person to return to their vehicle.

• Extra precautions need to be taken during hot weather to keep your animals safe. Even a short time in a hot environment can be life-threatening for your pet. Limit the length of time spent outdoors, never leave an animal unattended in a vehicle, and ensure they have access to water, and a place out of direct sun.

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