Police on the roads and in the air

By Richard Mahoney
Police on the roads and in the air

Ontario Provincial Police officers across East Region will be on the roads and highways, and in the air, during Canada Road Safety Week, May 14-20.

A plane from the OPP Aviation Services will be working with officers on the ground, to weed out dangerous drivers who are putting their own lives, and the lives of everyone else on the roads, in jeopardy.

Officers will focus on the “Big Four” factors in serious and fatal collisions — aggressive driving, inattentive driving, impaired driving and failure to wear seatbelts. Aggressive driving includes speeding, unsafe lane changes and following too close.

“Drivers who insist on breaking the law and driving dangerously should consider this their warning.” – Acting Inspector Chris Beechey, OPP East Region Traffic & Marine Manager.

Drivers are urged to keep their eyes on the road ahead at all times, not on their phones, and not on the sky.

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