Senior Pen Pal program a success

Provided by Sandfield Place
Senior Pen Pal program a success
Dante and Hazel Simpson

In September 2021 Central Public School teacher Sarah Jackson, who teaches grades 3/4 and 4/5, reached out to Ann Evans, Activity Coordinator at Sandfield Place (long term care and retirement home) to set up a Pen Pal program between her students and the residents of Sandfield Place.

When the pandemic started in March 2020, the residents were unable to have any type of intergenerational program and this was the perfect way to form connections between the residents and school children—something the residents had been missing out on.
After almost a year of writing back and forth Sandfield Place residents went to visit their pen pals at Central Public School! It was an amazing experience for both the residents and students!

This program was possible because of the dedication of the students, the residents, teacher Sarah Jackson, and Sandfield Place activity staff Karley Marleau, Debbie Poirier and Barry Lewis.

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