CCVS students win transit video contest

Shawna O'Neill, Special to TC Media
CCVS students win transit video contest
​From left-to-right Anna-Marie Mitchell

CORNWALL, Ontario – Cornwall Transit presented four students from Cornwall Collegiate Vocational School (CCVS) with a first-place certificate and a cash prize of $500 on Tuesday, June 12. The students won a video production contest that promotes the use of city busses and accessibility amongst a younger generation.

Bridgewood Public School and École secondaire catholique La Citadelle tied for second place, and each group of students won $300.

One of the CCVS students who created the video, Sarah Radtke, said she found out about the contest from one of her teachers, Adrian Black.

“Immediately like, I started texting my friends if they wanted to join up,” said Radtke. “So we started filming and it was really fun. It went really good.”

Radtke called Cornwall Transit to explain her idea, and then made an appointment to film with the bus.

“We had done another short film before, so we kind of had that experience,” said Collin Keith-Hill, a CCVS student. “We all knew how to work together and all the things we had to do.”

The CCVS students are proud of their work and are grateful to have been chosen as first place. They aren’t certain what they will do with the prize money yet, but ice cream was mentioned.

Len Tapp, Cornwall Transit Division Manager, said the project was City Councillor Elaine MacDonald’s idea. Tapp was impressed with the amount of participation the contest received.

“This was a super experience and everyone seemed happy about it,” said Tapp. “I think that people learned a lot. The teachers involved really put some effort into it and it was a great experience all around.”

Tapp said that Bridgewood Public School plans to use to money to buy a well in India, host a pizza party and purchase some classroom equipment. He believes the project taught students relevant life skills, like how to take the bus.

The winning video can be seen here and all other videos are on the City of Cornwall Youtube channel.

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