John Earle remembered as dreamer, lover of community and family

John Earle remembered as dreamer, lover of community and family
John Earle wants to run as the local Liberal candidate in the next provincial election.

CORNWALL, Ontario – John Earle was remembered fondly Friday as a lover of community, family and dreams in a poignant funeral in Cornwall.

The coffin of the filmmaker, business owner, diver and father of two was brought into St. Francis de Sales Church before a standing-room only crowd of hundreds.

Many were unable to contain their emotion at the passing of Earle, with family members and friends openly weeping at the loss of what friend Bob Peters said was a life borne out of a perception of chaos with a liberal dose of creativity.

“He had dreams, but he also executed and achieved his objectives,” said Peters. “John was always willing to step forward and lend his energy to a worthy cause.

“John did not live a singular life.

“His flame burned so bright and with so many colours that it’s understandable that his life may have seemed chaotic. And while it’s true creativity thrives in chaos, John knew how to find balance and he often found serenity under the choppy waves of the St. Lawrence River.”

Indeed it was last Saturday, following a dive in his beloved St. Lawrence River, when Earle suffered a heart attack and died later in hospital.

He was remembered Friday as a person with a passion for chasing down goals – but also battled valiantly against what life threw at him.

“Even though he was only 43, he lived a lifetime,” said Father Kevin Maloney. “As you know he suffered with cancer and we know he died of a heart attack. Wow, in 43 years he put that all together and yet he managed to smile.”

Maloney said Earle’s family can find comfort in his dreams and achievements.

“Old men will have visions and young men will have dreams,” said Maloney. “We come to celebrate a hope that will sustain the members of this family during these times of difficulty.”

A trust fund has been set up in the names of Earle’s children. Information on it can be found here.

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