Kids pick their own Adventure at the Boys and Girls Club

Nick Seebruch
Kids pick their own Adventure at the Boys and Girls Club
Neil Lauzon

CORNWALL, Ontario – The Boys and Girls Club of Cornwall is promoting personalized fun at their summer camps.

They call it Build your own Adventure. It gives the kids at their camp the power of choice. Every day at camp, the kids are offered a choice of an art or sport activity in the morning and an art or sport activity in the afternoon. Each kid can choose either to do the sports activity or the art activity.

For example, on Monday afternoon, kids had the choice between going to the splashpad or doing Dino crafts at the clubhouse. If a child picked the sports activity in the morning, then after lunch they were allowed to change their mind and do the art activity if they choose.

“It is teaching them that they can make decisions and when they do, they have to stick to it,” said Deborah Locke, Program Manager at Boys and Girls Club.

Boys and Girls Club has about 60 kids at their English language camp and roughly the same amount of spots available at their French language camp.

They have healthy food to serve the kids that is prepared in their kitchen on-site, as well as a very supportive and skilled team of staff and volunteers.

In addition to their eight summer students, they also can have up-to six teenage volunteers helping them run their camps. Many of these teenagers were Boys and Girls Club participants who want to give back.

The summer camps are for kids aged 6 to 12, some weeks are full, but staff say that there are still some spots available in the coming weeks. To inquire about the Boys and Girls Club summer camps call the clubhouse at 613-935-9015.

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