Loucks featured in Cornwall Living Magazine

Alycia Douglass
Loucks featured in Cornwall Living Magazine
Rookie Mount Allison football Mountie quarterback Jakob Loucks was named both the top rookie in the Atlantic Conference and nationally as the most outstanding first year performer in Canadian college football.

CORNWALL, Ontario – It’s been a whirlwind year for Cornwall native, Jakob Loucks. Having earned the title of AUS Football Rookie of the Year in 2016, more recently winning the Jacques Richard Trophy as Cornwall’s Top Sports Personality, Loucks has had some time to reflect on his success.

Loucks is quarterback for the Mount Allison Mounties, and while he has received significant recognition in New Brunswick and Hamilton, he says there’s something special about accepting an award back home.

“I feel relieved and honoured to have finally done something great enough to be recognized by Cornwall, the place that will always be my home,” said Loucks. “It truly is even more special to have received the Jacques Richard Trophy in my hometown, in front of my family, friends, teammates, coaches, teachers, and the community as a whole.”

For Loucks, countless hours of hard work and dedication are to thank for these accolades. With a typical day starting out with classes, next, joining the team for film sessions, followed by a two-and-a-half hour practise; there’s just barely enough time to finish up assignments before hitting the hay.
Loucks says that time management has been the most difficult skill to master as a student athlete.

“Student athletes have a lot less time to study and write papers due to our intense schedules,” said Loucks. “It was extremely difficult for me in my first year as I was juggling taking 5 classes, learning the playbook, and being the starting quarterback.”

Despite the challenges that Loucks faces as a student athlete, he says that he likes the small community feel that Mount Allison provides.

“If I have to go downtown to grab some food or anything I need, strangers will wish me good luck on the upcoming game and know me by name,” said Loucks. “It’s an awesome feeling.”

While Loucks has received an outpouring of support from coaches, teammates, and friends, he says that his family have been the true secret to his success.

“My family always put themselves second to me so that I could do what I loved,” said Loucks. “Whether it being spending the leftover money we had to pay for me to play organized football or sacrificing their weekends to drive me to and from games. My family has sacrificed everything for me and I wouldn’t be here without them.”

Having originally been attracted to the glory of the game, Loucks says he has matured a lot over the years.

“Football to me is running out of the tunnel and there’s a line of younger kids on both sides waiting for a high five. I was a kid just like that and just a simple high five whenever you run by could mean all the difference in a kid’s life,” said Loucks. “The glory and the accolades are what attracted me to football, but as I continue my career the impact this game has on others is what keeps me going.”

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