School board director abruptly retires

School board director abruptly retires

CORNWALL, Ontario – The long-time director of the Upper Canada District School Board abruptly announced his retirement this week.

Effective Monday David Thomas retired from the school board, which includes all of English public institutions in SD and G.

Board chair Greg Pietersma said Thomas felt he had done as much as he could for the board, staff and students.

“He approached us prior to (Monday) and said that he had come to that conclusion,” said Pietersma – but he would not answer a question on just when Thomas made his desire to retire a matter of record with board members.

“His reason is that he had brought this board as far as he thought he could,” added Pietersma.

The Upper Canada board has made attempts to improve provincial testing results with varying degrees of success.

“I don’t think it’s a great mystery” there are specific areas like graduation rates and EQAO test results that could be improved, Pietersma said. “I guess (Thomas’ decision) is personal…when you give everything you can.”

Charlotte Patterson has been named Interim Director of Education. Patterson is the former Superintendent of Human Resources, Superintendent of Schools, and was a principal and teacher in a career in education that has spanned 35 years.

Pietersma indicated in a statement on the board’s website that a full-time successor is being sought.

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