United Counties elects new Warden

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By Nick Seebruch
United Counties elects new Warden
North Dundas Deputy Mayor Allan Armstrong.

CORNWALL, Ontario – On Monday, June 21, the United Counties of SD&G voted to elect Councillor Allan Armstrong the Deputy Mayor of North Dundas to be Warden of the United Counties for the next five months after former Warden Frank Prevost was removed from office.

Prevost, the Mayor of South Glengarry, was granted a six month leave of absence by the Township of South Glengarry on June 11 after he was charged with three counts of Child Luring and one count of Sexual Assault against and adult on Tuesday, June 8 by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). Due to his lengthy absence, on the same day, June 11, the United Counties Council declared that Prevost was ineligible to serve on Council and continue in his capacity as Warden.

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There were three candidates nominated to replace Prevost for the remainder of the year. North Dundas Deputy Mayor Allan Armstrong, South Dundas Mayor Steven Byvelds, and South Stormont Mayor Bryan MacGillis were all nominated, but Byvelds quickly withdrew his nomination.

“With my circumstances having changed, I will certainly have the time to dedicate to being Warden,” said Armstrong. “While I don’t have experience of being a Warden, I do have 22 years of experience in municipal politics.”

Armstrong also explained that he had a good relationship with the Mayor of Cornwall and that he felt it was time for a new face at the head of the council table.

“I think I’m capable, I’ve proven myself at the municipal table, I’ve proven myself at this table, and I’m ready for the next step,” he said.

Armstrong’s remaining competitor for Warden, Bryan MacGillis, had previously served as Warden in 2010 and explained that he had a breadth of experience that he was prepared to bring to the role.

“I’ve been on every committee known to the counties at this time,” MacGillis said. “I have a good relationship with all the counties and the City of Cornwall. I believe that after 10 years, I would be very proud to represent and lead the counties for the next five months.”

The other councillors around the table held a secret vote and Armstrong came out the winner.

“I appreciate the backing. Out of some difficult times comes some good things for me personally,” said Armstrong. Armstrong went on to say that he was ready for the learning curve of being Warden.

“I am not looking to do anything other than guide the ship during meetings and represent the United Counties as best as possible,” he concluded.

While Allan Armstrong will serve the remainder of the 2020-2021 term as Warden, South Glengarry Councillor Stephanie Jaworski has taken Prevost’s seat around the United Counties Council table as she is that Township’s designated alternate.

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