United Counties vote to defer tax collection

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United Counties vote to defer tax collection
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CORNWALL, Ontario – Like many of their lower-tier constituent municipalities, the United Counties of SD&G has voted to defer their tax collection for 2020.

The United Counties receive a levy from the six lower tier townships in four installments. On April 20, the United Counties voted to defer the scheduled March 31 and May 31. The March 31 payment has been deferred to April 30, and the May 31 payment has been deferred to June 30.

“This deferment will have little impact at this time as we are not engaged in major capital projects,” said Rebecca Russell Director of Financial Services.

Russell went on to say however, that the County might consider delaying some of their capital projects until next year, given the current social and economic climate because of the pandemic.

Councillor Allan Armstrong, Deputy Mayor of North Dundas said he felt that a deferment was prudent until the future of the economy became more clear. The Councillor advocated that the timetable for capital projects be reviewed.

“Because we don’t know the extent of the economic problem, we should factor that in and be very cautious on jumping on extra work,” he said. “We may not have the tax base we think we’ll have next year.”

Councillor Lyle Warden, Deputy Mayor of South Glengarry was in favour of delaying the first two tax payment installments.

“I like the idea of deferring the first two installments,” he said. “It gives us a chance to see how things are come the fall and maybe delay the final two.”

Russell warned that delaying even the third installment of the tax payments to the United Counties, which is due Aug. 31, could put capital projects in jeopardy.

Council unanimously passed the motion to defer the first to tax payments from the townships to June 30.

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