Fill your cup with joy, Cornwall! The festive event of the year is coming.

Provided by Jill Raymond
Fill your cup with joy, Cornwall! The festive event of the year is coming.

Fans of Monty Python, Mr. Bean, and Dr. Seuss… Grab your teacups!

From the unbridled imagination of beloved British comedy duo James & Jamesy comes the rollicking holiday comedy O Christmas Tea. With over 100,000 tickets sold since 2013, the beloved duo bring their unique and charming style of comedy to Ontario for the first time.

Reminiscent of classic British pantos, O Christmas Tea is rich in wordplay, comic physicality, and cleverly crafted interactive elements; yet it is James & Jamesy’s boundless imagination and endearing chemistry that provide the real magic and heart of this play.

“The Christmas season is a magical time of year that brings people of all ages together; a time when we are encouraged to dream big, embrace imagination, and celebrate a childlike excitement for merriment,” explains Alastair Knowles (Jamesy), the eccentric half of the award-winning duo.

The show will be held:

  • December 16th at 7.30pm, Aultsville Theatre

As the curtain rises on the duo’s Christmas tea party, the pair plunge into a debate on the relevance of imagination in an adult world.

Embodying optimism and generosity, Jamesy’s Christmas wish for enough tea to serve the entire world is answered in titanic—nay, Biblical!—proportions. What ensues is an adventure through a world filled with tea, where reality and imagination are wonderfully intertwined, and the audience find themselves completely caught up—nay, immersed!—in the action. With the help of the audience, the duo find innovative and hilarious solutions to stay afloat as they try to make their way back home.

Redefining immersive theatre, these masters of physical comedy—with over 20 comedy awards to their name—bring their audience on a jolly escapade with surprising depth in this joyous celebration of friendship at Christmas.

Grab your teacups! (Nay, your tickets!)

“Complete and utter fun… for all ages.”

★★★★★ CBC

“I cannot think of a show that will leave you more profoundly happy than this.”

★★★★★ Stage Door, Toronto

CORNWALL Event Listing Details

O Christmas Tea: A British Comedy

Showtime: December 16th 2022, 7.30pm

Venue: Aultsville Theatre, 2 St. Lawrence Dr, Cornwall, ON K6H 4Z1


About James & Jamesy (

Aaron Malkin (James), Alastair Knowles (Jamesy), and David MacMurray Smith are creators, performers, and educators of physical comedy and physical theatre. Since 2012, James & Jamesy productions have been performed over 800 times across the UK, USA, and Canada, earning lifetime fans and rave reviews. The physical comedians are winners of the Canadian Comedy Award for Best Live Ensemble and are 23-time “Best of Fest” winners on the International Comedy circuit. James & Jamesy continue to defy expectations with their innovative creations that delight and excite audiences of all ages. Their unique humour appeals to those of all ages and fosters an inclusive atmosphere, encouraging of audience involvement.

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