Stormont Yacht Club presents award for outstanding service

Provided by the Stormont Yacht Club
Stormont Yacht Club presents award for outstanding service
SYC Commodore Natalie Bray presented the award to Mr Chaput (Photo : SYC)

LONG SAULT (ON) – The Johnathan Seagull Award is awarded to a member who demonstrates outstanding service, dedication and volunteerism at the club.  The Stormont Yacht Club (SYC) is pleased to announce that the 2022 award winner is Mr Lloyd Chaput.

Lloyd joined the club April 1, 1970.  Over the next 50 years, Lloyd became a longtime volunteer, a passionate sailor and a winning racer.

He has been racing since 1971 and more competitively since 1976 in the Albacore Class winning the title in 1984 as Club Championship. Winning Laser Class championships in 1980, 1996 and 1997, and Borland race wins in 1986 and 1996.  There is a small story some of you may not know about Lloyd and the Borland race.  On the return trip for Borland in 1996 there were members wanting to find a way to slow him down.  There was talk of name changing with tape or tying buckets under the water.  You know you are a great sailor when all your competitors are racking their brains trying to “get you off your game”.  On this particular return trip home he sailed under the new name of ‘Crappy’ thanks to a small piece of black electrical tape.

They could not stop Lloyd.  He would be named SYC Sailor of the Year in 1997.  He was also inducted into the Cornwall Sports Hall of Fame for ‘Sailing’ in 1998.  He won the SYC Fall race series in 2019 at age 85.

‘Chapy’, Lloyd’s beloved Tanzer 22, was always in the mix during the spring and fall racing series.  He would take out any sailor wanting to learn and over the many years shared his boat and passion with many friends, visitors and club members.

Lloyd also spent many years on the SYC board:  Vice Commodore 1974, Commodore 1976-1978, Director 1978-1982, and Fleet Captain 1980-1982 and 1995-1997.  Lloyd is a committed volunteer in all areas of his life with his work with the IEEE (Institute Electrical and Electronic Engineers) and the Canadian Power and Sail Squadron since 1977.

He shares his knowledge through meaningful friendships, thoughtful activities and being a constant presence for members to rely on. He is never boastful or expecting anything in return, he shares of himself willingly and you see this in the many aspects of his life.  For those who have had the honor to cross paths and call him a friend, you have been truly blessed.

He was secretly known as the first rock star with the help of friends.  Every season those wonderful caution markers were put out so we could enjoy the sailing with confidence.  A constant member of the Club House Spring Clean-up crew for many years.  Apparently, this is the actual kick off to SYC’s sailing season.  For the rest of us its crane in.

For all your dedication, devotion and ongoing presence at SYC congratulations on winning the Johnathan Seagull Award for 2022.

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