Letter to the Editor: A Successful Program

Letter to the Editor

A lot of people, as you may know, contribute a variety of litter to our streets, trails and parks throughout the year.

Thankfully many volunteers participated in the Adopt-a Street Program again this year.   These community-minded folks pick up trash on a street, trail or park of their choosing and clean their adopted location from early spring to late fall.   This collective, city-wide effort significantly prevents litter buildup.

Since its inception in 2016 the Program has attracted over several thousand folks to meet the challenge! We are therefore grateful for all volunteers who offer their precious time, month after month!  After all we all benefit from clean streets, attractive trails and tidy parks!  So thank you volunteers for helping to keep the city clean!

We hope our Adopt-a-Street volunteers will carry on next spring!

ADOPT-A-STREET Coordinators, Madelaine Waller, Pam Carson, Ray Carson

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