LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Conservatives offer nothing to combat climate change

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Conservatives offer nothing to combat climate change

Mr. Lauzon, MP

We are in receipt of your recent mailing to the public in your political riding and we are distressed by the dishonesty contained within the mailing.

Conservatives appear to be happy when looking inward at their own needs and rarely look with honesty at the needs of others. Your mailing is a classic example of this selfish attitude for it paints a clear image that you have no compassion for the rest of the world that may suffer at the hands of global warming. The present government does have a plan to try and participate in dealing with global warming and the Conservatives, WITH NO ALTERNATIVE, only try to undermine the status quo.

As immigrants, we can attest to the reality that Canadians, generally, are not poor and they surely cannot afford to be with Conservative practices hanging over their heads.

Let us dwell for a moment on the Ontario scene for this truly demonstrates how dishonest Conservative policies are. The new Premier has scrapped a very sound cap & trade program and has NO ALTERNATIVE to replace it, saying, “we are serving Ontario taxpayers money.” This Conservative Premier does not remind the public of the costs of any court cases that evolve when the Federal Government imposes a program or if businesses challenge the government. With such costs coming from the provincial coffers Ontario taxpayers will be poorer not richer.

Little wonder the international media see this person as being a ‘troublemaker’ – see the attached. Can the public afford such costly Conservative plans whether they be Federal or Provincial?


Jan & John Milnes

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