LETTER TO THE EDITOR: No euthanasia for roaming cats!

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: No euthanasia for roaming cats!
This cat owned by Mary Ann Proulx was once feral

I want to start off by saying – Mr F. from Riverdale. Are we being told the whole story? I’ve trapped and picked up in carriers 75 cats in 3 years and have not had one bad incident! 

And Mr. Wells – Euthanasia is not the answer for the feral cat problem. You would be opening up a can of worms. 

First find out the facts what Roy and Chers Rescue Farm have been doing in Cornwall about the feral cats. And find out what the people of Cornwall are telling us. 

It’s not the cats fault that they are on our streets. We are the ones that have failed them. And we have to figure  out as a community what is the solution. With a positive approach. And that means no name calling Mr. Wells. 

There are only 3 people from Roy and Chers who are dealing with this situation in Cornwall. We volunteer our time and gas. And we work very hard. I could not just sit around and do nothing. 

I would like to see the people of Cornwall get involved. Either in fundraising, attending City council meetings or actually the trapping aspect. 

Until the City does the right thing, we can all come together! Even the cat haters! 


Mary Jane Proulx

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