Letter to the Editor: UCDSB admits to failing our students

Letter to the Editor: UCDSB admits to failing our students

Dear Editor,


The latest UCDSB plan indicates that the board admits failure to provide continued education for the English Public students in the Eastern part of our board. As a bureaucratic manipulation of numbers, the plan might rate a pass, but on educational, social, cultural and student concers, the plan rates a zero.

This plan is an educational earthquake. It will result in the uprooting of English Public education in Glengarry by closing teh two high schools. Many students will maintain their Glengarry community loyalty by transferring to the French Roman Catholic high school in Southwest Glengarry rather than the extra lengthy bus ride to the Cornwall high schools.

Hundreds of people moved to Glengarry from Quebec to obtain an English Public education (reference: “Glengarry My Home!”).

If this is the new enlightened educational leadership we were promised, we’re still waiting.

The Standard Freeholder Editor cautions us against atavistic one-room school thinkingl; this plan envisages not one-room, but zero room schools – no school at all!


Art Buckland,


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