Highlights of the Cornwall City Council Meeting on February 27, 2024

Jason Setnyk
Highlights of the Cornwall City Council Meeting on February 27, 2024
Claude McIntosh and Dean Hollingsworth at a Council meeting earlier in 2024 (Photo : Jason Setnyk)

Cornwall, Ontario – Members of Cornwall City Council met in the Council Chambers of City Hall on February 27, 2024, for its regular biweekly meeting. For the roll call, Todd Bennett and Maurice Dupelle sent their regrets, and the rest of council was present. Here are some key highlights from the meeting.

Council Approves Zoning By-law Amendments

Council commenced with the approval of Housekeeping Exercise No. 2, a proposal to amend the City’s Zoning By-law #2022-001. The amendments, prepared by Sayana Sherif, Development Planner, include the addition of site-specific exceptions to various zones, the inclusion of Places of Worship as a permitted use in multiple sections, and the modification of the definition of Place of Assembly or Recreation to encompass Places of Worship. These changes are intended to enhance the clarity, efficacy, and consistency of the city’s zoning by-laws, thereby facilitating regulatory compliance and promoting responsible development within the community.

Tenders for Cargo Vans and Dump Truck Approved

Next, council also approved a series of tenders for procuring new vehicles for the Municipal Works department. Tender 23-T56 was awarded to Miller Hughes Ford Sales for the supply and delivery of two high-roof cargo vans at a total cost of $202,482.44. Tender 23-T57, also awarded to Miller Hughes Ford Sales, will see the acquisition of a medium-duty dump truck for $117,408.13. In an investment of the city’s snow removal capabilities, Tender 24-T07 was awarded to Rush Truck Centres of Canada Limited for the supply and delivery of four new tandem axle trucks with snow plow attachments, totaling $1,741,173.79.

Joint Tender Awarded for Road Rehabilitation Project

Additionally, council approved a joint tender with the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry (SD&G) for road rehabilitation on Vincent Massey Drive and Cornwall Centre Road. The project, to be undertaken by Roto Mill Inc., is valued at $1,206,180.77 and will employ Cold In Place Recycling with Expanded Asphalt Material (CIREAM) technology. Despite the tendered costs exceeding the budgeted amount for Vincent Massey Drive, council decided to proceed with the project, reallocating funds from other asphalt resurfacing projects to cover the deficit. Funds were reallocated from the Bedford Street road project between Eighth and Ninth Streets, with plans to include this expense in the 2025 Capital Budget to cover the $313,000 deficit.

Approval Granted for Conceptual Design of Multi-Sport Turf at Benson Centre

Council has approved a proposal for the conceptual design phase of a multi-sport artificial turf field at the Benson Centre. The project, estimated to cost $7 million, is planned for design in 2025, with construction in 2026. Phase 1 of the project, developing conceptual designs, is estimated to cost $100,000, which will be funded 50% by the Canada Community Building Fund and 50% by the Development Charges Reserve. The project aligns with the Council’s Strategic Plan, emphasizing community connections and future-ready infrastructure. The “design-bid-build” process was recommended for the project, with Phase 1 focusing on conceptual designs and a refined project budget. Subsequent phases will involve detailed design drawings and project management services. City staff will issue a Request for Proposals for these phases, with the option to approve the award in whole or part.

Finally, Council held an in-camera session to discuss updates on collective bargaining.

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