5 Tips For Moving In Winter In Quebec

5 Tips For Moving In Winter In Quebec

Moving in Quebec during any time of year can be challenging, even more so in the winter months. From the bitterly cold temperatures to snow all around, a move in wintertime can become stressful very quickly. Here are some tips for moving in winter in Quebec:

1. Planning For Delays

It is crucial to keep track of weather forecasts for at least a week leading up to the move. During wintertime, traveling in Quebec can be quite challenging.  When you are planning everything, try to schedule the relocation for a day when it isn’t snowing, as that can result in significant delays.  The upside to moving during winter is, companies that offer these services are more flexible, as it is a low season for them. They are more accommodating with providing the kind of services you need.

2. Check Weather Reports

Anyone who lives in Quebec knows precisely how quickly the weather can change without warning.  The weather channel isn’t always as accurate as you would like it to be, and a bad storm can easily hamper your moving plans.  Sometimes the road conditions can make it very risky for trucks, and the moving company might have to cancel the relocation at the last minute.  This can affect any other plans that you may have made.  Check the weather regularly to determine if a snowstorm is approaching Quebec; it’s the best way to avoid these issues.

3.  Cover All the Floors in the House

Relocating during winter can prove to be very busy, and your flooring would be exposed to non-slip winter boot soles.  Source some thick paper or plastic from the local hardware store.  Spread the sheets on various areas to prevent scratches or smudges.  Most professional movers will bring rubber floor runners to use during the move. You can also place thick utility mats outside the front door so that the professionals can wipe their shoes properly before stepping into the house.

4. Clear Sidewalks and the Driveway

Make sure that your driveway and the walkways are clear of snow.  Salt the areas well so that they become safe for the movers while they are carrying heavy items such as furniture etc.  It will also speed up the process of loading and unloading and give you plenty of time to settle into your new home.

5.  Pay Attention to Packing

During wintertime, the truck can become pretty cold, which isn’t the best environment for your electronics or fragile items. If you are going to be placing any of these in the moving truck, make it a point to wrap them securely.  If possible, transport these items in a car. Use commercial-grade materials to pack these items and put them in the right size boxes. Most professional movers provide these at a specific cost. Ask if they can supply the packing materials well in advance.  It will give you the time you need to pack everything well before D-day.

6.  Make Sure You Have the Right Tools and Gear

Always wear waterproof clothing and slip-proof boots. Make sure that you have the tools required to shovel ice and snow away from the driveway.  Keep some towels and old sheets ready to wipe water and snow from your belongings while they are being moved to the truck.

There are certain things that you would have to focus on doing at the new location as well. Check whether the utilities are in working condition so that the new house is warm and comfortable when you get there. Proper planning, the right kind of management, and hiring proven professionals for your move are some of the things that will help ensure you have a stress-free experience.

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