What should you buy at a spy store?

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What should you buy at a spy store?

Even though you might think that spy equipment is for James Bond, the reality is more complex and mundane. These days, you can use the same spy gadget Q used to give 007 for some missions. So, dust off your best Sean Connery impression and let’s look at what you can buy at a spy store like Spytronic

Listening in!

For most of us, we can’t quite remember what specific detail of a conversation we had just a few days ago. 

No worries, you can hear back that meeting with tools like the voice activated recorder keychain to convince yourself that you are not losing your mind. If you think that a keychain is too cumbersome, you could use MemoQ, Digital Voice Recorder Pen. It’s a discreet gadget that fits in your shirt pocket and it’s easy to use ; just drag the clip down to start recording and up to stop it. And it really writes in case you were wondering.

Around the house

You think that you heard noises outside of your home and you don’t know what it is? It may be time to invest in your outdoor security! 

Cameras for the outside of your home is the first step to a greater peace of mind. For under 50$, you could install a Fake Surveillance Dome Camera that is an effective deterrent for vandalism or theft.

 If you still want more protection, then you should think about investing in a camera system that could cover all the angles around your home. The Galaxy 4MP IR Bullet Camera, a focused spy camera, that is made to keep an eye on your most valuable assets. Providing high quality recordings that can be stored on a micro SD card.

Furthermore, this camera uses infrared technology to capture footage in low light environments (e.g. night vision) which will let you feel more safe in all conditions. 

In the house

You would like to know if all is at it should be in your absence? Whether it be your nanny or housekeeper you can have an eye out, live or recorded for your peace of mind. It could be as simple as a digital clock with a 1080p Hidden Camera With Wi Fi IP which can be placed anywhere in your house.

Thanks to the free cell phone application, it is possible to view the image of your camera live and, in local network only, to download the recordings. This might semms high tech and complicated, but in reality it is built to be as user friendly as possible.

You believe that digital alarm clocks are too obvious for you, we’ve got you covered! A covert DVR in a thermometer that can be placed in any room so you could keep a careful eye on a elderly loved one during the day. If you consider its super low battery consumption, up to 9 days in motion detection heat sensor, it makes for an interesting spy gear , with a meaningful purpose to boot.

Let’s get personal

The spycraft requires us to be able to handle any situation, but since we’re not all secret agents ; we still want some form of defense available to us ! Sometimes it can be as simple as a whistle. There are other options, the Personal Defender 120dB Alarm, this compact alarm which can be compared to a very high-pitched scream can easily attach to your keys or clips to your purse or clothing so it’s always within reach.

If you’re looking for something more hands on, the 21 Inches Telescopic Steel Stick might be a good choice for you. Walk to your car in a dark parking lot with confidence while carrying this night stick. As Robert Baden-Powell once said about the scout : ”a scout must prepare himself by thinking out and practicing how to act on any emergency so that he is never taken by surprise”.

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