Bodybuilder Tressia Murphy flexes for pro card

By Adam Brazeau
CORNWALL, Ontario – Bodybuilder Tressia Murphy is training hard to be at the top of her game. A speedy rise up the ranks of amateur bodybuilding has her in a position to earn the elusive pro card – a distinction that allows her to compete for cash prizes.

Murphy is competing at the International Federation of BodyBuilding (IFBB) North American Championships Aug. 30 to 31, in Pittsburgh.

“The ever-so-coveted dream of all amateur bodybuilders is to win their ProCard,” said 37-year-old Murphy, in an e-mail from South Venice, Florida.  

Murphy lives in Sarasota, Florida on a modeling visa working for the Home Shopping Network as an on-air model and also for print work and commercials. You may recognize her from the “Tony Little Hybrid Trainer” commercials.

Her sculpted physique and impeccable posing stances are the result of training for up to six days a week. Her regular routine consists of weight training three days a week, focusing on two body parts per day. For the other three days, she does 40 minutes of high intensity cardio and abs.

When she prepares for competition her workouts get more intense and require a bit more anaerobic fat burning. To achieve this she adds in 20 minutes of extreme cardio to kick-start her weight training.

As a show approaches, her eating habits become a lot cleaner and more restrictive, too; 10 weeks prior to competition she follows a high protein, moderate fat, and very low carb (fibrous only) diet. Murphy confessed it can be tough, especially working in a five-star Italian restaurant.

She has made sacrifices, or as she sees them, compromises, well-beyond dieting and training as well. She’s given up nightclubs, eating out and late nights.

“But what I have given myself in return outweighs it all,” she said.

Murphy grew up with big biceps to fill. Her mother, Elaine Hurtubise-Quinn, was a competitive bodybuilder. She won the last Miss Cornwall in the early ’90s.

Murphy started taking training seriously in August of 2010. Since 15, she’s also worked as an international fashion model.

Her ride to the North American Bodybuilding Championships is driven by the sponsorship of Cornwall-based Wizard Amplification Inc.

Wizard Amplification Inc. CEO Rick St Pierre watched Murphy excel in her training and decided to be a part of her momentum.

“As time went on it became very apparent that she was big league material,” said St Pierre. “She climbed the body building ladder rather quickly and was rewarding herself with amazing results. She began to compete and received a remarkable amount of recognition… us being one.”

According to Murphy, having a sponsor allows her the time to focus on what really needs to be done – train and prep.

For Murphy, being fit is an amazing feeling. But it’s less about her, and more about others. She receives e-mails from women daily for advice on being fit and getting active.

“Take the time to learn how to make a permanent lifestyle change, rather than just a fad diet/training that will only give you short-term satisfaction,” she said. “The change is worth it… I know.”

If anyone is interested in a sponsorship opportunity, contact for details.

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