Local BMX riders are headed to the world championships in 2024

Paula Labonté
Local BMX riders are headed to the world championships in 2024

Innes Chatterton and Malakai Bergeron have been riding BMX for the past couple years thanks to Cornwall’s BMX park.

Both riders beam with excitement when they talk about how much fun it is to ride BMX.

However, they aren’t just riding for fun they’ve already mastered the skills it takes to win because both have qualified for world championships.

“My favourite part of competing is the flow and the adrenaline that rushes through my body and I love the feeling of being mid air on the jump. Lastly the feeling of passing that finish line weather you got first or not,” says 13 year old Malakai.

Innes qualified in the 12 year old and under cruiser class in Drummondville, Quebec coming in 5th of 14 riders. He also qualified in the 11 year old challenge class at the UCI provincial championship in Stouffville, Ontario.

Malakai, who prefers Kai, is a successful applicant of the rising stars program with Ontario Cycling has had the opportunity to train and take part in events with Team Ontario this past year.

Kai took 1st place overall in provincial finals for cruiser class and 2nd place overall in class finals category.

Additionally he was top 8 in Coupe du Quebec and received overall cumulative 2nd place for 2023 season in Gatineau.

Both boys agree that the most challenging part is mindset, indicating how easy it can be to get in your head.

“Having a bad lap, then having to go back out and perform is the most difficult part,” Innes said.

Both have future goals to place the world championship and one day make it to the Olympics.

Innes’ advice for new riders, “Never give up and don’t get discouraged.”

The world championships are in Rockhill South Carolina from May 12-18, 2024.

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