River Kings saved, Brock Frost buys team

River Kings saved, Brock Frost buys team
Cornwall River Kings.

CORNWALL, Ontario – The River Kings appear as though they will live to skate another day – or at least until the next ownership change.

Local realtor Brock Frost has stepped forward and agreed to purchase the semi-pro hockey team, the Ligue Nord-Americaine du Hockey announced.

In a media release the league confirmed Frost will be the new owner of the team – the third such individual since play began last season.

Last summer owner Bernie Villeneuve sold the team to a group that included David Small, which turned the team over to the league weeks ago because they could not make the River Kings financially viable.

Part of the problem is that the River Kings have been shut out of the financially lucrative Ed Lumley Arena advertising that is controlled by the Cornwall Colts.

The Colts signed an agreement with the City of Cornwall to that end.

More to come.

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