Taste Tour burgers spicing up Cornwall, SDG

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By Shawna O'Neill
Taste Tour burgers spicing up Cornwall, SDG
From left, Sam, Alex, Ellie and Amanda Lascelle enjoying one of many 2019 Taste Tour Burgers (Shawna O'Neill/Seaway News).

CORNWALL & SDG, Ontario – The last few days of August are bittersweet for many with the end of summer approaching, and spicy, savoury for others as they take part in the final days of Taste Tour Burger Edition 2019!

Six restaurants across the region have put their best patties forward, creating unique, brave and artistic burgers, all competing for the judge’s and public’s votes to be crowned winner of this year’s delicious competition. Every burger has something that sets itself apart from the others and are available for a limited time until August 31, sponsored by Cornwall Tourism.

Taste the Seaway has noticed taste buds from across the region taking part in this year’s friendly food adventure, sharing their thoughts and photos along the way.

“Just like the burger is called ‘Pizza Burger’, my first bite I can taste the pepperoni and the beef just melts in your mouth. As for the toppings, the green peppers, melted mozzarella, pickled onions were very tasty…by the way, I was asked if I wanted ketchup and mustard and I said no way,” said Bill Makinson of YourTV, raving about Truffle’s Burger Bar take on a Pizza Burger.

Kevin Lajoie, City of Cornwall Tourism Coordinator, taking part in Taste Tour!

“The sauce is really good,” said Amanda Lascelle, local social media influencer and blogger, as she took a bite into Seguin Patate’s Spicy Celebrity burger. “I feel like it’s a good overall burger, it’s easy to eat. It has a lot of good flavours to it like bacon, tomato.” Lascelle’s eldest son Sam, who wrote reviews for the family during Taste Tour’s Poutine Edition, said he hopes to try more nacho flavours within the Taste Tours, reminiscent of Eight Zero Zero’s Nacho-normal Burger, stuffed with refried beans, spicy cream cheese and salsa!

Amanda Lascelle, @amandalascelle on Instagram, trying out one of the six delicious burgers.

“It was flavourful and juicy with the pulled pork and you could taste the smoky cheese and bacon,” said Amely Coloumbe of Ottawa about Lancaster’s The Smoke Stack Burger. Coloumbe also enjoyed the kick of the chipotle mayo and is hoping to have a similar sizzling experience with the Nav Centre’s Cowboy burger, which utilizes a special, secret blend of spices, roadhouse BBQ sauce, monterey jack cheese, house baked beans, jalapenos, buttermilk fried onions and more.

Shawna O’Neill trying out the Cowboy Burger.

“The burger looks like you standard, all-dressed burger: Beef, cheese, onion rings, wait…I lied, not standard at all. Let’s back up; home pressed beef patty, fresh fried curd, the best onion rings, homemade pepper jelly (great touch), pickle mix on top with fresh toppings. Seriously a great burger…a great addition to burger week!” said Nick MacNaughton, local food critic, about Chef in a Bun’s Meltdown burger.

Show us your tasty burger dishes before (or while) you devour them on Facebook and Instagram, tagging @Tastetheseaway and using the hashtag #Tastetour. For a full line-up of participants, videos of the burgers being made and more information, visit here.

To vote for your favourite burger, visit TASTE The Seaway on Facebook and click on the vote tab here.

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