Cornwall Novice Team Takes Home Gold After Exciting Championship Game

Provided by Cornwall Girls Hockey Association
Cornwall Novice Team Takes Home Gold After Exciting Championship Game

CORNWALL, Ontario – We expect hockey Games to be exciting to watch but two Cornwall Girls Hockey Association teams took it to the next level. Both local Novice Blue and Grey Teams played in the Ottawa District Women’s Hockey Association B Novice House Division Championship Game on Sunday March 31.

Both teams were evenly matched and all players performed as you would expect in a Championship Game but in the end it came down to being an evenly matched “Goalies’ Game”. Both goalies brought their best skills and talent to the rink that day.

The play was fast, the goalies were unbeatable. By the end of regulation play they were tied 0-0. Once in overtime play, Grey Typhoon’s goalie, Arianna Seguin and Blue Typhoon’s goalie, Fayth Cooper both stopped every shot, keeping their teams alive. Overtime ended once again in a 0-0 tie.

Teams then moved to a shoot out. A stressful best two out of three. First Grey Typhoon’s player was #7 Iako Herne who scored the first goal in an tense game. Second Grey player to shoot was #21 Sydney St. Jean who, to the applause of the audience and the pride of the coaching team scored. During both plays, Seguin remained undefeated in net.

“Watching the girls improve over the season and come together to play as a team is what this sport is all about.” said coach Krystal Van Leishout. “This is an amazing end to a fun season and I think we’re all looking forward to next year.”

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