An important reminder from Canada Post to dog owners

Provided by Canada Post
An important reminder from Canada Post to dog owners
Cute dog Jack Russell Terrier licking its nose with tongue (Photo : Stock photo)

Every day, our employees deliver to millions of homes across Canada. An estimated 36 per cent of these households have dogs, according to recent figures, and our delivery agents encounter them every day while delivering mail and parcels. Our top priority is the safety of our employees, which includes safe access to mailboxes and the front door.

The risk of dog-related incidents for our delivery employees increases in the spring and summer as the weather gets warmer, and people and children are more likely to be at home. As much as we love our canine pets, they are protective of their homes and their families.

It’s impossible for our delivery agents to know how any dog will react when they approach a home to deliver the mail. Dog incidents can range from threatening encounters to being attacked and bitten.

Reminder to dog owners: Do not open the door during deliveries or allow your dog to approach our employees while they are out in the community. A way to prevent your dog from approaching our employees is to keep them in another room at the time of the delivery. Our delivery agents also see dogs wandering in neighbourhoods, which can cause further anxiety. Please make sure your dog is restrained and is not roaming free.

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