CHEERS & BEERS: Small-batch brewery celebrates grand opening in Cornwall

CORNWALL, Ont. – The taps opened and the suds flowed as thirsty craft beer enthusiasts, well-wishers, and dignitaries came out to toast the success of Rurban Brewing.

Retired high school science teacher A.J. Roraback and his wife, Karen, opened the doors to their small-batch brewery at a grand opening event on Saturday (April 23).

Staff members scrambled behind the bar to keep mugs and glasses filled as dozens enjoyed a sample of what their taps had to offer during a guided tour.

Rurban Brewing beer is unfiltered and unpasteurized, with all-natural ingredients, including water, malt, grains, whole fruit, spices, hops, and yeast.

The tasty lineup includes: Stops and Goes, Palatine Pale, New Johnstown’s Best Bitter, Alestake and Evergreen IPA, Solstice Stout, #Hopkisses, Darkness in Light Pale Stout, Dangereux, and Nineteenth. Rurban products can be purchased at the facility, and are already on tap at several local restaurants.

“Every millilitre of beer with our name on it is made for you, by us, onsite, in our local community that we support and cherish,” Roraback said on the company’s website.

The Rurban Brewing Ltd. facility is located at 416 Cumberland Street in Cornwall.

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